Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday April 25, 2009 Blessed but bushed...

I decided to start my blog today with several attempts in the past. Here is what I posted on SIStv today. I was being sarscastic and funny all while trying to see who else feels this way today. I would love to hear what you think while I try to figure out some things a header, the blinkies, the music....I would think of myself as with it and pretty hip if I get all that conquered today...I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday and weekend!!

ALL THE UNDERAPPRECIATED, OVERWORKED, UNDERPAID, HORMONAL and NEVER HAVE ENOUGH TIME OR ENERGY TO SCRAP LADIES...ALL THESE LADIES...(I have that song all the single ladies....) okay anyway....wanna start a new club today?So how many of you feel this way??? (are you over 15, over 20, over 30, over 40, over 50, at the beautiful of 60 plus?) Do you work a job outside the home and then come home to another fulltime job? Are you a stay at home mom who scraps all day, watches movies and eats bon bons? Are you single and just want a different life - whose would you choose? Are you accomplishing the goals you had when you were 20, 30 even 40? I say what dreams? haha Do you work and wish you could you be a SAHM. Are you a SAHM mom and wish you had a job to go to? Is it the maternal thing in us that drives us to be overachievers, to always say YES when we really mean no and to keep up day after day when we should stay in bed to sleep 48 hours?Do you have days when you look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself is the life you imagined or dreamed of?? haha I mean afterall we are entitled to think this one day out of 365 arent we?Have you been tempted to drop your children off like that mom did up north? