Saturday, August 29, 2009

It has been a wonderful 8 days since Nadja arrived...

She has added so much joy to our lives. We adore her! I hope she is getting used to TEXAS and how big everything far she has made it to the Walmart Superstore and Target, both of which she described as huge and amazing. I will come back and let you know what I have learned about her country and culture tomorrow. It is so wonderful to have this experience and we both will have a friend, sister and daughter forever!! Here is Nadja at Red Robin enjoying her 17th birthday!!!
Demi is off to a great start with 4th grade. She loves her new homeroom teacher Mrs Howey. She does seem to be so sweet. I am posting some pics here of her with a life long friend's son, it has become a tradition to get a picture of them both.
Wait to you see how cute they them dearly. I am looking forward to a good nights rest and church and family time tomorrow. I want to do something fun but that doesnt cost any money so if you have any ideas please let me know. I am so blessed and although tired from our financial situation I do know that this too shall pass. Before closing I hope my family knows how much I love them and how much they mean to me. They are my world and my constant and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't tell our heavenly Father so. I hope you had a great day and an even better Sunday!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gifts from Nadja - Check out our goodies!!

Oh I cannot wait to taste all this, what I have so far was SOOOOOOOOO delicious. Thanks my sweet Nadja for your treats and for the gifts you gave Demi today...she loves her new purse and bag along with her gummi bears and jewelry as seen on her seconds after she opened them. We are so blessed that you are with us and that the good Lord has opened this door for all of us.

What an incredible day....our beautiful Nadja arrived today from Germany!!

Here is my Week 3 Challenge layout for Summer Sense-sational titled Summer Days....I am posting it here because I cannot figure out how to upload it at http://www.dixiepieces/ tonight...sorry ladies:

I will retake picture tomorrow so that you can really see this layout created on ripped and torn cardboard with doodling (My journaling tag) and my color combo of blue, gray and maroon.

Thanks again for a wonderful challenge this week.

Going to bed on a wonderful note after a whirlwind of a day. But good none the less. We, as in mom, Demi and I finished cleaning out another room, 4 down and 2 more to scrapping area and my office. It feels so good too but one thing is for sure, DO NOT WAIT 9 YEARS TO CLEAN OUT YOUR HOME <3.

The best part of the day is that Nadja, our exchange student arrived today from Germany. She is so cute with the sweetest accent! Nadja will be living with us for the next school year and we couldn't be more excited. Here is the picture of Demi and Nadja at the airport earlier tonight. So happy she is here safe and sound. So after a quick dinner we made it back home just in time for me to get my layout done. It always feels so good to reward myself with some creativity time after working hard all done/week in this case.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Put On Love Today

This is the writing of Victoria Osteen yesterday. What I love about this is making this part of your morning routine and getting ready. Do you know anyone that when you see them, you know they have put on love? They wear God's new line called "I am love". I do and she radiates with love, compassion, friendship and so much more EVERY time you see her! It is obvious that she puts on her love every day.

If you’re like me, when you wake up in the morning, you start thinking about your day—where you’ll be going, who you’ll be seeing, and what the weather will be like. Then you go to your closet and choose something to wear that will work for all those different scenarios. But there’s one thing that the Bible tells us we need to “put on” if we are going to be fully equipped for everything we will face each day—and that is love.

Love is a one-size-fits-all solution to every situation you will ever encounter with your family, friends, coworkers, and even the grocery clerk. When you’re wearing love, you are setting yourself up for success because the Bible tells us that love never fails. And love never goes out of style either. It never gives up, wears out, or becomes old. It’s the perfect thing for every occasion!

So, how do you put on love? It's interesting that with the principles of God, we always have to do something. Wouldn’t it be nice if God would just come and put love on us? You know, in the middle of a heated discussion or when someone cuts us off in traffic, if He would just come and drop love right on us, then we would always do and say the right thing. But that’s not how it works. We have to choose love. We have to choose to be patient, kind, humble, and giving. We have to choose His Word. We have to decide between what our mind is screaming and what our heart is whispering.

So hopefully you have put on your LOVE today and will knock the world over with your new outfit. Make it a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Dash, your Dash........

