Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kisses from Katie...another great read!!

So lately I have indulged myself in so many books from Kisses from Katie which is a must read to many children's books because I joined my angels at school and my daughter on a 40 book challenge, yes that is to read 40 books.  Now all the books will be include genres such as poetry, biographies, chapter books, classics and I am having a blast!!

I am feeling so at peace this holiday season, something I havent felt in about 3 years around this time of year.  Mainly because I haven't had any money to buy gifts for my child and or family.  I am not getting much this year but it does bring me some joy to be able to do a little and I am la almost done which is a rarity. 

I have a couple of gift ideas to share this weekend which are things your kids can make for teachers and or friends to include decoupaging items and also making cute scarfs.  Do you have any great ideas?

I am off to finish my book, God's Guest List tonight after a 16 hour day of working at the school and Mardels.  Did I mention I mention I am subbing at the high school tomorrow?  I haven't been there in over a year and I will get to work with my brother and sister in law.  I am excited about the change of pace and then may go and get my dd to do something fun before I go to Mardels.

Praying for our local students tomorrow and my precious girl who will be taking their 2nd LBA in Reading tomorrow.  I would be happy if Dem passed but am always hopeful that she does well so that she can buld her confidence this year.  (she struggles with reading all year and then does well on her TAKS which we don't have any more replaced with STARR test....I know she can do it with God at her side!!)

Have a terrific Thursday friends and we will see you tomorrow,


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