Friday, November 27, 2009

Be a miracle today by being God's hand and feet, heart and mouth.

Today, you can be someone's miracle. Look for ways to reach out to people in need. Choose to be kind, loving, merciful, and understanding. There are already enough condemning voices. There are already enough critical, fault-finding people. Let's break out of that rut and use gentle words to bring healing to those around us today!

What a wonderful way to start the holiday season and also this goes hand in hand with our 30 day random act of kindness today.  I hope you have found a way to implement this into your life.  One thing I am going to start in today is making the first part of my morning my quiet time, journaling in my book of remembrance, praying and reading my bible.  I can't think of a better way to start my day and to funnel the good into my heart ,mind and tongue.  Thank you God for your love and protection today.  Thank you for the gift of life and the awesome year we have had.  I got to witness my daughter accepting Jesus as her Savior and then being baptized to start a fresh life.  What a gift and all because my friends Shari and Fred invited us to Metro Camp this year so that Demi would come and worship with other chidren for 4 days.  Everything else this year seems so insignificant and is a good reminder that nothing else really matters in the end.  We can not take any of it with us but I know that we will always be together forever.  WOW!

Be back soon,

What a gorgeous day today!!

Do you know why today is Black Friday?  I really don't except that I know Black and Red are significant in the financial industry.  Black meaning out of the hole and red means in the hole or owing money.  So I am going to look into this today and find out if there are any other interesting facts about today.  I know that besides it being one of the busiest days for shopping that it may be one of the busiest days for travel as well.  I hope and pray that everyone will be respectful and that their hearts will be filled with love and patience today.

In Va, they took family pictures today.  All 86 of them in one picture.  I can't wait to see some pictures from the trip and am hoping that someone will post a few on FB today.  I can only hope right.  Donna says it is frigid today, cold right down to the bone.  I hope everyone enjoys what may be the last day to play and mingle today before everyone heads home.  I know some are leaving today.

Here is a quick run down of states being covered by all who have attended:
1.  NY 
2.  NJ
3.  MD, DC
4.  CO
5.  NC
6.  SC
7.  TX
8.  TN

*The majority of our relatives come from NY, Southampton to be more specific.  Mom is from this area and most of the siblings are there with their kids.  I am still amazed at how our family continues to make an effort for everyone to attend and to keep all the grandkids and great grandkids together.  I know gram and gramps are smiling down from Heaven along with dad watching everyone having fun.  We are truly blessed and it all began with them many years ago.

I will be posting some layouts today finally.  So be back soon with some things I have made over the last several weeks once I have my Canon battery charged and ready to go.  PS- I am hoping that I am not getting sick as I have a very sore throat?  Go away, I have no time to be sick.  I have scrapping and Christmas decorations to get up and out along with some rearranging furniture today.   Now time for some of my favorite music and my favorite song, Mary Did You Know?  Love this and so many things about the Christmas holiday.  Tis the reason for the season, Jesus' birthday!!

Hugs and love,

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family!!

I have so much to be thankful for and am grateful God has blessed me beyond comprehension.  I am so happy that my girls got to go to VA for our family reunion even though I miss them tremendously.  This is my first holiday without Demi and I really miss her more than she will even know.  I am grateful that my brother was willing to take her and Nadja.  I sure wish I was there and honesty am sad I am not there enjoying all my family with the girls.  This year a total of 86 people are there, 8 more than the last reunion in 2005.  Anyway I truly hope you feel as thankful for today as I do and that you can find lots to be grateful for while remembering what a gift life is everyday.  Happy Thanksgiving again.

PS - I am off to read some of the thankful notes we have been putting in our Thankful Jar this month.  I can't wait and have been saving this all day so I would find some joy and happiness this Thanksgiving while spending the day alone.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nov 21st - Attitude of Gratitude

This Saturday was a day to create and take part in The Scrapbook Get-Away Harvest Crop.  I just love having or making time to scrapbook.  Today I made several cards which I not something I do often.  But that may change.  I really love how they turned out.  I made a card with my DT Fall Bliss Kit over at while back and decided to use some scraps to make some cards yesterday.  Let me know what you think and would you be willing to buy these if you saw them.  I am thinking that I would make some and bundle them to sell at a craft show here in town.  I am also thinking that I would make some crosses and frames with bling - cheerleader type frames?