For it matters, not how much we own, The cars, The house, The cash.... What matters is how we live and love.. And how we spend our DASH.....

A friend had posted this on FB and it just so happened that Adam, our youth pastor tied this in with our message on Sunday.

So I typed a message here and decided instead of feeling sorry for myself that I would do my thankful list on Tuesday that I love doing so that I can get up and make it a great day. I know it could always be worse and it breaks my heart to think that there are some people, many people struggling more so than me. They will be lifted up tonight in my prayers.

Today I am thankful for so much,
1. Today and the gift of life
2. God's blessings and His protection
3. Heaven
4. My faith, family and friends - thanks to all of you that are helping me stay on my feet
5. My home even though I prepared Demi for a move should this not work out - she is so sweet and caring...just love her to pieces!
6. Love
7. compassion
8. empathy
9. tears....lately they seem to flowing and this if from someone who never cries..actually hates to see others cry too!

**Demi came home today after knowing I had a hard day and said "Mom, it is okay if you cry and cry a lot, just stand over a plant." - Just what I are just so darn cute and speak straight from the heart and mind dont they? Thanks sunshine - love you!!
10.Our health

Even though I don't understand why I am back here completely I am taking notes to what I should do. I am trying to listen to God's message to me. Is it time to move on from my business? Do I need to be more focused and work more? So many questions, so little time to get it right or at least that is how I am feeling. The last time I was in this place feeling this BROKEN, I kept everything bottled up, didnt ask for help, didn't reach out and it about did me in. So as much as I hate others knowing my business and letting it all out there, I hope I can help someone else by keepin it real and being human. I love the song by Anthony Evans on my playlist called RESTORE, it is about a broken man...this is me but it will get better and I dont have time or the energy thinking about anything else but making this work and getting back on my feet. Look out tomorrrow and world, here I come with all I have with GOD AS MY PARTNER in all I do! If you have not read these books, I suggest doing so. Plan to Win and Expect to Win by Bill Glass. Fantastic books and great motivation with the right thinking!!

Thanks for your comments and friendship if you stopped in tonight. I will catch back up on blogs hopefully tomorrow. In the meantime have a wonderful Wednesday and remember GOD LOVES YOU!! Remember prayers go up and blessings come down!!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Will you make your time here on earth count and mean something? What will your legacy be when you are gone?

Interesting questions huh? I love that song by Nicole Nordeman, Legacy. Will they remember me?

Today Adam, our youth pastor spoke to the kids about the short time we have here on earth and about making a difference. His question was that if we had only 30 days to live, what 5 things would we change. I came up with my five and then some and then he challenged everyone to change one thing TODAY. I thought the message was so good and definitely an eye opener. I have had the message appear all week in different ways, do you ever wonder why that happens? I know why, God is speaking directly to me. I am listening and will take action. I want to live and create my best life NOW. (See my blog title)

Anyway, his message was triggered by the death of one of Adam's good friend this week unexpectedly. Death is tough and it does make us question our own life and what it means to us....will our own life or yours mean something to those you care about, to those who know you maybe at work, your kids school, girl scouts, the community you live in and or your church?

I say make the most of today and don't take a single second for granted. Everyday is a GIFT and I so believe this with all my heart.

So my Project 365 picture today is of Demi at Albertson's on our late night run to get some cokes at a great price. Love this picture of her in front of the pop tarts and fruit snacks with her hand in her mouth which is so her talking to her grandma who we both love so much. Did I mention my mother has been helping me clean out my house...spring and winter cleaning from the last 6 years...seriously pack rat is gone and not coming least 20 bags of trash to the curb!! Thank you mom and Demi for doing this so our house will be in some kind of order for when Nadja gets here this Friday. Did I mentioned how excited Demi and I are about having our exchange student coming to live with us for 10 months from Hamburg Germany!! I met her mom and her brother tonight as well as saw Nadja on thing since cell phones and FREE all the way to the US from GERMANY. She is cuter than I could have imagined and so sweet with her accent.

Thank you God for my life, the responsibility of being Demi's mom, the best part of my life and for answered prayers this week!!! Thanks for your love, grace, forgiveness and for being all sovreign. Help me to always remember you are in control of ALL things.

