Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Dash, your Dash........

For it matters, not how much we own, The cars, The house, The cash.... What matters is how we live and love.. And how we spend our DASH.....

A friend had posted this on FB and it just so happened that Adam, our youth pastor tied this in with our message on Sunday.

So I typed a message here and decided instead of feeling sorry for myself that I would do my thankful list on Tuesday that I love doing so that I can get up and make it a great day. I know it could always be worse and it breaks my heart to think that there are some people, many people struggling more so than me. They will be lifted up tonight in my prayers.

Today I am thankful for so much,
1. Today and the gift of life
2. God's blessings and His protection
3. Heaven
4. My faith, family and friends - thanks to all of you that are helping me stay on my feet
5. My home even though I prepared Demi for a move should this not work out - she is so sweet and caring...just love her to pieces!
6. Love
7. compassion
8. empathy
9. tears....lately they seem to flowing and this if from someone who never cries..actually hates to see others cry too!

**Demi came home today after knowing I had a hard day and said "Mom, it is okay if you cry and cry a lot, just stand over a plant." - Just what I needed....kids are just so darn cute and speak straight from the heart and mind dont they? Thanks sunshine - love you!!
10.Our health

Even though I don't understand why I am back here completely I am taking notes to what I should do. I am trying to listen to God's message to me. Is it time to move on from my business? Do I need to be more focused and work more? So many questions, so little time to get it right or at least that is how I am feeling. The last time I was in this place feeling this BROKEN, I kept everything bottled up, didnt ask for help, didn't reach out and it about did me in. So as much as I hate others knowing my business and letting it all out there, I hope I can help someone else by keepin it real and being human. I love the song by Anthony Evans on my playlist called RESTORE, it is about a broken man...this is me but it will get better and I dont have time or the energy thinking about anything else but making this work and getting back on my feet. Look out tomorrrow and world, here I come with all I have with GOD AS MY PARTNER in all I do! If you have not read these books, I suggest doing so. Plan to Win and Expect to Win by Bill Glass. Fantastic books and great motivation with the right thinking!!

Thanks for your comments and friendship if you stopped in tonight. I will catch back up on blogs hopefully tomorrow. In the meantime have a wonderful Wednesday and remember GOD LOVES YOU!! Remember prayers go up and blessings come down!!


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