Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 6 - Happy Halloween

What a great day, busy and full and yet so full of fun and joy. Started my day with finding and picking up donation prizes for the church Trunk or Treat. Can I just say that I am so appreciative of all the local businesses in the local area that are always so willing to help out our school and church whenever I solicit their assistance in reaching out to others in our community who may not be plugged into a church yet. I hope everyone there had a great time and that a lot of kids had the best time ever! I truly hope these families will come back to church tomorrow or soon! I also hope that those who won tonight enjoy their prizes.

We also got to watch Cami play coach pitch today. It was a gorgeous day and again the colors of fall are brillant and spectacular. Kyle brought his new girlfriend and she seems so sweet and cute. It is always good to see Kyle as well. Love that we got to go today since it was my first day to see her play.

Today is Day 6, Saturday! I am so tired right now that I can't remember what my random act of kindness was besides my time in picking up these gifts for the church today and over the last week. I hope there were many who left with a smile on their faces tonight. Did I say that today, first thing this morning that I met a family who goes to our church at the bounce house place. That was so awesome and I cant wait to get to know them better and see them at church. Our church has grown so much and there are so many I have yet to meet since attending from the start of our church . Some days I feel like there are more folks that I dont know then I know but it makes it just as exciting each and every week to get to know more wonderful christian families.

Can I also say that my mom is the best. She is a great person and so thoughtful. She brought the girls big bags full of goodies and I got some very warm and soft purple jammies that I cannot wait to put on tomorrow. I think the best part of the trick or treating tonight was getting to see Brylee on her first Halloween. She was a lamb from Noah's Ark....just so cute and adorable. I so need to post some pics in the am when I locate the cord to the camera.

Did I mention that my heat is out and that I have had the brother of a friend from my daughter's school come by this week trying to fix it for us. I think he has it about done but there is a short and he was a no show so maybe tomorrow. I hope so because it is like 60 low and kind of cold in the am but it could be worse. I am so thankful he has taken the time out of his day to help us out.

So how was your day of acts of kindness? Did you do anything special and or find a way to give the gift of kindness? If so what and what was your feeling? Have you noticed anything different about you or how you feel and or notice a difference with those you have RAKked if you know them? next week, starting tomorrow or Monday I am going to challenge you to document your day with a pic or just some notes so you can see how your life changes by your giving each day. You can even create some cards to hand deliver or put in the mail next week. We love happy mail!!

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