Here are a couple that I made:

I will be back to post some additional layouts and the rest of my DT assignments.  I hope you have a day of rest with your family and  that you are blessed with God's favor over and beyond your expectations.


Nov 20th - Friday Attitude of Gratitude

I love Fridays!  I am thankful that Demi is doing very well in school this year and really seems to be taking responsibilty for her grades and homework.  Proud of Nadja is doing well in school as well.  She is very smart and really decided to make the most of her time here in the US.  She has joined many groups such as Recharge at CPC, young life, student council and teams.  On top of that she has been playing on the JV tennis team.

Just grateful for life and for prayer. 

Nov 19th - Attitude of Gratitude

I am thankful for my girls and for being a mom.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dear God....

Dear God,

Where are you?  My life seems to be unraveling and I am struggling to see you, to hear you and to feel you.  As you know I am thankful for the gift of today and life I am most thankful for my girls and for my faith tha continues to carry me even though I feel like I am walking alone.  I am tired and the burden is heavy, will you help me carry the load?  Will you help me to see your plan and to carry out your desires?  Will you help me to see what I am to do tomorrow.  The tears have been streaming and although I am hurting it feels good to cry and to have emotions.  I think it is important for my girls to know that it is okay to cry, to feel and to lean on others.  No need to carry the wright of the world on your own like I tend to do often.  What is not okay is to feel the way I have been feeling the last couple of days towards my family who has hurt me and disappointed me but only because of my expectations.   Sometimes, maybe never will I understand the actions of others but I need to let it go.  Sometimes easier said then done.  I will continue to pray, pray for forgiveness for my actions and thoughts towards those I love dearly. 

Tonight I was reading about leaving a legacy when I am gone and investing in people.  I can't think of anything more important and it really does put life into perspective.  It is not about the house, the car, the clothes but about giving which brings me to our challenge of giving the the gift of kindess.

Have you had a good week in finding opportunities? If not are you looking?  Looking in your own home, at work or with people passing you by at your children's school or in the neighborhood?  I will make an extra effort to do some ordinary things but that I know will be appreciated and make others feel good, I wanna feel the JOY inside again.   Although I am frustrated with life and not being able to join her and the rest of my family in VA for our family reunion I do want her to go and have fun as I do with my siblings.

On a separate note, I will call our local homeless shelter with hopes that Demi and I can serve dinner there next week.  I have always thought about this and it looks like this year will be the perfect time for this.  I cant wait!

Today we started our thankful vase with three things we are each thankful for...just a daily reminder for us to do this together as a family as we take in this Thanksgiving season and upcoming Christmas holiday.

So today I am giving my self permission to be human, to hurt, to be thankful and to get excited about what tomorrow will bring.  I believe God's favor will be poured out upon us tomorrow and that with his grace and forgiveness it will be a great day full of RAKS, love and His beauty if I choose to center my life around Him.  Do you want to join me? If you have never given your life to Christ, it is so simple.  ASK Jesus to be your Savior, Believe and Confess your sins.  That is one GIFT you can give yourself and your family.  Please let me know if I can pray for you and if you made a decision tonight so that I can celebrate with you.

Hugs and blessings friends and thanks for letting me speak my true feelings today even though I am not proud of doing things my way this week.  But I know by asking for God's forgiveness I can move on with a fresh start.

PS - Dont forget about the 30 Day Challenges for Attitude of Gratitude and Random Acts of is not too late to start today and you can go back and do the days you missed!!!  Enjoy -


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Gift Everybody Needs....

I am so excited to have found this message on Joel Osteen and to share it with you during our 30 Days of Random Act of Kindness Challenge.  (It is a long post but so worth reading in my opinion!)

