Saturday, October 12, 2013

Listening To and Communicating With Our Children ~

If you ever want to know how you're doing as parents or what your children think of your parenting, just ask them. Be ready for the truth from their perspective. Many times, our attempts to love and discipline are nothing like what we had prayed and hoped for in their eyes and hearts. What children really want is their voices to be heard too (we don't have to agree but just LISTEN) and their feelings acknowledged. More importantly, this type of conversation opens the door for COMMUNICATION.

With each day as a gift from above, I cherish the conversations I have with my teenager as the times seem less and less with the busyness of schedules.  Our best conversations take place in the car.  Where do yours take place?

Have a blessed day and remember, do everything today with passion and purpose as if every breath will be your last not wasting one second of your day!


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