Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hopes and Belief that all will turn out well today....

So today is the big today.  My nerves are a little on end today regarding my meeting with the trustee and my bankruptcy case. Although I don't know how the meeting will go, I am feeling at peace and am hopeful that she will give me the opportunity to stay in my house. 

A lot of good has come from this situation.  Although it hasn't been easy, I have learned alot about financial planning and saving. 

The best part of all this is my working outside the home and finding a new passion which is teaching.  I am hoping to become certified so I can become a full time paid teacher.  The subbing has been so awesome and as I have said I love working with the kids.  And I realized that I enjoy working again and being surrounded by wonderful and upbeat women and men.  I actually look forward to coming home and love the time I have with my own kids even more.  Also I can be at home in the summers and also when the kids have a break.  It doesn't get better than that because I can pay my bills and start saving all while paying off my debt. 

WOW, God is good all the time, all the time God is good.

So I hope to come back later to post my good news.  Either we will survive and all will be okay.  I will be glad to get this behind me so that I can really push forward with my career plans.  And I may have some other news to share with you soon.

PS - Thanks again for continuing to pray for me/us this year especially for the outcome I am hoping for and that is to stay in my house and keep my car.  All of which is at stake today.  (This is my unspoken prayer request for today.)


Monday, April 19, 2010

Has An Unspoken Prayer Request......

Thanks so much for taking the time to pray for me/us this week.  As many of you know I have had some challenging times and now I am need ot your prayers regarding our home, my career and our life as we know it today.

Have a great Tuesday and again thanks so much for your friendship!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday.....

Today, Thursday I am thankful......

1.  For the gift of life today
2.  For my faith
3.  For my girls and family
4.  For the work I have had the last month subbing...have I mentioned how mch I love it and that I am going to hopefully get certified to teach full time next year?  I am!
5.  For prayers  - thanks for your continued prayers friends and family!
6.  For my home
7.  For spring and all the colors that come with it
8.  For flowers
9.  For the basic necessities
10.For our health

I am so blessed and feel fulfilled being able to work and make money again.  That being said, I would so be a SAHM if I could but until that day I will be thankful for the ability to work and for those who continue to request me.  I just hope and pray that the kids are enjoying learning with me as a teacher.  My heart if filled with so much love and am so happy to have worked with some awesome teachers, women and men and that they have welcomed me as one of them.  One thing I know for sure is that all any child wants is to know that someone cares for them and that they feel loved...aren't we all like that even as adults?  I am so passionate about sharing God's love with all children and want each child to be filled with hope, hope for today and tomorrow.  Hope for a better future and to encourage every child that anything is possible if they are passionate about what it is they are doing or want to do.

If you want to inspire your child, you should look at an 11 year old here in Dallas that blew up the old Texas Stadium this past Sunday .  It just goes to show that even as a child you can make a big difference in the world and those around you.  Casey started Casey's Hearts to help the homeless in Dallas.  He is truly a blessing to so many and I commend his parents for their support in his cause and also for raising a child that had vision to make a difference one person (child) at a time!!  I will see if I can find the link to his story in case you want to share this with your children.      

Have a great Friday friends and remember to enJOY the simple things in YOUR life today.  Don't forget to hug those you love and make sure you tell them you love and adore them.  We are never promised tomorrow as much as we plan for it.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Pictures from Easter 2010

What a wonderful day, grandma with all her Texas grandchildren...

So blessed and thankful for my mom and our family! 


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Christ Has Risen and the Meaning of Easter Sunday.....Happy Easter 2010!

Happy Easter to all our loved ones and blog friends today. 

As a mom and parent, I was thinking this morning about God and the love he had for His SON and how hard that must have been the day His SON died on the cross for all our sins and how miraclous this day must have been when His SON rose from the grave.  It truly is hard to imagine but I know for one that I am so blessed to have eternal life and that my debts have been forgiven.

So what does your day entail?  I love Easter Sunday and always did when I was a kid too.  I couldn't wait to put on my new dress and Sunday shoes, patten leather of course.  Then after church my brother and I played craps with our candy.  Now that might sound funny but at the end of the day we had all the candy we both wanted and had hours of fun doing so.  So what you does your family do?

Unfortunately we didnt make it to church today.  After looking through one basket today, Demi came our of the bathroom with a trash can with a stomach ache and her mama has a very sore throat.  But we will go to our family dinner here at 2pm and then come home after the kids have fun hunting their eggs at Mimi's (my SIL's mother's house)  The kids have fun while the adults eat, visit, play games and nap depending on who you are :-)!!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend and remember to enjoy the simple things today and the real meaning of this holiday.  PS - We celebrated Passover on Monday with our jewish friends and learned about how they celebrate this holiday and the food eaten to represent it's meaning.  The horse radish I ate almost burned a hole in my nose but other then that it was such a blessing to spend an evening with friends and learning that the horse radish was meant to represent the hard times and prosecution the JEWS encountered. The best part was the matza(sp) which both girls enjoyed very much.

Be back later on with some pictures from today.  Until then enJOY this SONday and your families and loved ones.