Sunday, November 28, 2010

November Christmas by Hallmark.(short post)

Just wanted to say that if you didn't get an opportunity to see this movie tonight that it is so worth buying and watching as a family.

In summary, it is about how a young girl and her family dealt with a life strengthening situation.  It was so awesome to see how neighbors and a community rallied behind to help this family.  I will say that what I took away from this movie is that where there is love there is hope.  Isn't that so true?

So awesome and another amazing movie made by Hallmark.  You can buy it at or at a local christian store such as The Family Christian and Lifeway Stores.

Have a magnificant Monday,

Christmas Wishes for 2010

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!  I had one of the best ever and the only thing that could have made it better was for my sister in NC to be here with us with her family of 9 and my nephew who is in the Navy training program.  We are so blessed and my heart is full of JOY!

My Christmas wishes this year are to help my sister get a new van and her bills paid off from Devin's cancer treatments.  I wish I could figure out how to do so.  The wheels are spinning and I have some ideas but would welcome any that my good friends would have that would lighten the load.  My sister is the sweetest woman you will ever meet.  Married a wonderful man she had known for 8 weeks back in '88 and 22 years later they have 7 children from heaven.  She would never ask for help and or a penny and never complains but the road has been difficult and they have so much more they have to figure out with Devin and his eyes where he had the scarcoma.  I would just like to see her happy and smiling and really feel the JOY in her heart.  She does so much for everyone even when her own heart was in pain trying to understand all of this and why God would allow this to happen.  She is in Matthews, NC which is a suburb of Charlotte.

So tonight I start my adventure trying to help my sister and her family.  My brother in law is working 2 jobs right now and is not at home to help during the day.  Again he would never complain and is a man of God with the most giving heart who would give you the shirt off his back as would my sister.

I am grateful that a non-profit helps them during the holidays but if it were up to my sister she would not take the help.  I have to say that for the kids I am happy she does.  They have never asked for much as kids but I know they really love getting a few things as do all kids.

Lastly I wasn't able to get out today to do my RAKS but am backing cookies here with Demi to give away tomorrow with little notes.  I am hoping to drop off a few ATC cards with bible verses to some unexpecting friends/strangers.  I can't wait!!!

Have a wonderful and fun week and remember to let those you LOVE know it.....enjoy every waking moment!!

Diana aka BiT  

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm Going to Be An Aunt Again....

On top of being thankful for so much on Thanksgiving, I found out my younger sister, Sheri is expecting her second child in late July of 2011.  That will be 14 grandchildren for my mom and neices and nephews in total.  I am so excited for her and her husband.  What is so awesome is that up until 3 or 4 years ago they were never going to have children.  Can I just say how much her life has been blessed by having Brylee last year and how much joy she has brought us too!

I will post some pictures tomorrow of the outfit she had made for Brylee to wear into my moms to share her good news. 

It has been so wonderful to have a few days off this week.  It has been wonderful, Demi has spent the night with her aunt Sheri a couple of nights and we went to see the Ft Worth Parade of Lights last night which was so nice and although cool made for a wonderful evening for Bry to see Santa Clause.  So my mom called me today while I was watching The Passion for the first time to say that Demi was feeling sick.  (I was thinking it was only a matter of time since her best friends brothers have been throwing up all week).  I am hoping she will be feeling well tomorrow and that it bypasses me and the rest of the family. 

Anyway I am hoping you too have been enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend as much as we have been this year.  We are going to be dropping off some nice notes to those we are grateful for in our local area like the "real" Santa at our mall just to say thanks.  (Demi just knows this is the real one and he is great so we thought it would be nice to let him know how much we appreciate him showing up and making so many wishes come true for so many kids for at least the past 10 years.)  I am going to do the challenge over at The Brave Girls Club this week by doing several different things.  That is if we are all back to good health. 

Have a wonderful Sonday and remember God loves you and made you special for His purpose.  I hope you feel the love and joy meant for you and yours.

PS - I am going to be back tomorrow to highlight some special friends that are doing wonderful things to make the world a better place.  If you know of any, please share them with us.  I love finding new ladies sharing love in their special ways.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Making The World A Better Place with Kindness and Compassion....(The Brave Girls Club Challenge)

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving today.  I love this time for so many reasons and am so blessed to have my faith, family and friends to share our life and holidays with this year.  Scrapbooking has opened my eyes to the world around me.  I love that I am leaving a legacy for my own daughter and her family both with pictures and scrapbooking pages but also see the world in a different way.  I see fall colors different, families playing together, everyday life outings through the lense of my heart to be shown through pictures developed.  I know some of this is age too and with my FAITH I am so thankful for everyday and the gift of life.

