Saturday, October 12, 2013

Do Any of You Make Money from Blogging???????? Traffic on Blogs??

If so, would you share how you got started and what is the best way to go about setting up a blog such as yours?

Also what do you do to bring traffic to your blog?  It has been over a year since someone has commented on my blog.  Now I know I haven't been consistent over the last 2 years but I am committed to blogging again.

This is my personal blog so I don't do this for comments but for writing for our legacy and story.

Thanks and hope you had a great Saturday!!


Huge Giveaway from DCWVINC This Weekend!!!!!!

I hope you will join the fun by going to their blog and link here.  There will be 6 winners.  I can't wait to see their new paper and lines!!


Listening To and Communicating With Our Children ~

If you ever want to know how you're doing as parents or what your children think of your parenting, just ask them. Be ready for the truth from their perspective. Many times, our attempts to love and discipline are nothing like what we had prayed and hoped for in their eyes and hearts. What children really want is their voices to be heard too (we don't have to agree but just LISTEN) and their feelings acknowledged. More importantly, this type of conversation opens the door for COMMUNICATION.

With each day as a gift from above, I cherish the conversations I have with my teenager as the times seem less and less with the busyness of schedules.  Our best conversations take place in the car.  Where do yours take place?

Have a blessed day and remember, do everything today with passion and purpose as if every breath will be your last not wasting one second of your day!


Friday, October 11, 2013

Can you recommend an image sizing site that is free?

I had one before I switched computers that I loved but can't seem to remember what it is, thanks if you can help me out!

Also have any of you set up blogs that are free here on Blogger that have some extra features?

Thanks for getting back to me this weekend,


What are 3 things you most like to read about on blogs or your 3 favorite blogs and why??

If you take the time to visit my blog, would you mind commenting on my questions above?

Thanks so much and hope you have a joy filled fall day!!  We are looking forward to a long weekend and some fun here in Texas maybe with Big Tex!


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

News Story about our Leader ~

Not sure if this is true or factual but wanted to put it here so I can watch it before it is deleted on the blog and or FB.

I will continue to pray for our President and his family,girls because they are children of God and will continue to pray for our leaders through this Govt Shut Down that is hurting and affecting many people.  When will it stop?

Hope you have a great day while I enjoy a day off from school for Parent/Child Meetings.  My challenge to you today, change the world for the better with an act of kindness!!!