Sunday, August 9, 2009

So blessed with great FRIENDS!!!

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank God for my faith and my relationship with our Heavenly Father, my family and friends to include my wonderful neighbors. I am constantly amazed at how God has placed so many wonderful friends in our lives, not just mine but in Demi's and our together. Do you have friends that you just love and feel so blessed to have. I think I am going to stop and write a journal entry for each friend that I have and what they mean to me/us. It is so important to me to let them know how much I care and love them. I try to do that but I know I can always do that more. Sometimes our friends who we love dearly are not always around but we still are thankful for them. I am writing this because yesterday morning I received a call from my friend Christi who I love dearly for many reasons. Just a quick note, our paths crossed back in 2001 when I took my Demi to a home care sitter where her daughter Kenzie had been going. Demi and Kenzie have been best friends since then. Love her and all of Christi and Scott's kids like they are my own.) Anyway Christi was wanting to come and help me clean my house, a room and have some girl time. We don't get much of that even when we are together for birthdays because usually there is just too much going on to catch up. Now that she lives in Forney, about an hour away on a good driving day we really don't see each other much. I miss that and miss that the girls don't either. But I know Christi and I have made the commitment to have the girls get together so they can remain great friends. Neither of us grew up with that type of friend due to moving around much when we were young. I love her so much and so God thought enough of me to bless me with her friendship and love. She makes me laugh and has such a gift for being so funny. Do you have friends like that? They open their mouths and everything that comes out is hilarious? Laughter is such great medicine. I have always said that I could go to a comedy show weekly. Love them and that feeling that comes from laughing. Anyway after 7 hours, Demi now has a room that is so clean and cleaned out. She was so excited to come home (she spent the day with grandma, aunt Sheri and Uncle Darrell and Brylee having a game day which was a total surprise that she enjoyed tremendously!) and find her room so organized with a new look in so many ways. Not only was she so happy and excited, she slept in her room for one of the first times since 2002!! I know she will be so happy to be in her own room now and this year. I love her dearly and want to have a sense of independence which she has really exhibited this summer by spending the night out. I used to say she had not more then the fingers on my 2 hands but this summer has changed that for sure. Family and friends keep saying that I will see the biggest change in Demi this year. I am excited and yet apprehensive to say the least. I will expound on this later.

Less is BEST...I keep telling myself this but find it hard to part with everything. It all holds so much sentimental value to me. I often wonder why? Why do our brains work like this...wanting to hold on to every memory and piece of paper even with thousands of pictures. Are you like that?

I will be back today to post some pictures of Demi in her "new and clean" room and also sleeping in her own bed!!!! I hope to finally have my bed and room back, to regain some of my life again especially in the mornings. That brings a smile to my face. I know this year is going to be so wonderful in so many ways with Nadja arriving in less then 2 weeks from Germany.

Another great thing happened this week, my brother interviewed for his old job back at the high school working to be the Police Officer on campus all year. He got his position back working with Jim Bannister again. I am so happy for him!! I am really proud of him and the years has committed to his work and to the kids. After all this is the main reason he got into this line of work over 20 years ago. This is going to be a great since Cala works there as the 10th grade secretary and Carley will be a junior there along with Nadja. God is so awesome!

I love Sundays too. A time to be with God and a time to be with family. A day of rest. A new week starts today. It is going to be a great day. I hope to get some scrapping done today with an opportunity to win some new product. Also to clean out my office - I can do it I just need to start today. I will also dust in my room and put away all my clothes and pick up all the pictures I have on my floor that I organized and grouped by event/day. I am determined to be clutter free and that LESS IS BEST!!! Thank you Lord for today, for the gift of life, for the message today about loving you with all our strength at CPC, that Adam and Stephanie are back home from vacation safely, for my church and wonderful friends that I have made over the last year thanks to Shari, another friend I love dearly who has truly blessed Demi and I in so many ways this summer and past 6 months, our neighbors, good health, food to eat, our home and neighborhood which we love, sunshine, our sweet doggie Cheyenne, our car that is still running and working, great books and reading, a day to rest and play together with Demi and a day to love you God with all my heart <3.



*kim* said...

What a beautiful post Diana.
You have such a gift with your words and thoughtfulness of others.

Happy for Demi's new room!!!! (and yours! LOL)

Have a blessed week. :)

BlessedinTexas said...

Thanks friend. You are usually my one and only visitor who comments. Thanks for doing so, I love having you visit and for your kind words. I think I write too much..I dont think so as I am doing so but then I post and bam, one page long..haha!