Make it a great week everyone and remember GOD LOVES YOU!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fan-tab-u-lous Friday night at TRUTHS!!!

Happy Saturday friends!!! I hope you are having a great day. I have to say I am a bit tired after being at a lock-in at our church with 25 6th-12th grade girls at our first annual TRUTHS event. I hope the girls had as much fun as we did, I am sure about one thing, their recovery time will not be as long, haha!

The TRUTHS (The Real U That HE Sees) event was about the girls knowing how beautiful they are because God made each of one of them unique and in His image.

Check out this fun picture of me, Steph and Princess Tabbie - don't you think we look just like those 3 girls? LOL (Not bad after a few hours of rest today)
I wanted to say that I am so blessed to be a part of our youth team and to work with such wonderful kids every week along side our youth pastor Adam Green and his wife Stephanie and their 2 boys! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! God is so great and if you want to experience the same PEACE and JOY all you have to do is ask Jesus to be your savior It is just this simple!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Project 365....Daily Photos...Our life...So Blessed!

I have really loved this project and taking a picture everyday. It really does change how you look at life and "your" life, at least it has for us. Demi and I do this together and have really enjoyed documenting what we do daily to include our fav meals, friends, our town, school activities, family, neighbors, glad we got in on this one.
If you didnt order Becky Higgins Project 365, you could still do this using regular 4x6 photo sleeves in 12.x12 books and with your own journaling cards. It is never too late as you can start this anytime, afterall if is a full year so start tomorrow!!

I am going to start posting my photo of the day so I have a place to come for order..I have gotten behind with my printing and think this will make it so easy when that time comes to have them all printed. In the meantime I need to do the journaling cards as well as another way to stay current. This is Demi and Ms Patti....our beloved neighbor and friend that we love dearly along with her husband Worth. She is so good to Demi as are most of our neighbors.
This next picture is of Pappy, our neighbor who adopted us as a daughter and granddaughter. We love him and gramma so much! We live in the most awesome neighborhood, surrounded by lots of love. I stand firm on the thought that it takes a village to raise a child and being single mom am so thankful there are so many caring, loving and giving folks in this world, our world!

Here is a picture from this week...until tomorrow sweet dreams and don't let the bed bugs bite.(just the thought of this grosses me out...not even sure where this came from...just one of those sayings that came out...haha).
PS - Tomorrow is a very busy, TRUTHS (our lock in at church for 6th-12th grade girls.), finish getting donations, finish 40 paperbag items, garage sale...uhm, could I fit anything else in possibly? Love being busy and am so looking forward to God's blessings tomorrow!!


Planting seeds with Random Acts of Kindness today..

Here is your challenge today if you want to make the world a better place on person at a time and also fill your heart with JOY. Yesterday I decided that we would talk to each other with smiles on our faces. You should try this..not only does everything come out sounding so much better but smiling brings out those endorphines making you feel better too. (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and offering up this information as such!).

So go and plant some seeds today and watch your garden grow with your RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS!!

Here are some things you can do:

1. Wash your elderly neighbors car
2. Smile at a stranger
3. Offer to watch your friends or a single moms kids so they can have some down me this is such a small thing but huge for someone who needs an hour or 2...
4. Cook someone a meal...maybe they have been sick or in a bad place...I love doing this even though this is not my gift..I havent had one meal returned.....haha
5. buy someone through the drive through their meal or know you can do this at starbucks....
6. treat your trash friends with a snack and drink this week...we do this and they love it...being that it is almost 100 - the water/soda is awesome...we so appreciate them too!
7. RAK a book to a friend, share wht you love with others
8. RAK your books/mags to a hospital or retirement home....
9. Volunteer...anywhere....
10.Pump gas for someone....

There are so many things you can do that would not cost you a dime or very little that truly will make a difference to those you come in contact with and or decide to RAK today...come on even with your busy schedule or lack of funds can find a way to make someone else's day...making the world/your town/your neighborhood better one person at a time.......wouldn't it be nice to see how your kindness went on and on.....can you imagine all the goodness...all the smiles...maybe you will be that one piece of hope someone needed today to continue on when they don't feel like it....I love to include children, I think it is one of the simpliest acts they can learn and one of the most valuable lessons in life they can learn and enjoy!! IF YOU DO I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR RAKS AND HOW YOU FELT, THE KEY IS NOT TO HAVE ANY EXPECTATIONS WITH OTHERS BY WHAT YOU DO. HONESTLY SOME PEOPLE REALLY DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO OR SAY AND THAT IS OKAY. JUST KNOW YOU ARE FILLING THEIR HEARTS WITH LOVE!!

