Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of Jr High

Today is the first day of school for Demi at BJH.  She was so excited and I was too!  I dropped her off after being told I could not go in with her to get her schedule that she did not have?  And we forgot the one she got last week so I am hoping she gets a schedule today.  I was not expecting this and am not sure what I think about dropping off my 12 yr old to fend for herself and schedule.  The unfortunate thing is her counselor had a death in her family and was not there?  Trusting the good Lord will carrry her through today and that all her classes were worked out as we had discussed.  (The principal mention to me that I shouldn't forget she is a transfer student and that maybe her classes didn't work out...hmmm....seriously did not appreciate that this morning :-).

Demi made the gymnastics team this year and this is the announcement posted on the school website! So proud of her and what is to come this year.  Also in cheer, she will be on both squads at a level 3 which will be awesome.  All of this because she started a gymnastics class and open gym at Empire gymnastics last year to prepare herself for what we thought would be cheer this year.  But the girls cannot cheer in 7th grade so she will enjoy this new activity and hopefully will excel in all areas.

Bedford Jr High

Coach Wortman
Gymnastics Team

Abigail DeHart
Jenna Hall
Molly Hunter
Katie Li
Peyton Love
Alexis Martin
Allison Ortega
Kyleigh Prather
Brooke Saucedo
Samantha Sjostrom
Alyson Tice
Demi Willis
Victoria Wilson

Traveon Hood

Jack Lewis
Adam Tice

I hope everyone has a great day and that all your children have a blessed and fun day!!


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