Sunday, November 28, 2010

November Christmas by Hallmark.(short post)

Just wanted to say that if you didn't get an opportunity to see this movie tonight that it is so worth buying and watching as a family.

In summary, it is about how a young girl and her family dealt with a life strengthening situation.  It was so awesome to see how neighbors and a community rallied behind to help this family.  I will say that what I took away from this movie is that where there is love there is hope.  Isn't that so true?

So awesome and another amazing movie made by Hallmark.  You can buy it at or at a local christian store such as The Family Christian and Lifeway Stores.

Have a magnificant Monday,

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Beckie Dreyer said...

Hi ya! Just to say thanks for the amazing comment you left on the My Little Shoebox blog about my layout. So happy you enjoyed it :)