Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Joshua 1:9 Foundation To Honor PFC Joshua Islam (My Nephew Who Celebrated His 19th Birthday In The Arms of Jesus This Past Week)

I am hoping you please take a moment to go to the foundation that my family has set up to honor Joshie's life and the causes he was so passionate about in his short but well-lived life of 18 years.  Thank you so much!

Joshua passed away on January 13th, 2014 while at a training for the Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton in CA while training for Recon.

Here is the post my sister wrote on FB to share his 19th birthday with family and friends:

19 yrs. ago our lives changed forever. God blessed our family with a beautiful son. You were always our "Tigger". You bounced back every time life knocked you down or stole your stripes. You brought much joy, laughter, fun, excitement, adventure, and love to our family. Your leadership on the baseball field and in the US Marine Corps did not go unnoticed. Thanks for always walking with your head held high. I know you lived your life with little regret. Today is your "Golden Birthday" - 19 on the 19th- Son, you were right again...This will be the best year of your life..You are back in the arms of Jesus. Happy Birthday Son...Semper Fi!! May your memory live on...http://joshua19foundation.org/

Both her and my brother-in-law will hold on to the HOPE of seeing him soon as will the rest of us as we remember him this week at the Celebration of Life in Florida and the Memorial in NC.  He lived life with so much passion and love.  He was so excited to starting his new season in the Marines upon graduating from BootCamp on January 9th.  He will be our Warrior Forever.  #RIPjoshislam #6warriorforever

Love to you and hope you enjoyed the gift of life today.  Thankful for so much but especially for my faith, family, and friends today!!

Diana aka BiT