Find Somebody to Be Good to Every Day

I wonder what our world would be like if each of us would find somebody to be good to every day. What would our city be like? What would our offices be like? What would our schools be like if we made it a priority to brighten somebody else's day? Scripture teaches "Every opportunity we have we should do good to people" (see Galatians 6:10). That means we need to be on the lookout. We need to be proactive. We need to have the mindset of, "Who can I bless today?" "For whom can I do a favor?" You can't just sit back and wait for the need to come to you. You have to go after it.

The Scripture says that in the last days the love of the great body of people will grow cold (see 2 Timothy 3:1-8). That simply means that people will be so busy, they'll be so focused on their own needs, they'll be so caught up in their drive for success that they won't take time to make a difference.

Sometimes it's easy for us to get so caught up in our own little world that we're focused only on ourselves. "I've got my plans. Don't get me off my schedule." "I'd love to help you out with some work around your house, but I'm sorry, this is football season. I just don't have the time."

But we weren't created to live selfishly. We were created to make a difference in the lives of others. John Bunyan, author of the classic Pilgrim's Progress said, "You have not lived today until you have done something for someone that cannot pay you back."

Friends, all around us are hurting people who need our love and encouragement. Don't miss the miracle of the moment. Don't be too busy, or insensitive to the needs of those around you. Be willing to be inconvenienced. Be sensitive and pay attention to those around you, your friends, your coworkers and your relatives. Listen to what they're saying. We shouldn't miss opportunities to do good whenever situations come across our paths to bless people.

Jesus said. "When you do it to the least of one of these, it's like you're doing it unto Me," (see Matthew 25:40). Proverbs 19:17 says, "He who is gracious to a poor man lends to the LORD, and He will repay him for his good deed." When you give to those in need, you are lending to God. And God knows how to pay you back–with interest! You may not be able to give money, but you can baby sit that single mom's children. Why don't you give her a break one night? Tell her, "You go do something special for yourself. Here's a gift certificate. You go up to the mall. You go get your nails done. Our family is going to keep your children tonight."

If you see one of your friends wearing the same clothes all the time, why don't you step up to the plate and say "Let me buy you a new suit or two." Or, "Take this gift certificate and go get yourself some new clothes."

Maybe you and your family go out to eat every Sunday after church. Why don't you take a single parent family along with you? Or better yet, be a mentor to one of those young children. That doesn't take a lot of money. It just takes time and love. That just takes somebody that cares, somebody that's willing to make a difference.

I heard a story about a young boy that lived in the inner city. He was about eight years old and was very poor. One cold day, he was looking in the window of a local store admiring a pair of tennis shoes. As he stood there, cold and barefooted, a lady came along and asked, young man, what are you doing staring so intently in this window?"  Shyly he said, "Well, I was just sort of praying and asking God if He'd give me a new pair of tennis shoes."  Without hesitation, the lady took him into the store and very gently and lovingly washed off his cold dirty feet. She put a brand new pair of socks on his feet. Then she told him to pick out three new pairs of tennis shoes.  The boy couldn't believe it. He was so excited! He had never owned a new pair of shoes. He'd always just worn old hand–me–downs. After she had paid for the purchase, the woman handed the shoes to the child.  "Enjoy your shoes, son," she said.  The little boy looked at her in amazement. Nobody had ever taken that kind of interest in him. As serious as could be, with tears running down his cheeks, he said, "Lady can I ask you a question? Are you God's wife?"

Friend, you are never more like God than when you give. You're never more like God than when you take time for people, than when you do something to bless someone else. And not just in the big things. Learn to be good to people in your everyday life. When you stop to get a cup of coffee at work, bring your coworker back a cup, too. When traffic backs up on the freeway, let that car into the lane in front of you. At the grocery store, when you have a bunch of groceries and somebody behind you has just a few, let them go ahead of you. Or how about in the parking lot, when you pull up to that last front row parking space at the same time as another car? Why don't you back up and let them have that space?

Do you want another simple way of blessing someone? When you're at a restaurant, be a good tipper. Don't leave that server a dollar bill when you just spent thirty dollars to eat.

