Monday, August 20, 2012

What Are Your Five Favorite Blogs or Websites and Why??

That is besides Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram!

So what would the perfect blog and or website have and look like??  

I have to say that I love technology and all the blogs that we have access to daily.  I love how we can always be learning and sharing, don't you?

So after a busy day of dentist appointments, shopping and cheer practice, I am beat and ready for bed.  Tomorrow Demi has Bronco Camp at the Jr. High.  It is hard to believe it is that time and it is one week till  school starts and yes, Demi is so excited.  I don't know too many kids who are excited to go to the dentist, doctor, and!

Thankful for the gift of life and having the day off.  It was especially nice being able to spend time with Demi and my mom and laughing throughout the day.  I love the sound of laughter and fun!!  Thankful for my dentists who we call angels and for getting Kyle to VA today. Grateful for time with one of my bff's today!  Demi and I are truly blessed beynd belief and then some!!  Hope you know how much you matter and how loved you are too!

PS - Thanks for commenting on my blog about your favs this week!!!!!

Have a terrific Tuesday,


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