Saturday, July 23, 2011

Starting A New Chapter and Some Thought Provoking Questions.....

I am excited to say that I am starting a new chapter this week  with and am inspired by wonderful women again!

Demi should be coming home this week too so hopefully life will get back to some normalcy if there is such a thing.  I have missed her and the life we have but am so happy that she has had this time with her dad's family!  She is at South Padre and doing something today with her Aunt RaRa and Uncle Nick..can't wait to hear because it is a surprise since they are all lobsters today from being at the beach all day yesterday!!

Today I am going to be thankful for the difficult times and the time I have had to grow and learn.  That is an on-going process and daily thing.  I am really trying to learn to give total control over of my life for His purposes but it can be somewhat difficult at times.  I also need to learn to REST IN THE STORMS which is also not very easy to do without feeling the guilt and with my Type A personality.  I am sure some of you can relate to this as well.  

I want to ask you some questions today to get you thinking outside the box. 

If you knew a friend needed help with such things as food, gas, a hug and some encouragement would you be the first to jump in line to help?  If you have been in these shoes, have you been able to ask for help?  What does it take for you to see for you to want to step up to help or offer up a random act of kindness?  Do you ever feel compelled to step out of your comfort zone to see the world from a new set of eyes?  If not why not?  What lessons in life have you learned the hard way?  Do you live with regrets?  Do you let your circumstances define you and or are you willing to step up and make a difference by the way you live or with how your respond to these situations?    Do you feel blessed or wonder why life keeps throwing these curve balls your way?  Do you get up and go through the motions or do you really feel with your heart?  When you say you love someone, do you mean it?  Do you show those in your life that you are grateful by doing special things for them?  Do you ever get on your knees to pray?  Do you have friends who keep you accountable?  Does your life make a difference?  When you leave this world is it a better place?  What kind of legacy are you leaving for your children and family?  Do you inspire those around you to become better and make a mark in the places they have been?  Do those who have helped you become who you are know who thankful you are that they were in your life?  Do you live everyday as if it is your last?  Does your life have more importance because of what you have material wise?  If you were penniliess, how would you get by?  What is happiness to you?  Do you have a bucket list and if so what is on it?  Are you brave?  Are you a HERO?  Can you do more today?  Is today enough for you?  If today was your last day on earth, what would you do, who would you contact and what would be your last words? 

Aren't these some really good questions to make you think today?  

I hope you  make it a great Saturday and that you enjoy what comes your your kids and make sure they know how special they are...and be thankful for your life <3.

**I set up some FREE SHOPPING over at Formly SISters on FB if you want to get inspired and have some scrappy fun today!!  I am as soon as I get the car washed and some house cleaning/laundry done!!**


Monday, July 18, 2011

Missing My Lil Dragonfly....

My sweet daughter has been gone for almost 3 weeks with one day home in between three stops...oh I miss her!!

I have to say that I am so thankful I have not had to share her all these years during the summer and holidays but am filled with joy and happiness knowing how much she is having this summer.  She went to church camp for 5 days and then to her BFF's that she has had since she was one and then she has gone to San Antonio to spend time with her dad's family.  Did I mention that when she left here to go to Kenz's house, she left her suitcase here.  So she had 2 pair of shoes and a pair of shorts and her cell phone.  Hasn't bothered her a bit?  We can learn so much from children and their outlook on life. 

Demi spent the weekend at Horsehoe Bay jet skiing and tubing which was a first.  She had a blast!  I wish I was there and hate missing firsts but I know it is not possible to be with her 24/7.  This week she leaves for South Padre Island for the weekend.  Then when she comes back she is off to her dads for a week.  I think this is going to be her summers and mine for the years to come, I am just praying there will be a visit in between all the trips and visits.  So blessed that her dads family is so awesome and that she loves them dearly.  And they are fun to boot.

Hoping I can make another 2 weeks without her, any advice?? It has truly been a blessing having Bry here but I am not sure if I don't get a job what I will might be different if I had the money to do things so I need to be creative in that area.    

Anyway have a great Tuesday and I will be back tomorrow to post a 2 page layout with some sewing and lots of color.  I will also be posting my thankful thread so fill free to leave me a link to your blog should you decide to join me!!

