Tuesday, November 3, 2009

29Gifts.Org Ideas - The gift of giving to yourself!

Here are some great ideas on gifting to yourself~

So this month, pay attention to YOURSELF. Give to YOURSELF. Love YOURSELF.You can continue your giving to others, but I myself have fallen into a pattern of overgiving the past two months, which has left me feeling drained, angry and resentful--not the ideal energy to be giving from. So I'm going to make a mindful effort to give something to myself each day this cycle.

Here are 29 suggestions for ways to practice self care.

1. Meditate daily (If you want to meditate with a group, check out the events tab. We've got two meditation telecourses starting in October--Meditation for Health and Healing and Meditation for the Entrepreneurial Spirit).
2. Pray daily.
3. Take a nice, long leisurely walk.
4. Enjoy a bubble bath.
5. Talk to yourself -- but say NICE things.
6. Write yourself a love poem.
7. Take a day--or even a few hours one day--off work.
8. Read a good book or two. (I highly recommend the 29 Gifts book :-)
9. Go on a bike ride.
10. Take a hike.
11. Go to the park and swing on the swings.
12. Cook yourself a yummy meal.
13. Let yourself off the hook if you make a mistake.
14. Write in your journal (or blog).
15. Light a candle and just sit and watch the flame.
16. Take some fun photos and make a collage.
17. Do something for yourself that you've been procrastinating.
18. Sit and BREATHE for five minutes a day.
19. Take a nap.
20. Dance in your living room to your favorite song.
21. Draw or paint a picture.
22. Write a story.
23. Throw yourself a party -- just because you deserve one.
24. Call a good friend and ask for support.
25. Spend some time in nature.
26. Sit quietly and let yourself rest.
27. Buy that little something you've been longing for and enjoy it.
28. Bring some fresh flowers into your house.
29. Kiss or hug someone you love

I hope you enjoy trying some of these and remember to find time to take care of yourself. (These suggestions were for Oct 09 but I think this is a gift we can give ourselves daily.)


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Angela L. said...

Thank you for inspiring me with your blog and your kindness... Like so many others, my family have suffered setbacks and struggles but your blog reminded me that instead of dragging myself down in pity, I need to raise my hands up hight and praise our amazing Lord. On days like today, when I'm feeling "blue", I tend to forget about all the ways that I've been blessed. Everyday, I am thankful that God led me to a community of so many ladies who love and pray for those who are experiencing needs in their lives. If we consider our wealth in terms of friendships and people who leave lasting impressions in our lives then I am so very rich!