"Well, I shared my testimony," one person said. "I invited our waitress to church." That's fine, but don't cancel your testimony by your miserly tip. God's people believe in being good to people. We believe in showing God's kindness wherever we go. When I tip people, I tell Victoria, "We're going to sow a seed into that person's life. Here's an opportunity to bless someone with our words and our money." When I leave that place, I want that server to be able to say, "That couple sure is generous. They are good to people."

Love is seen in our actions. This world does not need to hear another sermon nearly as much as it needs to see us being good to people. Learn to give your time, your money, or an encouraging word. When you show love, you are showing God to the world. And don't worry if you don't get any credit. When you let somebody in traffic in front of you, you may never see that person again. When you give somebody twenty dollars because you had compassion in your heart, you may never hear back from them, but let me assure you, God is keeping the records. He's seen every time you've been good to somebody. He's heard every encouraging word you've spoken. God has seen all the times you went out of your way to help somebody but they never even said thank you. The Scripture says when you do things in secret, when you do things without getting any credit, when nobody thanks you, God sees it, and you will even receive a greater reward.

It's one thing to make a big splash and let everybody know how generous you are, but if you really want to be blessed, do something good for somebody and don't tell anybody about it. Leave some cash in an unmarked envelope on the desk of that coworker that's struggling to make ends meet. At the restaurant, buy somebody's dinner and remain anonymous. Clean up the kitchen at the office and don't tell anybody that you did it. When you do things in secret and you don't get any credit, you are sowing a seed for God to do great things in your life.

Or maybe you overhear one of your coworkers saying, "Next week I've got to take my car in the shop. I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't know how I'm going to get to work." Why don't you tell her, "Let me swing by in the mornings and pick you up."    "Oh, no, that's too far," she may protest. "Its out of your way." You can say, "It's no big deal. I'll be glad to do it."

Listen to what people are saying around you. And look for opportunities to bless them.

A while back I had a friend over to help me on a project. I had just bought a brand new computer monitor, one of those flat screens, real large, real easy to see. My friend said, "Joel, I love your monitor. It's so easy on our eyes." I picked up on that. I said, "It sure is. What kind of monitor do you have?" "Oh, just an old piece of junk that I've been using for years," he said. I  thought, "Here's a great opportunity to be a blessing".  A few days later, my friend had one of those new flat screen monitors show up on his doorstep. That was too good of an opportunity to pass up. I realize we can't do that all the time. We can't spend all our money like that. But we should be doing something good for somebody else.

Why don't you make a decision with me that you're going to start being good to people?

And remember, true love is always backed up with our actions. People are watching us, and one of the best witnesses we could have is simply by being good to people. If you'll get up every day and focus on how you can be a blessing and not just on how you can get blessed, God will meet your own needs as you meet others' needs. God will meet all your needs in abundance!

The Scripture says people will know true Christians by their fruit (see Matthew 7:15-23). They're not going to know us by how many scriptures we quote. They're not going to know us by how many Christian bumper stickers we have on our car. People are going to really know that we're believers when we're helping other people, meeting needs, doing good works, when we are blessing people with our words and our actions.

I hope you will look for an opportunity to be good to someone and yourself today.

Also don't forget your attitude of gartitude today, Day 17th.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Power of Kindness

Good morning Monday, I am excited about today and what the day will bring.  I am hoping for some opportunities to RAK someone and also to get some scrapping done.  I also have some financial issues to call out today.  I have avoided doing this but am praying that I meet up with some nice people who will be able to help me so that I can have some kind of peace during the upcoming holiday.

I was so excited to start my day with 11 hours of sleep after a few days of fun and running.  Then I came on here to have some quiet and reading time to happen upon Joel Osteen's site which I visit periodically for uplifting messages.  Look what his Nov 5th message was all about.

The Power of KindnessShareThis

This Posted by Victoria Osteen on November 5th, 2009

It's amazing what can happen when you are kind and considerate to others. Whether it's a friend, family member, or even a total stranger, simply being kind can open the door for God's favor and kindness to be poured back onto you.

