Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 5 of our Random Act of Kindness Challenge

I love Fridays! Love our weekends! Love Fall and all the beautiful colors....and the wonderful pictures I took today. Love that Cami and Demi had a great time at their school fall festival tonight (even though Demi was grounded and not supposed to go, mom had to take pics for the PTA/yearbook and work a booth that had been abandoned). So much for my parenting skills or learning how to say I am sorry I can't. :-) It was a great fall day and so nice to end the day with friends and grandma.

Hopefully Nadja is having a great time at the football game. I am so proud of her and her efforts to join in the life she has created here by coming to the US. She is really a beautiful girl with so much to offer those who befriend. Demi loves her as if she has lived here her entire life of nine years. Now if I can just teach both girls to pick up and do a little around here. Any advice welcome!!

So how did your challenge go today? I am happy to report I had several opportunities to RAK but not the ones I had planned yesterday. It is funny how life happens when you have life planned. There is always tomorrow or next week. I hope you will take the time to share with me your RAKs and or how you were touched today by a friend, family member, stranger or anyone that made an impact on your day.

Love you for joining in the challenge and for wanting to make the world a better place to live!!

Love to love,


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