Sunday, August 26, 2012

Habakkuk 2:2 Writing and Living Out Our Visions

The bible says that vision-writing process is important in faithfully living our DIVINE ASSIGNMENTS as written in Habbakuk 2:2. 

And then God answered: Write this.  Write what you see.  Write it out in the big bold letters so that it can be read on the run.  This vision message is a witness pointing to what's coming.  It aches for the coming - it can hardly wait.

I am trying to open my heart to the vast possibilities that God has planned for me.  For the last 20 years I was blessed to do what I love everyday.  I hope that I was able to make a difference in those lives I worked with as a recruiter and business owner assisting military personnel in finding new careers.

Although this chapter has come to a close and new ones opened and lived out, I have been searching for what I am supposed to do now and in this moment and time of my life.  It is not easy making life changes at my age (49) but I know that anything is possible with God and the right attitude.  I have encountered some trials and challenges over the last 3 years but I know deep down inside and in my heart that God is using these to shape my life into His plan for my future.  I am thankful for these times too and although many days have questioned Him and wondered, Is This All Life Has to Offer, I wouldn't change anything.  I do trust God even though I don't understand it all, I know that each day has brought me to today and is one step closer to where He wants me. With God as my partner, I am eager and excited for Him to reveal His Divine Assignment to me. 

Every dream and vision has a way of awakening us and gives us hope and purpose for our futures. They gives us a reason to get up most days.  Back in 1995, some 20 years ago I had a vision and idea of wanting to help military personnel in finding new careers because my dad couldn't find a job for 2 years when he got laid off.  It broke my heart to see him loosing faith because He was the type of man who had always worked and given everything he had for his family and country. Now that I think back on God's plan, he had it all planned out although I never saw it coming.  I loved what I was able to do and to work from home raising my daughter was such a blessing.  I am so thankful for that time and the opportunity to do what I did for 15 years on my own.  Although this DREAM came quickly, I BELIEVE this dream has been slowly evolving and that being PATIENT has been difficult for me but I have also let life and busyness get in my way.  I know that everything is in His timing and not ours.  This is hard for me with my Type A personality and my over the top need to control everything in my life.   Can anyone else relate to this one?

So today, I am going to spend some time writing out my vision and how I see my future.   Recenty while reading How to Find Your Personal Path to Success, Robin Chaddock points out three things that divide our hearts and keep us from fulling our purpose.  1.  Serving two gods, We Can Not Serve GOD and Money  2.  Constantly second-guessing our own motives  3.  We try to focus on too many things at one time that all three of these have kept me from being able to have discernment on my dreams and future. I know that all three of these things have kept me from hearing God and have had me drowning in a DRY WELL  

I would love to honor a man who lived out his dream on Apollo 11 many years ago. In tribute to Neil Armstrong's death and a life well lived, I hope we all live out our dreams and purpose that God has for each one of us and that with whatever we do we make a small difference in the lives of others along the way.  Maybe the message today, Is One Small Step.....we all need to start one step at a time to get anywhere!

Being ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We all have an opportunity to do that everyday as Neil did and as I mentioned last week, I will be sharing stories of women and men who are doing this today.  These friends are living out dreams they once only thought happened to others because they BELIEVED.  They are making a difference and are using the gifts given to them.  They surround themselves with those like minded individuals and those who can help make their dreams become a reality.  I believe that everything happens for a purpose and that God brings people in our lives for a purpose too.  I am trying to be more aware of those who have entered my life and what God hopes to do in that moment or in a time to come.  Both of us have been blessed and surrounded by some amazing God loving friends this past 8 months and I know god is working in our lives.  That brings peace and JOY that can only come from our Heavenly Father who loves us so much even we can't fully comprehend the whats and whys of life.

Have a blessed day and remember to PAY IT FORWARD today with an ACT OF LOVE.   I would also encourage you to have a grateful heart because I know how this too can have a positive impact on your life and those around you.  I will be back later with the gifts I am thankful for today, my photo of the day, some blogsthat I hope will inspire you and a craft project created with love.  Thank you for stopping by today and know YOU MATTER AND ARE LOVED!!!



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