I love the idea behind Melody Ross' blog, The Brave Girls Club which you can read and visit there .  She has a challenge for the holiday weekend and a video to watch encouraging others to be kind this holiday season.  I am so passionate about this and hope you will join in the fun and see how your own life will be transformed while bringing smiles and joy to others.

I love people and want everyone to live a life full of JOY that is long lasting even through the challenging times with hope and peace.  I wish that I could make that happen but know that is not possible.  So I pray and pray a lot.  Pray often, randomly with hopes that God will continue to answer prayers according to His will and that He will use me as often and much as He sees fit.  I get excited just thinking about it and look forward to those he places in front of me daily.  I dont write these things to put myself in the spotlight but to share my thoughts and my ways of dealing with my most inner thoughts.   

If you have any great ideas on RAKS and wonderful ways of bringing JOY to someone/family today will you please share that with me here.  I hope you will find your own JOY today and this Thanksgiving weekend.

BiT aka Diana

Monday, November 22, 2010

I can do all things through....

Christ who strengthens me - Phil 4:13.  This by far is one of my favorite bible verses and without my faith and God in my life I honestly cannot imagine where I would be.  Life is hard enough and I am so thankful in this time of Thanksgiving for answered prayers which came today in the form of two different job offers.  I didn't see them coming but am so happy that some prayers are being answered especially after my alarm didn't go off.  Anyway just wanted to give credit where credit is due today. 

Today it was 80 degrees and a beautiful day here in Texas.  God's beauty is everywhere and the changing of tree colors is beyond words at my age.  I only wish the weather would stay like this but we are due for a very cold Thanksgiving and temps below 30. 

I am looking forward to spending time this week with loved ones counting our many blessings and His protection.  What traditions do you have on this special day?  What are your fondest memories growing up?  What do you want your children to remember about this day?  I want my daughter to be grateful and thankful everyday for her faith, family and friends and to remember that even at her age that everyday is a gift and it is up to God's children to share his love with others.  That is takes so little to make the world a better place and even at the tender age of 10 she cand do so much to make the world a better place.  She is amazing and I am so proud of who she is and the heart she has today when we live in a fallen world.  Did I mention she tried out for the spelling bee and was one of 20 to make it for her school.  So proud and happy for her!  So one of my fond memories of Thanksgiving was watching Charlie Browns specials and also watching the Macy Parade. 

One more day of school and work and then it is 4 days off to relax and enjoy my family.  Turkey, games, Dallas football and time to be thankful for the gift of life as it is today. 

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by today,  I have some great pictures to share this week but have to make the images smaller in order to show here so hopefully in the next 24 hours I will have some fun and cute pictures of the last couple of weeks.



Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Chance to Win an Awesome RAK....(Deadline November 6th)

I was visitng my friend Julie :-))))) on her blog and found a link for Scrapbook Calls and Contest and this is where I ended up early this morning -

I love all of their November Challenges and if you want to become a follower and  post this you have an opportunity to win an awesome RAK they are offering up...but you need to hurry, the deadline is Nov 6th.


Friday, November 5, 2010

There Are So Many Wonderful People In This World.....

Dear Friends,

It warms my heart to know there are so many good people in the world...I see and work with so many of them everyday.  Today was one of those days.  I have often felt like I was one of few in my circle that have had the financial struggles I have had over the past 2 years.  What I found amazing is that 2 wonderful christian teachers I work for are struggling financially in different ways because their marital situation is different then mine but were in tears because of my situation.  It brings me so much comfort and joy knowing that despite their own struggles they still find the time to pray for us and to share their stories.  As human beings don't we all want to be loved and do well by our children and families?  I was aware of one of them because she was actually on The Undercover Boss a few weeks ago and when I watched the show.  When I found out about her story it brought tears to my eyes for 2 reasons.  I love that show because they have helped out so many wonderful people and this friend who is a woman, wife, teacher, friend is such a wonderful person.  It hurts to see those you love hurting and worried about loosing everything they have worked so hard my message today is simple.

Please try to remember that behind every face there is always more than the outer features.  That there are so many people those we know and don't know that are facing the most challenging times ever.  I wish we could all be more compassionate and sympathetic to everyone we encounter.  To put our own moods aside for just one day.  To reach out to someone else who may be hurting.  To lend a hand to a friend or stranger if you can see they need a hug or help.  Why can't we each do a little more to make the world a better place everyday?

