Sunday, August 16, 2009

Will you make your time here on earth count and mean something? What will your legacy be when you are gone?

Interesting questions huh? I love that song by Nicole Nordeman, Legacy. Will they remember me?

Today Adam, our youth pastor spoke to the kids about the short time we have here on earth and about making a difference. His question was that if we had only 30 days to live, what 5 things would we change. I came up with my five and then some and then he challenged everyone to change one thing TODAY. I thought the message was so good and definitely an eye opener. I have had the message appear all week in different ways, do you ever wonder why that happens? I know why, God is speaking directly to me. I am listening and will take action. I want to live and create my best life NOW. (See my blog title)

Anyway, his message was triggered by the death of one of Adam's good friend this week unexpectedly. Death is tough and it does make us question our own life and what it means to us....will our own life or yours mean something to those you care about, to those who know you maybe at work, your kids school, girl scouts, the community you live in and or your church?

I say make the most of today and don't take a single second for granted. Everyday is a GIFT and I so believe this with all my heart.

So my Project 365 picture today is of Demi at Albertson's on our late night run to get some cokes at a great price. Love this picture of her in front of the pop tarts and fruit snacks with her hand in her mouth which is so her talking to her grandma who we both love so much. Did I mention my mother has been helping me clean out my house...spring and winter cleaning from the last 6 years...seriously pack rat is gone and not coming least 20 bags of trash to the curb!! Thank you mom and Demi for doing this so our house will be in some kind of order for when Nadja gets here this Friday. Did I mentioned how excited Demi and I are about having our exchange student coming to live with us for 10 months from Hamburg Germany!! I met her mom and her brother tonight as well as saw Nadja on thing since cell phones and FREE all the way to the US from GERMANY. She is cuter than I could have imagined and so sweet with her accent.

Thank you God for my life, the responsibility of being Demi's mom, the best part of my life and for answered prayers this week!!! Thanks for your love, grace, forgiveness and for being all sovreign. Help me to always remember you are in control of ALL things.

Make it a great week everyone and remember GOD LOVES YOU!!


Leah said...

Very thought provoking post. Have a great week!!

Patti said...

Don't you love those sermons that seem were written with you specifically in mind?
I never take for granted that each day is a gift from HIM - especially since I've lost both my parents in the last 3 years & was diagnosed myself with cancer last fall.
God is in control - ALL the time!! Amen Sister!