A while back, my brother, Don, was out looking for a new car and thought he had found the one he wanted. The salesman was going to get him some additional information, so Don gave the man his phone number to follow up with him. Several days passed, and Don changed his mind about that particular car. One evening, Don had just come home after a long day at work and sat down to a wonderful bowl of hot noodle soup—his favorite on a cold night. He was just starting to relax when his daughter came running over with the phone. "Daddy, Daddy! There's someone on the phone for you." Reluctantly, Don took the call only to discover it was the salesperson from the car dealership. As soon as he said hello, the salesperson started going on and on about the car Don had looked at more than a week ago. Don was trying to be as nice as possible and said, "Thank you, but I've decided that car is not big enough, and I have changed my mind." The salesman went on and on about how great the car was, as if he didn't even hear what Don had said. Don just sat there staring at that big bowl of noodles—getting cold—trying to be as nice as possible. "Sir, I've changed my mind about that car," Don said, but the man just continued to try to talk Don into that car. "Would you like to speak with my sales manager?" he asked. Don took a deep breath and had several responses rolling around in his head when suddenly he heard himself say, "Yes." Immediately, he thought, did I just say yes? During the brief moment of silence, he kept reminding himself to be nice and courteous even though he really wanted to hang up so he could enjoy his dinner!

The manager got on the phone and introduced himself and said, "I just want to ask you a question—" "Thank you," Don replied, "but really, I've changed my mind about that car." The manager interrupted, "Are you Victoria Osteen's brother?" he asked. "Yes," Don responded. The manager continued, "I go to Lakewood Church, and even if you don't want that particular car, I want to help you find the car you want and get you the very best price possible."

Don hardly knew what to say, but he was grateful he chose to be kind and courteous! Because of his response, God was able to bring him a divine connection. Several weeks later, the sales manager found Don the car he really wanted and gave him a price he could hardly believe.

God is no respecter of persons. He'll show you the same favor if you'll choose to be kind and respectful to people. Regardless of whether you are dealing with your spouse, children, grocery clerk, or a salesman on the phone; remember, you are God's representative. Be courteous, gentle, and kind to others and keep the door open for God to pour out His blessings on your behalf.

Be kind to one another… (Ephesians 4:32, NAS).

I will be back to post some layouts and cards I have made and will finish up today.  Have a wonderful Monday and remember that today if the 15th day of thankful and Random Act of Kindness challenge.   Today I am thankful for 11 hours of rest and a day off at home with the kids.  That meant no rushing out the door today, woohoo!! 

Blessings and may God pour his favor over you and yours today!!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

It has been an awesome weekend!

It has been a great weekend!  Busy but fun and I just have to say that I have the best friends in the world.  I only wish I could spend more time with all of them.  I hope you had one as well.  I am excited that tomorrow is a holiday from school.  So we will be off to get the girls their flu mist shots finally.  I will be relieved once they are vaccinated.

Here is my thankful list for the last few days.

Nov 10 Thankful for having dinner cooked for us - shrimp, lobster and good company!
Nov 11 Thankful I was able to make it through the day after little work.
Nov 12 Thankful for payday.  I so appreciate work more than ever and am so thankful for my part time positions.
Nov 13 Thankful for spending time with Donna and Sheri and Darrell's friends playing cards, laughing and celebrating his birthday.  Love me some Fridays!
Nov 14 Thankful for a night away from home with Christi and Scott and the kids (Extra bonus I won the Texas hold em game last night so added some extra cash in my wallet - woohoo!)
Nov 15 Love Sundays/family time and great football/fantasy football leagues!

So how are you doing this weekend with your gift of random acts of kindness?  I hope you are finding time to give the gift of kindness to someone somewhere.  What special things do you do for your own family or even yourself?  What about sending someone a sweet text tonight - I always appreciate my texts and kind words.  I think I will do that as well tonight.

