Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cutest School Project

Look at what my cute little sister made with her Kinder students yesterday.  An idea she got from Pinterest, don't you love it?

Pizza boxes painted with their handprints to save all their work this year.  Love it and think I might go back and make Demi one for the past 7 years for her artwork and classwork that I saved.  I just love this idea and how they turned out!!


Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of Jr High

Today is the first day of school for Demi at BJH.  She was so excited and I was too!  I dropped her off after being told I could not go in with her to get her schedule that she did not have?  And we forgot the one she got last week so I am hoping she gets a schedule today.  I was not expecting this and am not sure what I think about dropping off my 12 yr old to fend for herself and schedule.  The unfortunate thing is her counselor had a death in her family and was not there?  Trusting the good Lord will carrry her through today and that all her classes were worked out as we had discussed.  (The principal mention to me that I shouldn't forget she is a transfer student and that maybe her classes didn't work out...hmmm....seriously did not appreciate that this morning :-).

Demi made the gymnastics team this year and this is the announcement posted on the school website! So proud of her and what is to come this year.  Also in cheer, she will be on both squads at a level 3 which will be awesome.  All of this because she started a gymnastics class and open gym at Empire gymnastics last year to prepare herself for what we thought would be cheer this year.  But the girls cannot cheer in 7th grade so she will enjoy this new activity and hopefully will excel in all areas.

Bedford Jr High

Coach Wortman
Gymnastics Team

Abigail DeHart
Jenna Hall
Molly Hunter
Katie Li
Peyton Love
Alexis Martin
Allison Ortega
Kyleigh Prather
Brooke Saucedo
Samantha Sjostrom
Alyson Tice
Demi Willis
Victoria Wilson

Traveon Hood

Jack Lewis
Adam Tice

I hope everyone has a great day and that all your children have a blessed and fun day!!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sensational SONday....

I just love Sundays! So much to be grateful for today.  Loved worshipping with old family and church friends who joined us at our new church we have been going to for about a year and then went to lunch with some new friends from church and our pastor and his wife.  They are so funny and it is so refreshing to be around people are geniune and real. 

Then hung out with my daughter and finishing up some shopping and summer work that we found out about earlier this week.  I am so proud of her and the fact that she finished an entire book in just 4 days and actually enjoyed the book.  *This is one thing she hasnt enjoyed in a long time so I am very happy and overjoyed with her discipline this week*.  Did I mentioned I am putting her in all Pre AP classes and praying she will do well...with the Lord watching over her and guiding her as he always has I am confident she will do well.  She is a good student so we are pushing the envelope a little this year! 

Here is my "Photo of the Day"

This photo is of Demi on her 12th birthday at a lock in at the church in Forney with her 2 besties and another friend.  (Demi is 3rd from the left) .  We really had a good time this summer visiting Mama Christi and Scott and of course all the kids in Forney.  Sure wish they lived here but it is fun to get away for a couple of days and we always have fun!!

Remember, it is not how you start the race or this so called life but how you finish.  So have a blessed week and thanks for your visit today!!

Praying that all our teachers and children have an amazing and year full of favor and protection while finding joy in the simple things this year as they learn and teach. 


Habakkuk 2:2 Writing and Living Out Our Visions

The bible says that vision-writing process is important in faithfully living our DIVINE ASSIGNMENTS as written in Habbakuk 2:2. 

And then God answered: Write this.  Write what you see.  Write it out in the big bold letters so that it can be read on the run.  This vision message is a witness pointing to what's coming.  It aches for the coming - it can hardly wait.

I am trying to open my heart to the vast possibilities that God has planned for me.  For the last 20 years I was blessed to do what I love everyday.  I hope that I was able to make a difference in those lives I worked with as a recruiter and business owner assisting military personnel in finding new careers.

Although this chapter has come to a close and new ones opened and lived out, I have been searching for what I am supposed to do now and in this moment and time of my life.  It is not easy making life changes at my age (49) but I know that anything is possible with God and the right attitude.  I have encountered some trials and challenges over the last 3 years but I know deep down inside and in my heart that God is using these to shape my life into His plan for my future.  I am thankful for these times too and although many days have questioned Him and wondered, Is This All Life Has to Offer, I wouldn't change anything.  I do trust God even though I don't understand it all, I know that each day has brought me to today and is one step closer to where He wants me. With God as my partner, I am eager and excited for Him to reveal His Divine Assignment to me. 

