Friday, August 7, 2009

Blockbuster Kiosk Free Codes for today...

Redbox has some competition! It looks like Blockbuster Express kiosks have been around for a couple of months (although I have yet to see one!) If you have one in your area, you can get a free rental with the codes BBXPUB and PTPX9X9.

Enjoy and I hope to come back to post some layouts that I create after work, one for a contest at and the other for a challenge site that I love, OLW at Love the words they choose each week. Sure wish I could keep up with them monthly.

So got Cheyenne shaved for nothing today because some groomers felt so bad about how matted she was after taking her in to get her bootay shaved. Talk about feeling bad, tears...tears of joy and pain because I am not able to take care of her or Demi like i would like to. All I could say was thanks through my tears!

I missed my quiet time and thankful list today and I am really feeling it now. I will take the time to do that shortly.

Now back to work with hopes of getting an official job order which means one with a fee agreement and the company willing to pay me for my services. It can and will happen, my goal for August is 2 placements and at least 10K if not more. That will help me out of this hole a bit.

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