Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No one ever said life would be easy.....

Somedays it is so hard to stay upbeat and positive even when you know how blessed you are and that has really been good.  I am determined even though this year has been challenging and obstacles keep popping up, like daily that I am not going to give into the enemy.  tomorrow is a new day full of new and wonderful blessings!!

That is why I like to start my day off with my thankful list which I always did over at SIStv, so starting tomorrow I am going to start back there for the last 31 days of the year.  I have been consumed with all the wrong things and feel myself being dragged down but not anymore.  Today I got my heat fixed finally and the best part was that it only cost me for the supplies, my new friend Dave did the labor for the love of knowing he was helping a single mom out all on a night when it may snow.  I am thankful for heat and for men like Dave!

I am grateful that tomorrow I will find out what is wrong with my frig and freezer?  tonight it seems to be cooler after I had to throw out half the food.  That was not good since it is everything I have to put food in there but I have to remind myself that God knows my needs and our needs.  I am thankful for my mom and honestly hate that she has had to help me has much as she has....this coming from someone who is and has always taken care of others.  I hate being in this place and feel like I am cheating my kids of me because of all the stress of bills, house and just life.  Do you ever feel like this?  I somedays don't know how I actually have the energy to get up but somehow you do.  I know that I am upset with myself and blame myself for being in this position again.  I said after 9/11 I would never be here again and now here I am?  I hate that 9/11 happened and now the economy is what it is...why I ask?  I feel bad for us, feel bad for so many others.  I wish that I could take away everyone else's pain, stress and do more.  But in order for me to do so I have to take care of myself and lately that is a tough job in itself but I will overcome this with God as my partner.

To all those who continue to leave encouraging prayers and well wishes, thank you!  It really does mean the world to me.

So lastly I wanted to encourage you to find time to find time to do something for someone else.  I want everyone to feel the goodness that overcomes you when doing this.  As much as I have done this, I feel like more has been done and given to me.  I am so appreciative of all the kindness shown by friends, especially my friends at jack in the box.  Nothing like starting my day with a Dr Pepper and free, everyday if I go by. Love them!

Have a great Wednesday!

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