Every dream and vision has a way of awakening us and gives us hope and purpose for our futures. They gives us a reason to get up most days.  Back in 1995, some 20 years ago I had a vision and idea of wanting to help military personnel in finding new careers because my dad couldn't find a job for 2 years when he got laid off.  It broke my heart to see him loosing faith because He was the type of man who had always worked and given everything he had for his family and country. Now that I think back on God's plan, he had it all planned out although I never saw it coming.  I loved what I was able to do and to work from home raising my daughter was such a blessing.  I am so thankful for that time and the opportunity to do what I did for 15 years on my own.  Although this DREAM came quickly, I BELIEVE this dream has been slowly evolving and that being PATIENT has been difficult for me but I have also let life and busyness get in my way.  I know that everything is in His timing and not ours.  This is hard for me with my Type A personality and my over the top need to control everything in my life.   Can anyone else relate to this one?

So today, I am going to spend some time writing out my vision and how I see my future.   Recenty while reading How to Find Your Personal Path to Success, Robin Chaddock points out three things that divide our hearts and keep us from fulling our purpose.  1.  Serving two gods, We Can Not Serve GOD and Money  2.  Constantly second-guessing our own motives  3.  We try to focus on too many things at one time that all three of these have kept me from being able to have discernment on my dreams and future. I know that all three of these things have kept me from hearing God and have had me drowning in a DRY WELL  

I would love to honor a man who lived out his dream on Apollo 11 many years ago. In tribute to Neil Armstrong's death and a life well lived, I hope we all live out our dreams and purpose that God has for each one of us and that with whatever we do we make a small difference in the lives of others along the way.  Maybe the message today, Is One Small Step.....we all need to start one step at a time to get anywhere!

Being ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We all have an opportunity to do that everyday as Neil did and as I mentioned last week, I will be sharing stories of women and men who are doing this today.  These friends are living out dreams they once only thought happened to others because they BELIEVED.  They are making a difference and are using the gifts given to them.  They surround themselves with those like minded individuals and those who can help make their dreams become a reality.  I believe that everything happens for a purpose and that God brings people in our lives for a purpose too.  I am trying to be more aware of those who have entered my life and what God hopes to do in that moment or in a time to come.  Both of us have been blessed and surrounded by some amazing God loving friends this past 8 months and I know god is working in our lives.  That brings peace and JOY that can only come from our Heavenly Father who loves us so much even we can't fully comprehend the whats and whys of life.

Have a blessed day and remember to PAY IT FORWARD today with an ACT OF LOVE.   I would also encourage you to have a grateful heart because I know how this too can have a positive impact on your life and those around you.  I will be back later with the gifts I am thankful for today, my photo of the day, some blogsthat I hope will inspire you and a craft project created with love.  Thank you for stopping by today and know YOU MATTER AND ARE LOVED!!!



Inspiration and A Prayer Request

I don't normally ask for things for myself but I have had a heavy heart for the past year regarding some decisions I need to make with work. 

In setting my priorities this week, I realized that I have been SURVIVING AND I want to THRIVE AGAIN.  At the end of the day and week, I want my life to be about my FAITH, FAMILY, and WORK in that order. My daughter has been getting my leftovers for 15 months or so.  No more excuses and victim mentality, it is time for CHANGE starting with myself and putting my dreams and visions into ACTION.   I also know I need to take better care of myself and that working 70 hours a week to make ends meet is not what God would have me do.  I know He wants me to TRUST in Him with everything and all I do.  I want to do that too!  He has been telling me for the past few weeks to Be Still and Listen.  I need to slow down and I did hear Beth Moore's message in my Stepping Up bible study, that in order to God to put the things in my life that He wants to that I need to make room.  Have you been there before?

So I have been praying that He will show me what I need to do and that I will hear and listen  My prayers are that He will open The Door where He wants me to walk through and close the doors that need to be shut so that I can walk in CONFIDENCE and JOY again.  I am a firm believer in the Power Of Prayer in numbers and so would appreciate you lifting me up to our Heavenly Father so that I can be all He created me to be....THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.  If ever you need me to pray for a specific thing for you, it would be my honor to do so.

INSPIRATION FOR TODAY comes from the following blogs that I hope you will enjoy too::


Bible Verse Today from Sarah Young's Jesus Calling:

John 10:10  English Standard Version (ESV)
10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

Her devotional message states this:  Living on dependence on me is the way to enjoy abundant life.

Picture of the Day:

There is something so amazing about every sunset that God paints in the sky here in Texas.  I never get tired of viewing His artwork and the brillant colors He uses on His Masterpieces.  

