Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Journey Begins - Week One

I am so ready to put my heart into our new lives and this new chapter in mine and Demi's life.  I have been re-reading a book by Cheryl Richardson called Life Makeovers which is 52 Practical and Inspiring Ways To Improve Your Life One Week At A Time. 

I will start with my OLW or better known as the One Little Word I have chosen for 2011.  My OLW is HOPE.  When I asked Demi randomly one night she said HOPE too. 

The hope for a new start and a new life as we begin over.    


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BiT's Updates and a New Book/Blog to Share....32nd day of giving/kindness!

I hope you had a great Tuesday.  We have been hit with that snow/ice/sleet storm and had a day off today.  We also got word we have the day off tomorrow.  I love it because I so needed it but I wish it was with pay.  That part is not so good but may give my back and legs a rest from packing and moving.  I am so ready to be done and have 2 days left before that is completed.  Where did all the stuff come from and why haven't I been better at purging?  Oddly enough today as I was channeling surfing, I heard this guy named Dave talk about his new book  Boy do I wish I had heard about this long before this past week.  I am so tempted to get here this month because I am on a mission to live simply with a NEW outlook on our lives daily.  I thought I lived simply but I realized with this move that I have been married to my house and business for many years.  Much to my surprise, I am almost relieved to be going through this transition and am looking forward to a FRESH NEW START in 2011. 

So what about you, could you live with a hundred personal items?  Not sure I can get there but I sure would love to try! 

I want to live again, be FREE and make the most of everyday.  Live life to the fullest in every way.  I want to let go of the past and FORGIVE more freely without holding on.  I want to live my life the way a Christian loves her heavenly father.  Not keeping score and living in the past.  Not being a victim of her past.  Not being bitter.  Accepting responsibility for where I am, ready to make some significant changes in every area of my life and being open to what the LORD has in store for us, our family.  So ready...heart and mind become one on this journey and being grateful for our blessings and challenges in the past and today!

Hope you have a great Wednesday and remember on this 32nd day to reach out and make someone else's day better be it your kids, husband, mom and or neighbor.  Today I was amazed at our news coverage and a good samaritan who took a four wheeler to the freeways to help stranded motorist that had been on the freeways for hours just because.  That brought a huge smile to heart today.  This week my big give is to help a non profit with clothes and furniture, the stuff I am not taking with me so they can use it in a good way.  I hope to start doing this twice a year as a way to purge and clean out the clutter.  I also would encourage you to do this because it is a good tax write off.