Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saying Goodbye to 2011 and Hello to 2012!!!

I am so excited about the new year in 2012 and what is to come.  I truly believe that God has a plan so amazing and that we are in store for abundance blessings and am excited about loving God with all my heart and all those we encounter in the days, months, and year to come.

As I reflect on this past year, I am grateful for our life and have tried to embrace all our changes, and there have been many but have tried to look at all of them with a positive attitude knowing God has BIG plans for both Demi and I. 

I truly believe that with God all things are possible with a fresh start and that I have been able to deal with many of them to include loosing our home of 11 years and our means of transportation because of my faith and the desire to live in the now and in this moment.  I choose to look forward and at this time as a new beginning, out with the old and in with the new.  No sense in beating myself up and life is just way too short for that anyways.  I hope that the bigger lesson in all of all of this is that this does not have to define who we are and what is ahead.  So if you have experienced a tough year or two, hang in there.  Hold on to HOPE and know that you are loved and that life will get better.  It always lifts our spirits by going out and helping others with RANDOM AND DELIBERATE ACTS OF KINDNESS AND LOVE AND THE MORE YOU DO THIS THE MORE JOY YOU WILL FIND IN YOUR DAY BY GETTING THE FOCUS OFF OF YOU.  I dare you to join me in the fun and bringing hope to someone else who may be worse off then you and or me just because you could and do it with your children.  This is what I call living and being the hands and feet of Jesus.  Love More and Judge Less.....Forgive Easily and Complain Less....Be The Change You Want to See in the World and Live Each Day as a Gift. 

So here is to goodbye 2011 and hello 2012!!!  Happy New Year to all our family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and those we care about and love dearly.  We hope that you will have faith and believe that this upcoming year will be filled with continued blessings, love, prosperity, joy, peace, good health and all the things that the gift of life brings each day we have to enjoy next year.

On a closing note, my One Little Word that I am focusing on in 2012 is VISION. I will be back tomorrow with more on my word and what this will mean to me.  I am going to commit to my word everyday and if you would like to join me, you can visit Ali Edwards at her blog.

Again, blessed beyond belief in 2011 and I VISION an even more extraordinary year in 2012.

With love and hugs from my family to yours,
Diana and Demi

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