In signing off today, I will close by sharing that I amazed with my 12 year old's zest and enthusiam for life.  I am not sure I know of another child besides mine who is so excited about school starting on Monday, who loves going to the doctor and dentist.  Let me just say, I am so thankful for her LOVE of life but I must find a way to keep up with her and soon.  LOL   Have a blessed SONday!! I love SONdays and a day of rest, to be with family and friends.  I am looking forward to church, family time with our ritual game night and putting the final touches on our summer project for school.  It is hard to believe that Demi starts Jr. High on Monday!  Blessed Beyond Belief and GRATEFUL for this new season for both of us and for this journey in 2012!!!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Prime Time Good News

Wouldn't it be so nice to turn on your television and there be nothing BUT good news?  Last week I fasted from TV and Facebook.  It was hard to not to want to check my FB and to turn on the news like HLN which I enjoy.  At least that is what I thought until I fasted...there is a reason why God wants us to BE STILL.  After a few days I realized that the only reason I wanted it on was because I couldn't turn it on and not because I was missing the news and or updates.  Everything in moderation right? Priorities?

Part of what I learned was that I would rather put in my heart and mind all good news and good things and surround myself with happy and those who will build us up.  It is a fallen world we live in and I think we gravitate to those who are like us...that our hearts and minds and souls radiates what is there?  And becuase of where I am on this journey,  I wish there was a station that had uplifting news and positive storie all day, everyday!.  One reason is that there are so many amazing people., elderly, children, men and women who are trying to do their part in making the world better because they made a deliberate choice to DO SOMETHING. 
There are so many incredible people in my own community changing the world one person at a time.  It seems in my opinion that they only time we get the feel good stories is when we have a tragedy and the tv stations are there to cover.  But why not all the time?

In the weeks to come, a new blog sharing some amazing stories of ordinary people paying it forward with Deliberate & Intentional Acts of Love or what I refer to as "DIAL" for the day will be revealed to inspire those who want to join in the fun.. 

The world is BIG but yet SMALL in so many ways.  I have always known that if you talk to someone long enough that you will both end up knowing each other or know someone and or have had your paths cross before?  Which brings me to the next question.  Do you believe that things happen randomly?

So what kind of things make news worthy of our time?  What shows would you be willing to watch if some changes were made?  What are your favorite shows now and all time? 

What would a perfect world look like?  What would a perfect child look and be like?  What would a prefect blog look like and what features would it have?  Did you see the movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green?  Great movie!!

 Do you feel like you are living your Divine Assignment and if so was the journey worth it and if not what would it take to get you there??  Do you have a Dream Board or a Bucket List?

Do you have a story to share?  Would your testimony if told change the life of one or many?  Would you be open to sharing yours and what you learned and would you change your life and if so why??

These will be my new topics that I will cover in my blog and what I will call :  The Prime Time GOOD News for today:

Thankful Today:  Thankful for your anwers to one or all these questions today and for leaving a post!  Thankful for answered prayers, great teachers, businesses like Mardel, opportunity to work even if it has me dragging something fierce today and for my newly highlighted hair.  Did I mention I am grateful for my hairdresser who I just adore, the laughs we had today were enjoyed by me for sure!

Quote of the Day:   “Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” Gail Devers

Photo of the Day: 

Bible Verse for Today:  Matthew 11:28-30 The Message (MSG) 28-30"Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you'll recover your life. I'll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won't lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you'll learn to live freely and lightly."

Children's Book of the Day:  Have You Filled a Bucket Today?: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids byCarol McCloud, David Messing

Through sweet, simple prose and vivid illustrations, this heartwarming book encourages positive behavior as children see how very easy and rewarding it is to express kindness, appreciation and love on a daily basis. This wonderful book is a winner of seven awards.  Here is an example of the way you get set this up at home and or school.  This is a picture of my sister's door at school.  Isn't this a great idea that she got from Pinterest?   Photo: Excited to read Fill a bucket and Have you filled a bucket today? to new kinder friends!  They will share warm fuzzies with each other for showing kindness, helping, sharing, etc! :)  (Let me know if the entire picture shows up because the buckets and fuzzys are a must see!!)

Adult Book of the Day:   do you know who i am by Angela Thomas    Whether you're feeling broken, afraid, or disillusioned, God sees into your heart and knows who you are. But do you know who God is? Through biblical teaching, storytelling, and practical application, Thomas reveals that spiritual fulfillment doesn't depend on getting yourself together but on understanding that God has a purpose for you just as you are

Blog of the Day:

I hope you enjoyed the post today and that heart is full of joy and love tomorrow!!