I will be back tomorrow with some new layouts and cards that I have created with my new kit from The Scrapbooking Get-Away Girls DT that I am on.  Loved this kit and getting to know some new friends and see some awesome talent as well.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Love Sundays and the Fresh New Week!

I hope you had a great weekend!  I love the weekends and getting to spend quality time with the girls.  My only wish is that there were more hours in a day.  Just doesnt seem to be enough time to get it all done. 

Question for today, do you prioritize or make a list of to do things for the weekend or just go with the flow?

Here is my attitude of gratitude for all of last week that I didn't post and then I will get to the random acts of kindness.

Nov 6 - Thankful for family time and dinner cooked for us :-))
Nov 7 - Thankful for time to get laundry and cleaning done :-)

Week 2:

Nov 8 - Thankful for God's word and His message
Nov 9 -  Thankful for lots of much needed rest

Now on to the Random act of kindness challenge.  How are you doing?  Are you making an effort to find time to do this?  I hope so because like everything else if you will continue to do this it will become like habit and become a part of your day.  I will be back with an added challenge this week to add some fun to your day and get you excited about RAKking complete strangers.    For me last week, my RAKS included taking a grocery cart back for someone at tar-jay.  I know this is going to sound funny but I asked to help an elderly woman last week, I felt she wanted the help with her groceries but was hesitant about me helping.  It made me think of how we live in a world of uncertainity and trust.  It saddens me some to think we can't always accept help and it does reveal our times doesnt it?  Do you ever find this when offering to be kind or wanting to help someone?  Okay so do you have plans to RAK anyone special today?  I want to hear, come on I challenge you to make my day with some great ideas.  I am volunteering today at my dd's school for scholastic week and will do the same tomorrow am.  I am excited because I have really missed being at the school and taking pictures and well just hanging out with them. 

Make it a great Monday and remember to put on your love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness and peacemaking garments today while getting dressed. 

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and TIA if you leave me some love and a sweet message.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 5 Attitude of Gratitude and Random Act of Kindness

So I have decided to keep in lines with the day of the month since I am taking part of the Attitude of Gratitude challenge, I hope this doesnt mess you up if you are joining in with me.  If so stay on your schedule and keep going and I will still be posting here it you want to leave your comments and stories here. 

Today I am grateful that my parents were married 49 nine years ago.  I know it is bittersweet for my mom since dad is not here to celebrate the day with her.  I am so glad they stuck it out and in the end were still married and happily I may say when he passed back in 1998.

It is also Aunt Ra's bday in SA today.   Happy 40th friend, I hope it was a great day for you.  You are now in your prime, enjoy it and as I always say life is a gift and age is relevant in the big picture.

It has been one of the most beautiful weeks weather wise and is going to be that way through the weekend and next week - I am thrilled beyond words and will enjoy it while it lasts.  I have never noticed color here in TX like I have over the past week with the trees changing and leaves falling.  The sunshine sparkles in the morning and through the trees and glistens on the dew covered grass.  Loving every moment!

I will be back to post some projects I have created and my thoughts for random acts of kindness and my proposal via text for spending my life with a wonderful man I dated and is still pursuing me. I am flattered and he is probably one of the nicest men I know.  When I think about it, I really do know and have been blessed with wonderful men in my life for the most part.  I was thinking today that when and if I ever get married that I will be one of the happiest woman on earth.    I will just leave it at that for now.

So what about you?  Did you RAK anyone today or were you the recipient of a RAK today.  I hope you will share your story here with us.  TIA (Thanks in advance)!!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

29Gifts.Org Ideas - The gift of giving to yourself!

Here are some great ideas on gifting to yourself~

So this month, pay attention to YOURSELF. Give to YOURSELF. Love YOURSELF.You can continue your giving to others, but I myself have fallen into a pattern of overgiving the past two months, which has left me feeling drained, angry and resentful--not the ideal energy to be giving from. So I'm going to make a mindful effort to give something to myself each day this cycle.

Here are 29 suggestions for ways to practice self care.