Hugs from hot Texas,


Scattered Seeds and Fnding Your Passion

Good Morning!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I had the most wonderful weekend full of blessings and I am so grateful for so many things starting with family .  I am an aunt again for the 13th time to my sweet tiny niece Bella Rose who was born on July 15th at 5lbs 5ozs.  Babies are definitely God's big miracles of life in tiny packages in every way.  So happy and proud of my baby sister.  I have had the best 5 days with my niece Brylee while they have been in the hospital. Above is a picture of Brylee and Bella.  Brylee is so full of love and is a 2 year old full of wit beyond her years. 

So this weekend I was thrilled to have been invited to Formly SISters on Facebook.  It was so much fun to see so many old friends from the SIS days.  Miss SIStv for many reasons but the main one is because there are so many wonderful, fun, giving and creative women making a positive difference in the world all in one place. 

Has anyone ever started a non-profit?  If so I need some advice as to how to get started?  I have had this idea for a while now and I am ready to do something about it this week.  That is what my post title Scattered Seeds is all about today.  I am passionate about wanting to make a difference in the world we live in ONE FAMILY AT A TIME.  I will elaborate more but in a nutshell I am hoping to start and organzation that will be about scattering seeds of hope, kindness, and love to those we encounter in our lives and also about getting our children involved in making a difference in the world today.  Hoping that families will take the initiative to do this together and to make the time to randomly or deliberately performs acts that will not only change the lives of those they help but change their lives in a positive manner bringing HAPPINESS to everyone involved in each act.  It is my dream to bring JOY to others and to show God's LOVE in ways that only He can create and to LOVE OUR NEIGHBORS starting today.  Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all did one thing today to start a random act of kindness and the chain kept going....reaching millions by taking seconds to think of someone else.  What can you do today?  What can you do with your children today?  What needs do you have in your communities and schools?  Summer is a wonderful time to get involved and when your kids are bored you can make it a point for a RAK Random Act of Kindness) or RAL (Randon Act of LOVE). 

Here are a few ideas for today:
1.  Check with your city and local nursing homes for needs.....the elderly love children.
2.. Check your local non profits to see what needs they may have such as the soup kitchens, homeless shelters, boys and girls clubs, american red cross and or others you may be aware of...
3.   Ask your local church about needs in your community or families within your church.
4.   If you know someone has been struggling maybe you can drop a gas card or target card in their mailbox either randomly or deliberately.
5.   With the heat wave in the US, treat your local city workers and friends to cold drinks and snacks...this is one of my daughters favorite things to do.
6.    Have your children create cards with encouraging notes and drop in mailboxes...sayings such as "You are loved", Life will get better, Find time to enjoy the simple things in life, Live Laugh and creative and let your children exhibit love the way they do so easily.
7.   Create a 12x12 page or a mini book for a friend, neighbor or complete stranger because you can and just because you love this hobby.  You can always create cards and buy stamps to give as a gift for someone...maybe a college student leaving soon.
8.   Visit or volunteer at a local hospital or clinic holding art camps for children being treating for cancer, diabetes or at a place that is dear to your heart.  You can always create little fun packs to leave there or make knitted hats for those going through chemo.
9.    Bake some goods for a sick friend and or neighbor.
10.  Hand write a letter..there is something still so special about receiving a handwritten note of love and thoughtfulness.
11.   Check with your schools now for upcoming needs for the school year.  One thing that is done for teachers and students where I worked was monthly treat bags with candies, cooked goods, coupons and gift certifcates in decorated bags.... food for children all donated by a local church and women.   It is possible you can help one child with supplies.

Remember you can do this alone or ask other families/groups to join you in your efforts depending on what you want to do and accomplish.  Be creative, have fun and remember you are making a difference with your act regardless of how small or big.  It all starts with you and one family.   

There are so many wonderful things you can do and I hope you can find or make the time to join me in this endeavor and dream of mine.  I am hoping that in a world that embraces "all about me" that I instill in my daughter and those around me that it is so much better to give than receive and that even our children can change this world we live now and for generations to come.        

Thanks for stopping by today and for any comments you share.  Please feel free to share any ideas of RAKS or RALS and where you did these. 

Make it a great Monday and hugs those you love,