Friday, November 27, 2009

Be a miracle today by being God's hand and feet, heart and mouth.

Today, you can be someone's miracle. Look for ways to reach out to people in need. Choose to be kind, loving, merciful, and understanding. There are already enough condemning voices. There are already enough critical, fault-finding people. Let's break out of that rut and use gentle words to bring healing to those around us today!

What a wonderful way to start the holiday season and also this goes hand in hand with our 30 day random act of kindness today.  I hope you have found a way to implement this into your life.  One thing I am going to start in today is making the first part of my morning my quiet time, journaling in my book of remembrance, praying and reading my bible.  I can't think of a better way to start my day and to funnel the good into my heart ,mind and tongue.  Thank you God for your love and protection today.  Thank you for the gift of life and the awesome year we have had.  I got to witness my daughter accepting Jesus as her Savior and then being baptized to start a fresh life.  What a gift and all because my friends Shari and Fred invited us to Metro Camp this year so that Demi would come and worship with other chidren for 4 days.  Everything else this year seems so insignificant and is a good reminder that nothing else really matters in the end.  We can not take any of it with us but I know that we will always be together forever.  WOW!

Be back soon,

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*kim* said...

What a great way to put things in perspective. Sometimes life doesn't go the way we want, but to witness real "life" just makes everything else seem insignificant!

Hope you had a most blessed Thanksgiving. I'm so thankful to have my Texas BFF! :)