Saturday, August 8, 2009

Good morning is going to a hot one and a day of labor!

I hope by the end of the day it will feel like a labor of love and that I can still Christi and I attempt to clean out Demi's room, my office and the back room. Only 2 more weekends before Nadja gets here from Germany and I would love to have this house completely in order as well as some things fixed that are broken and leaking. I know one thing when you own a house it is never ending...there is always something to do, fix or_______________(fill the blank!).

Anyway I am excited about the outcome and will take pictures when we are done.

In the meantime here is a layout I did last night for the Week 1 contest at I love this layout of Jan and I at a lil vineyard in TN that we stopped in while on our way to JJ's house and SISiversary 08. The first contest was about the smells of summer...loved the swirling of the wine and then the smelling....great way to start anyone's vacation!!


cindy said...

I love this LO. It is so clean with its lines and the colors compliment the photo. Great job.

Sarah said...

what a great LO love the colors! thanks for sharing!