Friday, November 27, 2009

What a gorgeous day today!!

Do you know why today is Black Friday?  I really don't except that I know Black and Red are significant in the financial industry.  Black meaning out of the hole and red means in the hole or owing money.  So I am going to look into this today and find out if there are any other interesting facts about today.  I know that besides it being one of the busiest days for shopping that it may be one of the busiest days for travel as well.  I hope and pray that everyone will be respectful and that their hearts will be filled with love and patience today.

In Va, they took family pictures today.  All 86 of them in one picture.  I can't wait to see some pictures from the trip and am hoping that someone will post a few on FB today.  I can only hope right.  Donna says it is frigid today, cold right down to the bone.  I hope everyone enjoys what may be the last day to play and mingle today before everyone heads home.  I know some are leaving today.

Here is a quick run down of states being covered by all who have attended:
1.  NY 
2.  NJ
3.  MD, DC
4.  CO
5.  NC
6.  SC
7.  TX
8.  TN

*The majority of our relatives come from NY, Southampton to be more specific.  Mom is from this area and most of the siblings are there with their kids.  I am still amazed at how our family continues to make an effort for everyone to attend and to keep all the grandkids and great grandkids together.  I know gram and gramps are smiling down from Heaven along with dad watching everyone having fun.  We are truly blessed and it all began with them many years ago.

I will be posting some layouts today finally.  So be back soon with some things I have made over the last several weeks once I have my Canon battery charged and ready to go.  PS- I am hoping that I am not getting sick as I have a very sore throat?  Go away, I have no time to be sick.  I have scrapping and Christmas decorations to get up and out along with some rearranging furniture today.   Now time for some of my favorite music and my favorite song, Mary Did You Know?  Love this and so many things about the Christmas holiday.  Tis the reason for the season, Jesus' birthday!!

Hugs and love,

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