Sunday, October 23, 2011

Every Child Matters

I hope you will feel encouraged to make an ordinary day into an extraordinary day by being the hands, feet and mouth for Jesus today.  Today I heard the story of Jimmy Graham, the Tight End for New Orleans and it really brought home what I see often with our children.  He never felt like he mattered until a woman adopted him.  I am not saying you have to adopt a child but reach out to those you know may be struggling, become a BIG SISTER to a child, sponsor a child through a school and or volunteer at a local kids club all run by donations. 

My 1st challenge to you this week if for you to find an opportunity for a RANDOM ACT of KINDNESS with a child. 

My 2nd challenge is to find an opportunity for a RANDOM ACT of KINDNESS with an adult or family in your area.

Let's love a little more and be more compassionate with those we encounter.  I know if we did this along with being the feet, hands and mouth for Jesus that our world would be a better place to live.  Let's shoot to Out Live Our Own Lives by making a difference today and this week.

Have a wonderful evening as I continue to enjoy
 the COWBOY game, the RANGERS and a TIM TEBOW win today.  Have I mentioned how much I love SONdays and Texas and this life that God has given me.  I DO!!!