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mother Teresa and Living By Example

So I am doing some research and am hoping that someone, anyone will respond to my last post as well as this one so I know that I am loved....seriously it does make one feel good when someone leaves a post answer but I am very curious wh ich blogs you visit and why.  This all has to do with where I am going from where I have been to making my new dreams and visions come to pass.  It is the first time in a long time that I have been excited about something in a long time...don't get me wrong, I love life and am so grateful for so many things, this is getting me back to living our my passion and involves the most important values in my life, my Faith, my Family and Demi and my career which has been lingering in the midst of fog for a while now while I try to decide what it is I will do...I think I have known for a while but now I am doing something about it.  It is all I think about in my free time and I am eager to get going but need to do a little more research.  So will you help me and would you pass along my blog to a couple of friends.  My goal is to have 25 posts about most liked blogs and websites.  Thank you for helping me out!!!

Quote of the Day:  Mother Teresa,  "I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world."

Thankful Today:  Visions and Dreams, Blogs, Smiles, UPlifting and Encouraging Words, Being a Mom, Prayers answered regarding my mom, New Books and they only cost $1, Trials and Two Way conversations with God.  One of the things I am grateful for is time for photos like this one of all the beautiful butterflies which seem to be abundant in numbers this summer at my girlfriend's house in the country.

Picture of the Day:   

   Hoping you find the JOY in Lifegiving and Treasure the making of someone else's day better JUST BECAUSE!!   xoxoxo Diana aka BiT

Monday, August 20, 2012

What Are Your Five Favorite Blogs or Websites and Why??

That is besides Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram!

So what would the perfect blog and or website have and look like??  

I have to say that I love technology and all the blogs that we have access to daily.  I love how we can always be learning and sharing, don't you?

So after a busy day of dentist appointments, shopping and cheer practice, I am beat and ready for bed.  Tomorrow Demi has Bronco Camp at the Jr. High.  It is hard to believe it is that time and it is one week till  school starts and yes, Demi is so excited.  I don't know too many kids who are excited to go to the dentist, doctor, and!

Thankful for the gift of life and having the day off.  It was especially nice being able to spend time with Demi and my mom and laughing throughout the day.  I love the sound of laughter and fun!!  Thankful for my dentists who we call angels and for getting Kyle to VA today. Grateful for time with one of my bff's today!  Demi and I are truly blessed beynd belief and then some!!  Hope you know how much you matter and how loved you are too!

PS - Thanks for commenting on my blog about your favs this week!!!!!

Have a terrific Tuesday,


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Work Love Pray and Online Assessments

As I am reading this book with pracitcal wisdom written for young christian women, I am humoring myself with the young and enjoying the book.  I often have to remind myself that I am 49.  Lol

Over the last 2 years, I have been trying to figure out what I really want to do with the rest of my life whether that be 2 years or 20 years or 40.

Today I took this online assessment and this assessment if based on answers I submitted  to 16 parts where I rated 4 words in the order that they described me from Most to Least.  Here are those results:

I would have to say that this totally described who I am and what I love....My Personality Type is:  NETWORKER.

I would love to get your honest opinions on this assessment as well as the career you could see me doing passionately daily. 

My word for 2012 is VISION and or DREAM.  But over the last 12 years I have forgotten how to do that and fogot how important it is to keep those dreams with goals in front of me daily.  With the onset of motherhood, a business, home, church, family, and financial responsibilites I started surviving instead of THRIVING.  I know I am not alone but I am at the point where I want to do something meaningful with my life and DOER which serves and loves.  I want to look forward to getting up everyday with JOY in my heart while living our my PURPOSE that God has for me in this next season.  I am looking forward to today, the NOW and what is to come.  I can't change the past but I can make a CHOICE to love forward with that love for life again with JOY in my HEART.  Wanna join me?

I also started the ThinkTQ assessment yesterday so that I can live a life of Success On Purpose while achieving my new dreams.  It will help me determine the VISIONS and DREAMS just waiting to be written out with a PLAN.  God has placed some incredible tools in m hands and amazing people to bring me here this weekend.

In closing, my daughter in church today told her group of 7th graders and their moms that I was her HERO?  Me, HERO?  I a humbled and give all the glory to God for equipping me to be that person she can talk to about anything while loving and training her in the ways of the Lord.  Our village has been so supportive and loving and I am blessed and so thankful everyday that God has loaned her to me here on earth to love her so that she can love others as God has loved us.

