Sunday, August 2, 2009

2 crazy girls + 1 plastic picnic table = hours of fun in the pool!!!

Get 2 creative and crazy girls together and they can have fun with anything...even a plastic picnic table put in the pool? Who woulda thought? It has been a really great weekend, very relaxing and a great time with family and friends starting on Friday.

Why does Monday have to come? I love the phone calls, no bill collectors, no worry about services being disconnected? Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh....

I will be back to post a picture of the girls having fun and also some fun family pictures from Friday afternoon. Happy Birthday again my sweet Abigail on Friday! Also Tori I am so glad your first week back to school was fun and that you love your new Spanish teacher from Mexico!! I hope you have a great year!!!

PS - Thank you Shari for treating us to lunch again, we loved Buffalo Wild Wings - they have the best boneless honey covered chicken pieces. Happy 18th Birthday Brendon, we love you!!


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