Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Seeing the World with Eyes of Love....

I hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday!

I am thankful on this Tuesday for so much!  Thankful for today, my sweet daughter who is so loving and kind and who has a great sense of humor.  I love her innocence too!  Love my family and my mom's home cooked meals!  Thankful for my faith and the HOPE of what is to come if I am blessed with another day.  Thankful for our friends and the time I get with them.  Thankful for my place at my school and love my friends whom I get to work with everyday.  Thankful for opportunities for RALs, random acts of love!! 

So how do you see the world around you?  Through eyes of love with the effort to understand others or are you quick to judge because others are different or having a bad day?  Joe Osteen's message this week was on this and it would be awesome to approach everyday and everyone I encounter with EYES of LOVE.  I try but I can always do more.  I think we all see the world through the eyes of which we have grown up and live in but that may not always be the best thing.  As I have gotten older I know I am so sympathic and empathic    

Friday, March 18, 2011

Never Say Never....

I had a date night with the girls and it was awesome!  Dinner at RJ Gators and then to see Never Say Never with Justin Beiber.  He is such an inspiration and all I could think about was what a great job his single mom and her parents have done raising him.  His songs are amazing too.  The girls loved it and now they are true fans once again!  Me too!!

I wanted to say that I love the message behind the movie, Never Say Never.  I so believe that and hope my daughter and her friend get this message and that anything is possible and to never say never.  Dream Big and Stay True to Who You Are.  His humble beginnings make him thankful for his blessings and he doesn't take anything for granted.

The best part is that he and his team are always giving back to his fans and his community.  You know that I love that and I love that he doesn't forget to do that with those who have made it possible for his to live out his dream of singing and performing.  WOW!   

Happy Birthday Brother!!

Enjoy your weekend and remember that God loves you and is there for you always <3


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Surprise Visit.......

It just made my day today to see my sweet neice Brylee when she stopped by to visit me today.  She missed her Aunt Di and what a blast we had.  We walked the babies and then were joined by my angel Demi and another neice Cami for a snow cone from Grannys.  Talk about good, so good as we ate our flavored snow cones with vanilla ice cream.  There was brown cows, toasted coconut and cotton candy!!!!  Love that we had a great day at the park and that we had some quality family time today. 

Today I forgot to mention how grateful we are to have Demi's best friend, Alyssa back in town while her dad is in Afghanistan.  The girls have had so much fun this year and it is awesome to see both girls so happy.  They don't miss a minute in the day to have fun and enjoy each other.  She will leave on July 7th, although it will be sad it will only be for another year hopefully and then she will be back fro Jr High.

Also grateful that there are two of the sweetest girls that live 2 doors down and my daughter has made friends with them.  God is so awesome!!  One of the girls is the same age has Demi and is in 5th grade and they are so much a like in all they enjoy such as dancing and swimming and the other a 4th grader.  Both seem so sweet and easy going. I love that my daughter is not shy too.  It makes life so much easier for her and for me.  :-))

Hope you had a great day too!!


Spring Break and Blessings...

It is spring break for Demi and I both from school and work.  It is so nice to have some down time.  I am finishing a book called PathWay to Purpose for women by Katie Brazelton while Demi is over at her best friends house today. 

Today, this warm and spring Tuesday I am thankful for so much!
1.  Thankful for the gift of life
2.  Thankful for my daughter, Demi and her fun and loving spirit.
3.  Thankful for my faith, family and friends.
4.  Thankful for good books and blogs.  (Love this one I happened upon today
5.   Thankful for our good health (getting my teeth cleaned tomorrow and am grateful for a BIL that is a dentist and then off to have an irregular mole removed, again grateful for free doctor care too since I have no insurance.  Praying for a clean bill of health being that I have had skin cancer and a scare 5 years ago)
6.  Thankful for being able to think, dream, have visions and goals to live by each day.
7.  Thankful for a roof over our heads after loosing our home.
8.  Thankful for our freedom and for those who are in the Armed Services so that we can make choices and live freely everyday.
9.  Thankful for my work that I am passionate about and those who have opened these doors for me.
10. Thankful that I am able to get Demi back into what she loves and that I am able to do some things for her lately.
11. Thankful for those who blog and for time to read and share.
12. Thankful for great teachers who are still passionate about what they do everyday.
13. Thankful for Cheyenne and her unconditional love.
14. Thankful for scrapbooking and the joy that comes from documenting our lives.
15. Thankful for community service and those who give of their time.  Love Demi being a part of her Girl Scout troop and the good they are participating in this spring.
16,  Thankful for love, compassion and grace/forgiveness.
17,. Thankful for longer days to enjoy outside with my family.
18.  Thankful for SONshine.
19.  Thankful for technology, skype, internet, cell phones.
20.  Thankful for the opportunities to share God's love and to love our neighbors and to make a small difference with random acts of love and kindenss!!

It is good to be back with a blog entry and it is my hope that somehow I can find or make a way to get some scrapping done.  Even thinking that I may make a new Grateful Journal/Cards to put on
 4x6 cards to late put into a photo album kind of like the 365 days scrapbook I made back in '09. 

Here is to you having lots to be thankful for and to finding joy in the simple things of your life.  Remember, it is ordinary people doing extraordinary things everyday to make this world a better and happier place using their gifts to bring HOPE to others in need.  What can you do today?

BiT (blessed in texas and then some!!)