Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This Makes Me Smile....

I really hope you had a great Tuesday.  So today Demi and I started our day with  "A Taste of Demi's State, New Hampshire" and having to cook her "American Toast".  Her entire 5th grade each brought a dish from their state and I have to say, they did a great job!  There was so much food and a wonderful variety from three classes.  She really does have wonderful teachers this year!  We have been blessed to have had really awesome teachers since she started school back in 2004.  Now she has to make a scrapbook of her state which will be due in a couple of weeks.

I wanted to blog about a few things that I love and enjoy on this Tuesday with a thankful heart:

1.  Great smelling laundry
2.  Clean teeth and fresh breath
3.  Demi back in cheer because she loves it so much
4.  Being an aunt
5.  Teaching and being a tutor (love my sweet friends that I have been blessed to work with over the last 3 months)
6.  Sunshine
7.  Prayer time
8.  Alone time
9   That Demi passed all her TAKS this year after a rough start, so proud of her!
10.Today and the gift of life!!

When I start to think about what makes me happy, so many things come to mind.  I may end up posting a couple of pics.  I will be back shortly with something else that brings me JOY to share with you.

**Demi and her best friend Alyssa at their 5th grade ballroom dance**

**Demi and her dance partner, Adam Tice**

**Demi and her future husband, RJ whom we just love and have known since birth!** 

Again thanks so much for stopping by my blog.  It means the world to me and in return I love going to your blogs just as much!!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Finding JOY and HAPPINESS in the every day things in our life....

Yesterday I visited Rita at http://www.letsembellish.blogspot.com/ and she had a beautiful picture of her view going home which has inspired me to post photos of things and people that bring me JOY and HAPPINESS in my every day life.

May 1st - This is a picture of my mom and my daughter, love them both and so happy that we got to spend Easter with her and our family celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.

May 2nd - these beautiful girls inside and out bring us all lots of happiness!!

So what or who brings you JOY?  If you decide to join me this month please let me know so that I can venture over to your blog to enjoy your pictures.

Have a wonderful Tuesday and remember tomorrow is National Teacher Appreciation Day so tomorrow would be a perfect day for a RANDOM or DELIBERATE Act of Kindness for one or all of those special teachers in your life.