Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saying Goodbye to 2011 and Hello to 2012!!!

I am so excited about the new year in 2012 and what is to come.  I truly believe that God has a plan so amazing and that we are in store for abundance blessings and am excited about loving God with all my heart and all those we encounter in the days, months, and year to come.

As I reflect on this past year, I am grateful for our life and have tried to embrace all our changes, and there have been many but have tried to look at all of them with a positive attitude knowing God has BIG plans for both Demi and I. 

I truly believe that with God all things are possible with a fresh start and that I have been able to deal with many of them to include loosing our home of 11 years and our means of transportation because of my faith and the desire to live in the now and in this moment.  I choose to look forward and at this time as a new beginning, out with the old and in with the new.  No sense in beating myself up and life is just way too short for that anyways.  I hope that the bigger lesson in all of all of this is that this does not have to define who we are and what is ahead.  So if you have experienced a tough year or two, hang in there.  Hold on to HOPE and know that you are loved and that life will get better.  It always lifts our spirits by going out and helping others with RANDOM AND DELIBERATE ACTS OF KINDNESS AND LOVE AND THE MORE YOU DO THIS THE MORE JOY YOU WILL FIND IN YOUR DAY BY GETTING THE FOCUS OFF OF YOU.  I dare you to join me in the fun and bringing hope to someone else who may be worse off then you and or me just because you could and do it with your children.  This is what I call living and being the hands and feet of Jesus.  Love More and Judge Less.....Forgive Easily and Complain Less....Be The Change You Want to See in the World and Live Each Day as a Gift. 

So here is to goodbye 2011 and hello 2012!!!  Happy New Year to all our family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and those we care about and love dearly.  We hope that you will have faith and believe that this upcoming year will be filled with continued blessings, love, prosperity, joy, peace, good health and all the things that the gift of life brings each day we have to enjoy next year.

On a closing note, my One Little Word that I am focusing on in 2012 is VISION. I will be back tomorrow with more on my word and what this will mean to me.  I am going to commit to my word everyday and if you would like to join me, you can visit Ali Edwards at her blog.

Again, blessed beyond belief in 2011 and I VISION an even more extraordinary year in 2012.

With love and hugs from my family to yours,
Diana and Demi

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Your Christmas Story.....what would we read about??

If you were to write your story this Christmas and holiday season what would we read about? 

I am hoping to write a story of Christmas LOVE and HOPE by making a difference in a child's life...not my own child but with those I know who are looking for Santa to come this year.  I am looking for a little help and am hoping that "our village" of friends and family will step up and help.

I had a surprising encounter with a family I know this past Tuesday at a "Christmas Party" at my daughter's school for those who are considered homeless and needy, living below the poverty level (which mounts up to more than 70% in our local community) to come and receive a christmas present from a wonderful and local non profit, 6 Stones.  When I walked in I was surprised to see so many families I have known for 5 plus years here in the same situation I am in but with more children.   (Last year if not for some secret santa's Demi and I would have had a bleak christmas but thanks to some of our friends and family, Demi was able to enjoy Christmas which I was grateful for and even though I didn't need anything I was blessed with a few things too!)

It is in times like this that you realize that you really don't know what is going on in someone's life until you take the time to sit and actually have a conversation with someone.  One of my daughter's friends parents are strugglling to feed their 5 children after loosing everything.  And you wouldn't know it if you passed them along the street.   Our lives have been entangled and yet we come from very different backgrounds and environments our lives are not much different and as a parent I heard and saw the love they have for their children and the desire to want to bring them some JOY on one day as any loving parent wants to do.)

Their story:  4 of their 5 children are school aged children and received a present but their 4 yr old daughter did not since she does not go to school and then there are the parents who I know will not have anything and wouldn't think of spending money on themselves.  I mean at the end of the day, don't we all want to know that someone cares and that we are all loved by somebody? 

Now this is where I begin writing my story.....I could have just empathized with them since I have undergone the very same thing but I am choosing to do something...wish I could do more but before the night was over I was able to donate food that Demi and I collected in our neighborhoood over the last 5 weeks.  We were not sure where the canned goods would go but I prayed about it and knew that this was the family we would help.  We also donated our turkey and other food items we received so that they could feed all their children and themselves and not have any worries about whether they would have enough.  (We did share the love of Jesus and I was thrilled to find out they are Christians and that they remain faithful that God has a plan....I truly feel the best gift you can ever give someone is the opportunity to have them receive Jesus as their Savior and what better time then now?)

But I want to do MORE.  Why, because I can and I am not afraid of asking for help.  My hope is to inspire you and your families to be the ANGELS some family needs.  I don't tell you this to pat myself on the back either but to encourage you that you can do something today.....and that it doesnt have to be much.  You can get a group to adopt a child and family.  Invite someone over to enjoy and spend family time that may not otherwise be able to do that....or go visit someone who needs some love and attention.

So what will your story read this Christmas?  One of joy from giving by being the hands and feet of Jesus?  I will say that you will be the one feeling so blessed by GIVING this year and what an amazing LIFe LESSOn you get to share with your children!!

Happiest of holidays to my family and friends this Christmas Season,
Diana aka BIT

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kisses from Katie...another great read!!

So lately I have indulged myself in so many books from Kisses from Katie which is a must read to many children's books because I joined my angels at school and my daughter on a 40 book challenge, yes that is to read 40 books.  Now all the books will be include genres such as poetry, biographies, chapter books, classics and I am having a blast!!

I am feeling so at peace this holiday season, something I havent felt in about 3 years around this time of year.  Mainly because I haven't had any money to buy gifts for my child and or family.  I am not getting much this year but it does bring me some joy to be able to do a little and I am la almost done which is a rarity. 

I have a couple of gift ideas to share this weekend which are things your kids can make for teachers and or friends to include decoupaging items and also making cute scarfs.  Do you have any great ideas?

I am off to finish my book, God's Guest List tonight after a 16 hour day of working at the school and Mardels.  Did I mention I mention I am subbing at the high school tomorrow?  I haven't been there in over a year and I will get to work with my brother and sister in law.  I am excited about the change of pace and then may go and get my dd to do something fun before I go to Mardels.

Praying for our local students tomorrow and my precious girl who will be taking their 2nd LBA in Reading tomorrow.  I would be happy if Dem passed but am always hopeful that she does well so that she can buld her confidence this year.  (she struggles with reading all year and then does well on her TAKS which we don't have any more replaced with STARR test....I know she can do it with God at her side!!)

Have a terrific Thursday friends and we will see you tomorrow,


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

151. A day off to care for my angel...

153.  A glowing fire from the gas fireplace and logs

154.  Hoodie Sweatshirts on a cold and damp night

155.  Open communication with my 11 year old daughter

These are the last entries in my 1000 gifts journal that I have started while reading the One Thousands Gifts by Voskamp.  Love the book and it's message.

I hope to finish God's Guest List by Debbie Macomber tonight. 

Have I mentioned lately that I love working at Mardel, a christian and teacher store here in Hurst.  I am so blessed to have been hired and if I have to work a 2nd job that it be here where all our guests are sweet and loving.  They have the best products and prices on so many things from books, framed arts, gifts which iclude arts and crafts  and seasonal items.  I leave there with my cup running over most nights and that is after working another job all day.

So I am going to be starting another blog to soon so stay tuned.....I am so excited about what it is all about and this season in my life.

Hope you know how much you are loved and that YOU MATTER in God's Plan...kiss and hug those you love and care about and I pray that you can find beauty in the simple things in your life.