Make it a great day and remember God loves you, that is right YOU - just the way you are!!!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Here is Demi in her new cleaned out room, high school musical theme and all! I wanted to post this picture of her bulletin board that she made herself, didn't she do a great job? We can actually see the bottom of her closet for the first time in a long time. I sure hope it stays this way for a while:-). The icing on the cake is that she is finally back in her room sleeping in her bed for the first time in 7 years. WOOHOO - this mama now has her bed back. Now if only I could get Cheyenne our dog out of my bed. I don't think she knows she is a dog so that might be a problem, ha! Okay time for bed so that I can get up and get moving in the morning with work and the house again. Hugs!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Love ending my Tuesday with a thankful list!!

I hope it has been a great day for everyone!!

Today I am thankful for/that....
1. Today and the gift of life
2. God's blessings and His protection
3. My faith, family and friends
4. My neighbors
5. Our home filled with color and love, laughter and energy and GOD.
6. Good manners
7. Fun summer activities such as the water parks, build a much to do around here
8. Our health coming from someone who has no insurance for my dd and I...blessed!
9. Chad's tumor is shrinking - God is awesome and so is his doctor -
10.Mom's interview yesterday that went well..first interview for her in over 30 years...I so hope and pray she gets this position! They would be so blessed to have her, she is an amazing woman!
11.Less clutter - Less is BEST...working very hard on this...getting there :-)
12. Answered prayers
13. More business and job orders...friendships developed with my clients, they are my angels.
14.Our village - I have always said it takes a village to raise and take care of a child, even a big child like me.
15. My car that is running better now that it was in the shop- it needs to go back though but that will be next week.
16. Truths - our all night girls sleepover at church this weekend - THE REAL U THAT HE SEES - love this and am so excited to spend an evening of fellowship and fun with these wonderful girls in 6th through 12th grade - hoping they know how special and loved each one of them are and that they leave with more confidence for the new school year. There will be classrooms with topics, games, food, scrapbooking, a fashion show, a makeover...doesnt this sound like so much fun? I can't wait.
17.RAKS - random acts of that my daughter loves doing this at such a young life...we have made it a part of our day since she was one...we love giving and doing and it truly makes us so happy and fills our hearts with JOY!!
18.Finally love and am grateful for opportunities to share Gods love with others...greatest gift we can give someone.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and remember to tell those you love that you love them and that they mean the world to you...with a note on paper, use a marker on the bathroom mirror, put a note in your spouses lunch box or work coat, send an email, so many things you can do!!!

Diana aka BiT

Monday, August 10, 2009

Real Women Scrap and Video...

Love this and hope you enjoy this as well as be inspired to make some changes if this is your desire!

BONUS VIDEO: Simplify Your Life & Reclaim Your Time

This one is for all you busy women struggling to maintain focus, get intentional about time and reclaim your dreams from the reality of everyday life.

Join us in the One Month to Live Challenge. It's never too late to get started! Day 1 - 5 are on the blog now and Day 6 will be coming later today.

In the meantime, I stumbled across this video and realized how relevant it was to what we talked about on Day 3 in managing and tracking our time. I hope it will inspire and motivate you to take some action TODAY!

One Month to Live....

So today I found my way to which I love and Tasra diffently spoke to my heart today with her words and link to this site as well:

I am going to start this challenge today with hopes of being recharged about life and work. I have been thinking about some of these same things for the last couple of months while experiencing some challenges with finances and business.

Also I completed this layout last night for 2 challenges, one for FREE shopping over at and also at for the Why I Scrap...this is just one of the reasons I scrapbook.
My challenge to you today is to make it a great day and remember to plant some seeds somewhere...mentor to someone and make a difference in someone's life today!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

So blessed with great FRIENDS!!!

