Monday, November 9, 2009

Love Sundays and the Fresh New Week!

I hope you had a great weekend!  I love the weekends and getting to spend quality time with the girls.  My only wish is that there were more hours in a day.  Just doesnt seem to be enough time to get it all done. 

Question for today, do you prioritize or make a list of to do things for the weekend or just go with the flow?

Here is my attitude of gratitude for all of last week that I didn't post and then I will get to the random acts of kindness.

Nov 6 - Thankful for family time and dinner cooked for us :-))
Nov 7 - Thankful for time to get laundry and cleaning done :-)

Week 2:

Nov 8 - Thankful for God's word and His message
Nov 9 -  Thankful for lots of much needed rest

Now on to the Random act of kindness challenge.  How are you doing?  Are you making an effort to find time to do this?  I hope so because like everything else if you will continue to do this it will become like habit and become a part of your day.  I will be back with an added challenge this week to add some fun to your day and get you excited about RAKking complete strangers.    For me last week, my RAKS included taking a grocery cart back for someone at tar-jay.  I know this is going to sound funny but I asked to help an elderly woman last week, I felt she wanted the help with her groceries but was hesitant about me helping.  It made me think of how we live in a world of uncertainity and trust.  It saddens me some to think we can't always accept help and it does reveal our times doesnt it?  Do you ever find this when offering to be kind or wanting to help someone?  Okay so do you have plans to RAK anyone special today?  I want to hear, come on I challenge you to make my day with some great ideas.  I am volunteering today at my dd's school for scholastic week and will do the same tomorrow am.  I am excited because I have really missed being at the school and taking pictures and well just hanging out with them. 

Make it a great Monday and remember to put on your love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness and peacemaking garments today while getting dressed. 

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and TIA if you leave me some love and a sweet message.

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Joy-N-Jesus said...

Thank you for sharing your gratitude list! Thank you for the RAK challenge! I have been so blessed to have it on my heart and in my mind. I have truly been attempting to be intentional about blessing others with a RAK. Overtime I do the Lord blesses me so much. It's amazing His wonderful grace! The Lord continues to pour out His goodness as I attempt to show His Kindness to others. I posted a few stories on my blog. God is so amazing!