Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 7 - Give the gift of __________!!!

You fill in the blank today....make it a good one and enjoy this day with your family. It is so beautiful here in Texas....the trees are changing, the leaves are falling and the sun is bright and warm. The music in church today was awesome and uplifting as always and the message Sam delivered today was great too! Blsd r d pure n heart 4 they wll c God Mat 5:8 - this is in texting form and so true. God gives us the gift of grace, mercy and love when we so don't deserve it. So awesome is He!! So God gives us this gift everyday, what will your gift be today? Maybe it is forgiveness of someone who doesn't deserve it or maybe it is calling an ole friend you haven't spoken to for whatever reason.

Whatever it is be pure in heart and make the most of your day and opportunities to give the gift of __________!!!!!


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