So my challenge to you is to find time to help at least one person this weekend, to make the world a little brighter and happier because you/I were blessed with another day.  Thank those who have been there for you and hug your kids just love them!!!  Maybe it is time to do something for YOU today.  I also know that as moms and women we don't take the time to pamper ourselves after doing all that we do each and every day.  So you have my permission to do that do.  If you do please share with me what you do for you and for someone else.  I love the randomness of giving and doing for others and am always looking for fun and new ways to do so.

Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad.  Today they would have been married 49 years.  My dad passed away 12 years ago but I still cherish this day and feel for my mom who still misses him so much.  I was blessed to have 2 parents who loved and worked so hard so that we could have the childhood we did.  So thankful they were set up on a blind date 50 years ago by 2 friends who cared enough about them both to do so.  One act resulted in a marraige of 37 years, 4 kids and 13 grandchildren.

Happy Birthday to Aunt RaRa in SA.  We are hoping she has the best birthday weekend ever and wish we were going to be there with them to celebrate her special day today!     


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

RAKS, Voting and Thankful Tuesday

Happy Tuesday to you! 

I hope you had a great day.  Today is all about thankful Tuesday, RAKS and voting.

To begin with I wanted to share with you what my daughter and I do almost daily regarding being thankful and having a thankful heart.  (I need to take a picture to show you but you ladies can imagine a simple flower vase with our thankful notes).  Each night before going to bed we write at least three things or people we are thankful for that day.  I love beginning and ending our day with a grateful heart.  Today Joyce Meyer was talking about how we can wear the nicest clothes each day but if our hearts are not in the right place that being the best dressed would not mean much and that others would see through your outfit.

So today I am thankful for so much but will give you my short list to include RAKS and Voting.

For those of you who know me know that I love RAKS and finding opportunities to show others kindness, sometimes random and sometimes purposeful or as I like to think, FAITH IN ACTION.  This week my dd's challenge from her church school is finding something nice to do for someone each day this week.  I love this idea and love that she is not only learning but acting and doing.  As a parent in today's society,  I hope that she will see how much joy it can bring someone else by doing the little things.  I want her to know that life is so much more than herself.  I wish I had learned that earlier...not that my mother didn't teach me or show me that but I guess I was a slow learner to say the least.  (I just learned to agree with my mom too, no more trying to be RIGHT even when I am, why because it just isn't that big of a thing, AMAZING huh?)   I still want to be like my mom when I grow up and I am 47, my mom is one of the most amazing and giving woman I have ever known.  So how about you, can you find the time for one RAK today?  I hope so....I am going to get back to doing my one RAK daily because it takes so little time and so little money.  Just think if we each did one RAK daily how much better a world this would be.....smiling as I think about it!

So despite there being some personal things going on in my life regarding finances and career, it was an overall great day.  I voted today and was thankful that we are able to vote for those we feel will make decisions on our behalf that share the same life values that I do.  It truly is an honor to be able to vote.  I didn't start voting until I was 36 again wishing I had started earlier but am thankful I have been doing that since then.  A pretty funny thing happened last week.  My daughter came home and said she had accidently voted for Rick Perry when she wanted to vote for Bill White.  I asked why she said that and she said that Bill White is for Texas.  That is his slogan and what he is running his campaign on. I just love children and how innocent they are in every way.  Love that they have started doing mock voting in elementary schools to so that our children know the importance of doing that as well.

Today I subbed and you will never believe what I did?  I was the Band Director :-).  Now you will know that I don't know one thing about instruments but I can honestly say I learned a lot today and was impressed with how well the kids in our jr high played for only being there for 12 weeks.  Have I mentioned how much I love subbing, I just wish it paid more.  If it did and it paid for holidays and insurance, I would do this everyday!  I love it that much!  I love the change of pace and I love having the opportunity to make a difference daily with our precious children who we all want to succeed.  I don't think there is anything that I have taught and or a classroom I haven't subbed for...again so thankful for working with so many wonderful students, teachers and staff at 20 plus schools in our district.

I hope you had a terrific Tuesday and that you continue to be blessed this week.  Thanks for stopping by this week and don't forget to find the time to make someone else's day better to include your own by a simple RAK.

PS - I will back shortly to post some more pics from the last few weeks. Here is Demi with her best friend Alyssa at our local high school football game as a Mini-rette which is the younger version of our Raiderettes. Love their shirts, Pretty in Pink to go along with Cancer Prevention month in October not to mention how cute these two are with their friends.