Have a great week and remember to be the sunshine those you encounter.  You may be the only sunshine they see all day or week  for that matter.   It is always good to leave someone or some place better than you found it.  Thankful for the gift of life, this life today and all that it has brought with faith, family, and friends today!!!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Blogs, Books, and the Bible

Hi Friends,

I ran across this prayer with Bible Virtues for our children on Keeping It Simple today.  Love this and would like to refer to this daily.  I did a lot of praying today on the way to her school regarding her schedule and teachers.   Love her counselor and am so excited about Demi starting junior high 2 weeks today.


I wanted to share some new blogs and books that I am reading or have read recently:

1.  do you knowwho i am by Angela Thomas
2.  Jesus Calling Devotional by Sarah Young
3.  How to Find Your Personal Path to Success
4.  Soul Detox by Craig Groeschel
5.  The Chocolate Diaries by Karen Scalf Linamen
6.  Stepping Up Bible Study by Beth Moore
7.  Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser

1.  Jennifer Maggio/the Life of a Single Mom
3.  Keeping It Personal with Teri Johnson (she wrote Overcoming the Nevers)
4.  One More Serving with Kathy Brunner
5.  Finding your Firewith Kathy Brunner
6.  Blessback with Julie Saffrin at
7.  www.mybelieversguidecom
8. or by John Finch
9.  Congratulations, you have tweens

Books that I have heard are good but haven't read yet are:
1..The Harbinger
2. Indvisible by James Robison
3.  Relentless by John Bevere
4.  The Time is Now by Ryan Sobbs
5.  Crazy Love
7.  Unglued by Lysa Terkurst

These are just a few from my list.  If you have read any great books or know of inspiring blogs please share them with us here and please let me know you stopped by so I can visit your blog too!!

Also if you live in the MN area, Teri Johnson and some of these women are holding a conference called Refine on September 20th and 21st.   (You can get the link at Keeping It Persoal)

This summer has been amazing.  No we haven't gone anywhere far away or anything like that, but I have had a little extra money from tutoring over the last several weeks to take Demi to NRH2O, Church Camps, Music Camp, and go to visit her best friend in Forney about 50 minutes away and cousins and gramdma in San Antonio.  We have spent quality time together and we have had some amazing conversations driving in the car.  It is funny that some of our best times together have not cost us anything but gas.  Blessed and broken and like Humpty Dumpty, I am slowly putting the pieces back together again all while attempting and moving toward a life filled with passion and purpose, who would've thunk it after 3 long and challenging years? If this is you, hang in there!

On a sad note, my cousin, Brian Isbell died back on June 23rd from prostate cancer at the young age of 38.  His memorial was moving and given by his 2 best friends from high school.  One who spoke about him and all their fun and adventures which he did often.  He loved the outdoors, salsa dancing, skiing, rafting, biking to name a few of this outings.  The second was a letter to Brian, thanking him for all he was and all that he brought to others with his loving and easy-going nature.  Life is so short but I know you don't need me to tell you that.  The most wonderful thing was that he gave his life to Christ and was baptized in his last 3 weeks so we will meet again in heaven someday soon.  Until then he is in no more pain and is celebrating with our family up there today.  Makes me smile just thinking about it. Here is the picture that I took when God said to me, "No more worries Diana, Brian is coming home to me now.  This picture is amazing and at the time, I took this the sky was opening up and the sun peeking out and I just knew what I heard was from God.  I had been praying that he would ask Jesus to be his Savior nnd God answered the prayers of many who wanted to secure his place in heaven so that someday we would all meet again.  I had been so afraid that this wouldn't happen because he was skeptic and thinking about the other frightened me too.  Brian's  best gift he could have given was this to his new bride and family ever!!

Today is my sister, Donna and her husband, James' 24th wedding anniversary.  They are both such an inspiration, not only have they built a marriage centered around God, they have managed to survive with many challenges over the last 5 years with the scare of cancer with their youngest son and a loss of income, their only income and somehow, someway keep on going for their other 6 kids when it would have been so much easier to give up.  Happy Anniversary Sis, here is to 24 more filled with JOY, PEACE, HEALING, GRACE AND LOTS OF LOVE!!!

Here are just a few photos to celebrate our sizzling summer and Demi turning 12 back in June:.

These girls are Demi's best friends up top, Kenz and Alyssa and the bottom picture is with her two cousins, Sami and Lexi that live in San Antonio.

Today I am thankful for God's grace, His love, His plans, the many wonderful people I have met and served at Mardel, quality time with Demi, time to read, answered prayers, technology, my mom's new and fresh attitude towards us and my nephew coming back from his 8 month deployment this week.

Remember it will bring you great joy to seize an opportunity to make the world a better place with A Random Act of Love.

Have a wonderful and joy-filled Tuesday!!