1. Meditate daily (If you want to meditate with a group, check out the events tab. We've got two meditation telecourses starting in October--Meditation for Health and Healing and Meditation for the Entrepreneurial Spirit).
2. Pray daily.
3. Take a nice, long leisurely walk.
4. Enjoy a bubble bath.
5. Talk to yourself -- but say NICE things.
6. Write yourself a love poem.
7. Take a day--or even a few hours one day--off work.
8. Read a good book or two. (I highly recommend the 29 Gifts book :-)
9. Go on a bike ride.
10. Take a hike.
11. Go to the park and swing on the swings.
12. Cook yourself a yummy meal.
13. Let yourself off the hook if you make a mistake.
14. Write in your journal (or blog).
15. Light a candle and just sit and watch the flame.
16. Take some fun photos and make a collage.
17. Do something for yourself that you've been procrastinating.
18. Sit and BREATHE for five minutes a day.
19. Take a nap.
20. Dance in your living room to your favorite song.
21. Draw or paint a picture.
22. Write a story.
23. Throw yourself a party -- just because you deserve one.
24. Call a good friend and ask for support.
25. Spend some time in nature.
26. Sit quietly and let yourself rest.
27. Buy that little something you've been longing for and enjoy it.
28. Bring some fresh flowers into your house.
29. Kiss or hug someone you love

I hope you enjoy trying some of these and remember to find time to take care of yourself. (These suggestions were for Oct 09 but I think this is a gift we can give ourselves daily.)


Day 9 of the Random Act of Kindness challenge and thankful Tuesday!.

It is going to be another beautiful day. As much as I enjoy my new part time, full time position I love being at home as well. I have been able to give the gifts of kindness that I really enjoy over the last few days. I will work on being a better planner and will start using my day timer to stay organized so that I can plan for more RAKS and keep my commitments. I am sad to say that I missed our PTA board meeting and truly had intentions on going but got caught up with the early morning and time with Demi getting her mind ready for her day today.

I hope you will find or make time to give the gift of your choice today. I found a few sites yestesrday that I want to share with you for some great ideas.



If you know of anymore please feel free to add them or let me know and I will keep a running log of these websites and blogs.

At one or more of these sites you can actually print business size cards to hand out or leave at the register for the next person in line or drive through window explaining they have just been RAKked...pretty cool huh?

Here is my short thankful list for today:
1. the gift of life
2. second chances to get it right
3. god's blessings and his protection today
4. faith, family and friends
5. my new part time position(s)
6. sunshine and fall weather
7. nature and it's beauty/colors and temperatures
8. positive people
9. B12 and energy and my swine flu shot
10.our good health - my life insurance policy- there is comfort in knowing that my dd will be taken care of should I be called home to heaven
11.My new kit for my DT position
12.our photo shoot on Sunday and fun family time together :-)
13.Being a mom, aunt, dd, sister, friend, business owner, an appreciated worker at my new job

There are many more but today those are the first 13 I came up with and will embrace. What are you thankful for today?

Again I hope you will enjoy your day and the blessings our heavenly father sends your ways. I am going to be catching up on my house, creating a few things with my new kit to include cards and layouts and praying that my girls have a great day today. Nadja is playing in her first tournament today in keller. I hoope she does well and that Demi continues to do well in all her classes and that she and her friends will have a great recess since yesterday was not so great. I will also try to get some equipment donated to our school from some local businesses so the kids have some fun toys to play at recess.


Verse/Quote for today: It is more blessed to give than receive. Acts 20:35

Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 8 - the gift of giving challenge

What another beautiful day, this week is going to be awesome, full of great temps and sunshine!!! Oh how I wish it would stay like this for a few top it all off, our photo shoot of my girls and niece turned out fab-u-lous yesterday.

So today, the 8th day of this challenge, I intentionally made time to RAK some friends at some fast food establishments and my dd's teachers....just love the feeling of making someone else's day and making them feel special or maybe thinking that anyway because I know that is how I would feel. I did some baking and delivering and could do that everyday, seriously I am always shocked at feeling like I could be a SAHM. If you would have asked me that 10 years ago I would have said no way jose....but ask me today and I am all over that and then some.

