Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bible Verses for Children

Sharing what I thought was a good list of bible verses and how to raise our children:


Happy Mother's Day 2013 ~

It has been a wonderful day spent with my amazing daughter, Demi, family and friends after going to church. At my sisters's friends house, she took pictures and printed them all while giving the kids frames to decorate and go home with.  Very creative and sweet!  Just gave me another idea for Cheer Camp and possibly something that the girls could do to give away and or keep.

Most of you know that I love RAKS and or Random Acts of Kindness, or what I have renamed to DIAL in which stands for Deliberate & Intentional Acts of Love.  Today I happened upon this blog and wanted to share some amazing ideas.  Did I mention that I love Pinterest and all the boards I have created and continue to locate.  It can be addicting and so much fun, can't it?

I will be back to post some pictures and pray you have had a Happy Mother's Day today and that  you continue to have a blessed week friends.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.