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank God for my faith and my relationship with our Heavenly Father, my family and friends to include my wonderful neighbors. I am constantly amazed at how God has placed so many wonderful friends in our lives, not just mine but in Demi's and our together. Do you have friends that you just love and feel so blessed to have. I think I am going to stop and write a journal entry for each friend that I have and what they mean to me/us. It is so important to me to let them know how much I care and love them. I try to do that but I know I can always do that more. Sometimes our friends who we love dearly are not always around but we still are thankful for them. I am writing this because yesterday morning I received a call from my friend Christi who I love dearly for many reasons. Just a quick note, our paths crossed back in 2001 when I took my Demi to a home care sitter where her daughter Kenzie had been going. Demi and Kenzie have been best friends since then. Love her and all of Christi and Scott's kids like they are my own.) Anyway Christi was wanting to come and help me clean my house, a room and have some girl time. We don't get much of that even when we are together for birthdays because usually there is just too much going on to catch up. Now that she lives in Forney, about an hour away on a good driving day we really don't see each other much. I miss that and miss that the girls don't either. But I know Christi and I have made the commitment to have the girls get together so they can remain great friends. Neither of us grew up with that type of friend due to moving around much when we were young. I love her so much and so God thought enough of me to bless me with her friendship and love. She makes me laugh and has such a gift for being so funny. Do you have friends like that? They open their mouths and everything that comes out is hilarious? Laughter is such great medicine. I have always said that I could go to a comedy show weekly. Love them and that feeling that comes from laughing. Anyway after 7 hours, Demi now has a room that is so clean and cleaned out. She was so excited to come home (she spent the day with grandma, aunt Sheri and Uncle Darrell and Brylee having a game day which was a total surprise that she enjoyed tremendously!) and find her room so organized with a new look in so many ways. Not only was she so happy and excited, she slept in her room for one of the first times since 2002!! I know she will be so happy to be in her own room now and this year. I love her dearly and want to have a sense of independence which she has really exhibited this summer by spending the night out. I used to say she had not more then the fingers on my 2 hands but this summer has changed that for sure. Family and friends keep saying that I will see the biggest change in Demi this year. I am excited and yet apprehensive to say the least. I will expound on this later.

Less is BEST...I keep telling myself this but find it hard to part with everything. It all holds so much sentimental value to me. I often wonder why? Why do our brains work like this...wanting to hold on to every memory and piece of paper even with thousands of pictures. Are you like that?

I will be back today to post some pictures of Demi in her "new and clean" room and also sleeping in her own bed!!!! I hope to finally have my bed and room back, to regain some of my life again especially in the mornings. That brings a smile to my face. I know this year is going to be so wonderful in so many ways with Nadja arriving in less then 2 weeks from Germany.

Another great thing happened this week, my brother interviewed for his old job back at the high school working to be the Police Officer on campus all year. He got his position back working with Jim Bannister again. I am so happy for him!! I am really proud of him and the years has committed to his work and to the kids. After all this is the main reason he got into this line of work over 20 years ago. This is going to be a great since Cala works there as the 10th grade secretary and Carley will be a junior there along with Nadja. God is so awesome!

I love Sundays too. A time to be with God and a time to be with family. A day of rest. A new week starts today. It is going to be a great day. I hope to get some scrapping done today with an opportunity to win some new product. Also to clean out my office - I can do it I just need to start today. I will also dust in my room and put away all my clothes and pick up all the pictures I have on my floor that I organized and grouped by event/day. I am determined to be clutter free and that LESS IS BEST!!! Thank you Lord for today, for the gift of life, for the message today about loving you with all our strength at CPC, that Adam and Stephanie are back home from vacation safely, for my church and wonderful friends that I have made over the last year thanks to Shari, another friend I love dearly who has truly blessed Demi and I in so many ways this summer and past 6 months, our neighbors, good health, food to eat, our home and neighborhood which we love, sunshine, our sweet doggie Cheyenne, our car that is still running and working, great books and reading, a day to rest and play together with Demi and a day to love you God with all my heart <3.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Good morning is going to a hot one and a day of labor!

