Monday, June 27, 2011

The Best Medicine Available....

Happy Monday friends!! 

What is this medicine that I am talking about? 

I am currently reading another book written by Joyce Meyers called "I Dare You".  This is a wonderful and enlightening book.  She mentions many remedies to help you get going and to live the life you were meant to live.  She also says that fun and laughter bring restoration and rest to the soul. 

So my daughter are going to have a stay vacation of sorts while grandma is away.  We pray that she has a great trip visiting with my sister and her family in NC.  While she is away we hope to relax and enjoy our home.  My mom is a little OCD when it comes to house cleaning, vacuuming and doing laundry and because of that makes it a little hard at times just to sit and enjoy our home.  Do you know anyone like this that spends so much time worrying about the order of things that they don't enjoy what they truly have...I don't understand it but do understand the need to control life. 

Which brings me to another story that I have been thinking about often.  Like my mom, I believe her generation has been hit very hard with the economic issues of security and work.  At 68 my mom lost her job of 31 years.  Talk about life changing and not in a good way.  While in a whataburger last week, I saw a woman who was probably 75 years old.  I felt bad for her and thought this is not the life she probably envisioned for herself.  While I admired her too and my mom for finding work at half the pay and the type of work much harder than it should be.  My mom and this woman are just too of millions and it made me want to talk with her about her personal story.  I have often said and believe that behind every face is a great story and I often think how I would like to bring this to light and share these stories. 

I really do think as a nation, community and individuals that we need to be more sensitive to others and to love our neighbors.  That when we see someone in pain to reach out to them in a way that you are comfortable with....just letting others know that you care could be enough to change the course of someone else's day. 

Why does there have to be so much pain and heartache in the world we live in?  Is this all life has to offer?  As difficult and challengin as life can be and be seen, we are blessed and have to remember those things and be thankful each day we get.  This is coming from someone who understands and is walking by faith.

What is "walking by faith"?  This is trusting in our heavenly father that his plans for our future are best and with his partnership we will be better than we could ever dream or imagine.  Somedays this is harder to do because we are human and we let our feelings get the best of us.  

So two things, what are you thankful for today and what makes you smile and laugh?

I am thankful for:
1.  The gift of life today
2.  My family and friends
3.  My mom going on a vacation to visit my sister.  I am excited for my sister that she will get this time. 
4.  That my clear air card is working today, in this spot and now :-)!
5.  Having a roof over our heads and AC.
6.  DP and caffeine
7.  Rest
8.  Spiritual Refreshment
9.  *Purex Softner Grains* - this is my new great product...if you haven't used it, you have to try it.  If you love great smelling laundry.  You can buy this at the dollar store for 4.00 and print a 1.00 coupon on their FB site.  (It is 5.99 at Walgreens but it is a much better deal the other way) 
10.Prayer, Answered Prayers and quiet time to read....I love reading and enjoyed reading to Demi last night .  Love having "us" time and spending quality time each day.

Things that make me laugh....
1.  My Dem....her laugh makes me laugh and her view on life...
2.  A good comedy show which I haven't been to in a very long time....
3.  You tube videos that we have seen...I think i will be heading over there today bcause I dont laugh enough these days and if you want to see some funny ones, you can look up Bon qui qui....she has the King Burger and the Nail Salon videos.
4.  My 2 yr old niece..she says the funniest things!!
5.  A good game of ping pong with my police officer friends....
*I am sad to admit that I had to think about what makes me laugh and I realize that I need to incorporate more fun and laugher in my life today, NOW!   No more focusing on the things I can't control and more time spenton doing what I can to change that....whether it is volunteering or coninuing to fill out applications then I will do that all while finding time to enjoy the simple things in life.  Wanna join me?

Did I mention that I actually made the time to scrap this weekend?  I love my 2pager that I created and will be back to show you the completed pages once I put on the pictures.  I am also creating a page today called "Dream Catcher" and will show it as well.  I am going to try to be published this year in a magazine, completing one things on my bucket list.  Do you have a bucket list?

Have a magnificant Monday and remember to tell those you love that you do......and ......find time to love your neighbors and make someone else's day better.  I love just thinking of how Demi and I can do that...maybe it will be sweet in mailboxes today....I am going to look at non profit groups in our areas to see if there is something out of our norm that we can participate in this week. 


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy 11th Birthday Demi "dungbeetle"!!

What an amazing birthday week it has been for you!  This year I decided to give a gift a day to celebrate your "birthday week" which just added to the thrill of turning another year older.  Let's just say you have enjoyed it so far....with a few days to go.  Oh by the way, my niece and Demi's cousin have nicknamed her dungbeetle...isn't that funny?

