Tuesday, November 2, 2010

RAKS, Voting and Thankful Tuesday

Happy Tuesday to you! 

I hope you had a great day.  Today is all about thankful Tuesday, RAKS and voting.

To begin with I wanted to share with you what my daughter and I do almost daily regarding being thankful and having a thankful heart.  (I need to take a picture to show you but you ladies can imagine a simple flower vase with our thankful notes).  Each night before going to bed we write at least three things or people we are thankful for that day.  I love beginning and ending our day with a grateful heart.  Today Joyce Meyer was talking about how we can wear the nicest clothes each day but if our hearts are not in the right place that being the best dressed would not mean much and that others would see through your outfit.

So today I am thankful for so much but will give you my short list to include RAKS and Voting.

For those of you who know me know that I love RAKS and finding opportunities to show others kindness, sometimes random and sometimes purposeful or as I like to think, FAITH IN ACTION.  This week my dd's challenge from her church school is finding something nice to do for someone each day this week.  I love this idea and love that she is not only learning but acting and doing.  As a parent in today's society,  I hope that she will see how much joy it can bring someone else by doing the little things.  I want her to know that life is so much more than herself.  I wish I had learned that earlier...not that my mother didn't teach me or show me that but I guess I was a slow learner to say the least.  (I just learned to agree with my mom too, no more trying to be RIGHT even when I am, why because it just isn't that big of a thing, AMAZING huh?)   I still want to be like my mom when I grow up and I am 47, my mom is one of the most amazing and giving woman I have ever known.  So how about you, can you find the time for one RAK today?  I hope so....I am going to get back to doing my one RAK daily because it takes so little time and so little money.  Just think if we each did one RAK daily how much better a world this would be.....smiling as I think about it!

So despite there being some personal things going on in my life regarding finances and career, it was an overall great day.  I voted today and was thankful that we are able to vote for those we feel will make decisions on our behalf that share the same life values that I do.  It truly is an honor to be able to vote.  I didn't start voting until I was 36 again wishing I had started earlier but am thankful I have been doing that since then.  A pretty funny thing happened last week.  My daughter came home and said she had accidently voted for Rick Perry when she wanted to vote for Bill White.  I asked why she said that and she said that Bill White is for Texas.  That is his slogan and what he is running his campaign on. I just love children and how innocent they are in every way.  Love that they have started doing mock voting in elementary schools to so that our children know the importance of doing that as well.

Today I subbed and you will never believe what I did?  I was the Band Director :-).  Now you will know that I don't know one thing about instruments but I can honestly say I learned a lot today and was impressed with how well the kids in our jr high played for only being there for 12 weeks.  Have I mentioned how much I love subbing, I just wish it paid more.  If it did and it paid for holidays and insurance, I would do this everyday!  I love it that much!  I love the change of pace and I love having the opportunity to make a difference daily with our precious children who we all want to succeed.  I don't think there is anything that I have taught and or a classroom I haven't subbed for...again so thankful for working with so many wonderful students, teachers and staff at 20 plus schools in our district.

I hope you had a terrific Tuesday and that you continue to be blessed this week.  Thanks for stopping by this week and don't forget to find the time to make someone else's day better to include your own by a simple RAK.

PS - I will back shortly to post some more pics from the last few weeks. Here is Demi with her best friend Alyssa at our local high school football game as a Mini-rette which is the younger version of our Raiderettes. Love their shirts, Pretty in Pink to go along with Cancer Prevention month in October not to mention how cute these two are with their friends.



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

What a great idea BIT! I loveeeeeeee this post...so inspiring! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

*kim* said...

I am so glad to see you posting! Always enjoy your positive perspective on life - it's infectious! Love you TX BFF!! xo