I hope by the end of the day it will feel like a labor of love and that I can still Christi and I attempt to clean out Demi's room, my office and the back room. Only 2 more weekends before Nadja gets here from Germany and I would love to have this house completely in order as well as some things fixed that are broken and leaking. I know one thing when you own a house it is never ending...there is always something to do, fix or_______________(fill the blank!).

Anyway I am excited about the outcome and will take pictures when we are done.

In the meantime here is a layout I did last night for the Week 1 contest at I love this layout of Jan and I at a lil vineyard in TN that we stopped in while on our way to JJ's house and SISiversary 08. The first contest was about the smells of summer...loved the swirling of the wine and then the smelling....great way to start anyone's vacation!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Blockbuster Kiosk Free Codes for today...

Redbox has some competition! It looks like Blockbuster Express kiosks have been around for a couple of months (although I have yet to see one!) If you have one in your area, you can get a free rental with the codes BBXPUB and PTPX9X9.

Enjoy and I hope to come back to post some layouts that I create after work, one for a contest at and the other for a challenge site that I love, OLW at Love the words they choose each week. Sure wish I could keep up with them monthly.

So got Cheyenne shaved for nothing today because some groomers felt so bad about how matted she was after taking her in to get her bootay shaved. Talk about feeling bad, tears...tears of joy and pain because I am not able to take care of her or Demi like i would like to. All I could say was thanks through my tears!

I missed my quiet time and thankful list today and I am really feeling it now. I will take the time to do that shortly.

Now back to work with hopes of getting an official job order which means one with a fee agreement and the company willing to pay me for my services. It can and will happen, my goal for August is 2 placements and at least 10K if not more. That will help me out of this hole a bit.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Here is a great FREEbie today - Schwans 10.00 - I hope you enjoy this. We ordered some cookies and cream ice cream a few weeks ago and it was gone in 2 days. My sister in NC just ordered some root beer float ice cream bars for the kids. Don't they sound great? This offer is for first time customers and or new customers with no orders in the last 14 weeks.

Have a wonderful Thursday and remember to be thankful today. Life is a gift so we should all make the most of it.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Picante chicken and rice bake - yummy!

Picante Chicken & Rice Bake

From: Campbell's KitchenPrep: 10 minutesBake: 45 minutesServes: 4
1 jar (16 ounces) Pace® Picante Sauce
1/2 cup water 1 cup whole kernel corn
3/4 cup uncooked regular long-grain white rice 4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts halvesPaprika
1/2 cup shredded Cheddar cheese

Stir the picante sauce, water, corn and rice in an 11 x 8-inch shallow baking dish. Top with the chicken. Sprinkle the chicken with the paprika. Cover the dish.
Bake at 375°F. for 45 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through and the rice is tender. Sprinkle with the cheese.

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Rate This Recipe

Creamy Chicken Enchiladas
Easy Chicken & Cheese Enchiladas
Creamy Chicken Enchiladas
Easy Chicken & Cheese Enchiladas

A Balanced Lifestyle and National Underwear Day..

I know that You have created me with a purpose and plan. I know it is Your desire that I too have a life filled with joy, purpose and victory. Please help me today to fulfill the destiny You have planned for my life. I know that in order to do this, I must live a life obedient to Your Word, and a life of balance, with my priorities in the proper place and my heart focused on You.

Dear Lord, help me to attain that balance in all areas of my life. Examine my heart, and show me those places where I may be out of balance. Help me to focus on the things that are most important, and keep me from being distracted by the things that would steal my time and attention. Protect me from those things that try to keep me from reaching my goals and achieving the dreams that you have put in my heart.

And most of all, dear God, remind me daily that You have called me to be fruitful, not just busy. Give me the wisdom and strength to produce in abundance that which is most important and constructive in my life and the lives of those around me. Thank you for your constant presence and for helping me to grow and increase in every area of my life. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Principles for Living a Balanced Life
1. Make a list of the things where you spend most of your time and money.
Ask yourself; Why are you doing the things you are doing?
2. Identify your priorities.
Decide what things are most important to you. Set your schedule around those priorities. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by things that are less important. Stay Focused!
3. Make a commitment to your health.
Take time to rest and reenergize.
4. Focus on building relationships and making memories.
Give your family and friends the time they deserve.
5. Spend time with God every day.
Pray and read your Bible. If this is new for you, just start with 10-15 minutes each day.
6. Get involved with other believers.
Attend a Bible believing church in your area and support that church with your faithful attendance, tithing and service to others.