It has definitely been a very busy and fun week starting with PALS camp with our Hurst Police Dept starting on Monday.  They do such a terrific job for 60 children in our local elementaries with games, swimming, team building, putt putt and a movie, this year the movie was Kung Fu.  It is all for free too!  For some of these kids if not all would not be able to attend a camp or week of fun like this without our police, vendors who donate time and food.  We live in such a wonderful and giving community with loving and caring volunteers and officers.  I was lucky enough to be able to be a mentor taking photos week along with spending time with my daughter and my brother who is a Police Officer with the city.   (If I can get my clear card to stay on long enough I will upload pictures.  I must say that if I could do this for a living I would.....I love it!

So this weekend is Demi's best friends last weekend here in town for another year.  Alyssa's dad is due back from war in Afghanistan in about 2 months so they are on their way back to KY.  It has been an incredible year for them both in 5th grade.  I am hoping and praying that Demi can stay busy until she returns.  She was gone th eyear before and it seemed like the longest year.  HOpefully with club cheer and tumbling and 6th grade work, she will have enough to keep her mind focused on what is at hand and maybe she will meet some friends along this year.

Wishing my angel another wonderful and amazing year at 11.  Here is to happiness, joy, peace, grace, forgiveness, fun and many more amazing memories to enjoy for years to come.  I love you so much and am excited to see what this brings for you and our family.  Thanks for being the angel you are and for being so easy going.  You make life so worth living and me so grateful for you and our continued blessings together as a family.  Muah.......xoxoxo


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dallas Mavericks - NBA Champions

Congrats to our MAVS tonight!  What an unbelievable series against the Miami Heat. 

How exciting that Dallas has finally won their 1st NBA Championship after 31 years since becoming a franchise!!!!  Way to go Mavs and congrats to all the players, coaches and owners.   I must say we have the best fans ever too supporting them every step of the way.

I hope they enjoy this for the weeks to come in a safe and good way.  Now we must start cheering on our Texas Rangers.  And then it will be time for our Dallas Cowboys. 


Go MAVS!!!

It has been a wonderful weekend.

Today here in the DFW area, it is all about our MAVS.  With 6:46 to go, the game is looking great.  With a win, we win it ALL tonight but they must hang on for a little while longer.  The thing with basketball, it all comes down to the last shot and it seems the last 1 minute of the game lasts one hour...hehe.

I am excited about this week.  It is my sweet angel's 11th birthday.  It is hard to believe it has been 11 years already.  She has been such a blessing and the last 11 years have been so much fun and amazing.  So this years theme,  yes you guessed, Justin Beiber, Beiber fever.....and many more wonderful memories.  I can't wait to see what the next 11 years bring. 

Demi also has the Police Pals camp here in town thanks to my brother.  She will get to do this with her cousin Cami whom she loves dearly.  One of the best parts is that it is free and from someone who is still struggling financially, I really do appreciate all the police and city do for our kids and children.  They will have another basketball camp too.

So tomorrow I will be posting a few projects I have created and will show you some of Demi's scrapbook that she made for SS and her state of New Hampshire.  Until then, enjoy your evening and remember this week to love your neighbors <3.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Love Lazy Summer Days and Fridays.....

I love Fridays and the start of the weekend.  Today was one of those days when I stayed in my pjs and read thruughout watching FL vs Casey Anthony.  (Why do women often feel guilty doing this or taking a day off from the normal routine of cleaning, laundry or basic errands?  Why don't we give ourselves permission to do this more often?) I am fascinated with the case and the science they disclosed this week.  Afterall I did get my minor in college in Poli Sci because of my interest in law.  Somedays I think I should have chosen that career path.   So what do you think about the case?  Are you following the tv shows?  I have to admit I often think "who would or could do this to a 2 yr old precious child of God"?  It makes no sense to me and I pray for her parents daily.  I cannot imagine walking in their shoes and pray that God will wrap his loving and healing arms around them both and her brother.  It is just SAD and heartbreaking to see all this unfold.

So tomorrow it will be a full day of fun and sun.  Swimming in the early morning before it reaches 100 degrees and then we are off to see Judy Moody's new movie.  I love children's movies!  Then I am going to scrap the day away for the first time in months.  I am going to join in some challenges on some blogs that I enjoy reading daily/weekly.  If you know of any good blogs and or books to read please feel free to pass them along. 

I will leave you with a summary of my reading today from The Relationship Principles of Jesus:  It's often in what seems to be the lowest spot that we find life's greatest blessings.  The richest relationships, the purest joys, the most profound influences are often found when we are out of the limelight and feel free to simply love and serve.  Isn't this amazing and so true?

Have a wonderful weekend and remember to hugs those you love.  Try to find time for random acts of kindness and love.  These opportunities are everywhere if you will open your eyes and heart.