Now let me ask, were you able to find time today to give the gift? I hope so. I am curious, what is the best RAK you have ever received and given and why? I will think about this and come back tomorrow with my response.

Now on to the creative side of me or my life. Have i already mentioned that I made or was asked to be on a DT? I got my new kit from tonight and may I say, love it and it will go so well with all of my 400 pics I had printed today? And have I mentioned how excited I am to start playing and scrapping has been way to long.

Have a wonderful tuesday. I will be posting my thankful list tomorrow as I love to do each Tuesday. I have so much to be grateful for and love this place on my journey. I feel so blessed to be loved as much as I do by our heavenly Father. If you want to feel this way, it is so simple. All you have to is ask Jesus to be your savior and confess your sins. It is that easy. If you do this please let me know so I can celebrate with you. What a beautiful way to give yourself the gift of eternal life!!

Love and hugs,

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 7 - Give the gift of __________!!!

You fill in the blank today....make it a good one and enjoy this day with your family. It is so beautiful here in Texas....the trees are changing, the leaves are falling and the sun is bright and warm. The music in church today was awesome and uplifting as always and the message Sam delivered today was great too! Blsd r d pure n heart 4 they wll c God Mat 5:8 - this is in texting form and so true. God gives us the gift of grace, mercy and love when we so don't deserve it. So awesome is He!! So God gives us this gift everyday, what will your gift be today? Maybe it is forgiveness of someone who doesn't deserve it or maybe it is calling an ole friend you haven't spoken to for whatever reason.

Whatever it is be pure in heart and make the most of your day and opportunities to give the gift of __________!!!!!


Day 6 - Happy Halloween

What a great day, busy and full and yet so full of fun and joy. Started my day with finding and picking up donation prizes for the church Trunk or Treat. Can I just say that I am so appreciative of all the local businesses in the local area that are always so willing to help out our school and church whenever I solicit their assistance in reaching out to others in our community who may not be plugged into a church yet. I hope everyone there had a great time and that a lot of kids had the best time ever! I truly hope these families will come back to church tomorrow or soon! I also hope that those who won tonight enjoy their prizes.

We also got to watch Cami play coach pitch today. It was a gorgeous day and again the colors of fall are brillant and spectacular. Kyle brought his new girlfriend and she seems so sweet and cute. It is always good to see Kyle as well. Love that we got to go today since it was my first day to see her play.

Today is Day 6, Saturday! I am so tired right now that I can't remember what my random act of kindness was besides my time in picking up these gifts for the church today and over the last week. I hope there were many who left with a smile on their faces tonight. Did I say that today, first thing this morning that I met a family who goes to our church at the bounce house place. That was so awesome and I cant wait to get to know them better and see them at church. Our church has grown so much and there are so many I have yet to meet since attending from the start of our church . Some days I feel like there are more folks that I dont know then I know but it makes it just as exciting each and every week to get to know more wonderful christian families.

Can I also say that my mom is the best. She is a great person and so thoughtful. She brought the girls big bags full of goodies and I got some very warm and soft purple jammies that I cannot wait to put on tomorrow. I think the best part of the trick or treating tonight was getting to see Brylee on her first Halloween. She was a lamb from Noah's Ark....just so cute and adorable. I so need to post some pics in the am when I locate the cord to the camera.

Did I mention that my heat is out and that I have had the brother of a friend from my daughter's school come by this week trying to fix it for us. I think he has it about done but there is a short and he was a no show so maybe tomorrow. I hope so because it is like 60 low and kind of cold in the am but it could be worse. I am so thankful he has taken the time out of his day to help us out.

So how was your day of acts of kindness? Did you do anything special and or find a way to give the gift of kindness? If so what and what was your feeling? Have you noticed anything different about you or how you feel and or notice a difference with those you have RAKked if you know them? next week, starting tomorrow or Monday I am going to challenge you to document your day with a pic or just some notes so you can see how your life changes by your giving each day. You can even create some cards to hand deliver or put in the mail next week. We love happy mail!!