A Brief Checklist to Help You Achieve Balance in Your Life
Sometimes the hardest part of trying to change old habits is just getting started! So here's a worksheet you can download and use to help identify which areas of your life are in good shape and which may need some attention. Take time to prayerfully and thoughtfully fill in this worksheet, and then use this to make any adjustments needed to bring your life into balance. Use an extra sheet if you need more space.

ON a totally FUN note:

Did you know it was National Underwear Day? Me either but I am beginning to think this country has a national day for everything. Are you aware of other days like this? If so I wanna hear about them!

So Demi is off to NRH2O today with her age group from church school thanks so Ms Donna Judd picking her up today - woohoo and thank goodness for friends since I am without my ride today while it finally gets fixed. That in itself will be such a relief and long coming :-).

Now off to get a lot of work done...would love to find a candidate for both NY and CT and also an update on Clayton in NJ. I would also love to hear from my client in MN with his 2 openings. I am ready for some balance and that desire in my heart to get busy and what a great opportunity to make a positive change in the lives of our military personnel in finding a new career!!!

Make it a great Wednesday and remember to tell your family and friends that you love them. Find time for a RAK today too, making a difference in the world today one person at a time!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

FREE Ie Cream or treats - schwans!! (10.00 Free Food, order 10.00 or less and it is absolutely FREE - wooho0!

enjoy this, Demi and I love their ice cream!!!

Free 11x14 Collage from Shutterfly


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I love these and was just saying I wanted these, I can't wait to have me some tacos tonight with some curly fries...reminds of when my dad and I used to go every Friday!


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Monday, August 3, 2009

Be a Blessing to someone today - Monday!!

What a great way to start a new day and week! I must say that I have had many church, friends and my mom step in a huge way to help me out during this time. Thank you so much and so I hope that I will find a few ways to bless someone(s) today. I love going out and finding ways to show God's love and kindness. Here is what I read today on and would like to share his message with you.

Be a Blessing to Someone Today

Today´s Scripture:
"A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed"
(Proverbs 11:25, NIV).

Today´s Word:
Do you need strength and encouragement to make it through a difficult time? Maybe you´ve been through a big disappointment or going through a situation right now that´s just not really fair. I challenge you today, don´t sit around feeling sorry for yourself or allow that circumstance to overwhelm you. One of the best things you can do is to go help somebody else in need.
The Bible tells us, "God turned the captivity of Job when he prayed for his friends." Isn´t it interesting, Job didn´t see breakthrough by sitting around feeling sorry for himself. He didn´t get healed when he prayed for himself. And we should pray for ourselves and present our requests to God, but if you really want to see things change, go out and be a blessing to someone else. Look for ways to refresh the people around you and watch how your own soul becomes refreshed in return. As you give, it will be given back to you, pressed down, shaken together and running over in every area of your life!

Prayer for Today
"Father in heaven, thank You for Your Word which is life to my soul. Show me ways I can be a blessing to others, help me refresh those around me today. Thank You for refreshing me by Your Spirit. In Jesus´ Name. Amen."

I hope you have the best day ever and remember to hug your kids and let your family and friends know you love them today.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

2 crazy girls + 1 plastic picnic table = hours of fun in the pool!!!

Get 2 creative and crazy girls together and they can have fun with anything...even a plastic picnic table put in the pool? Who woulda thought? It has been a really great weekend, very relaxing and a great time with family and friends starting on Friday.

Why does Monday have to come? I love the phone calls, no bill collectors, no worry about services being disconnected? Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh....

I will be back to post a picture of the girls having fun and also some fun family pictures from Friday afternoon. Happy Birthday again my sweet Abigail on Friday! Also Tori I am so glad your first week back to school was fun and that you love your new Spanish teacher from Mexico!! I hope you have a great year!!!

PS - Thank you Shari for treating us to lunch again, we loved Buffalo Wild Wings - they have the best boneless honey covered chicken pieces. Happy 18th Birthday Brendon, we love you!!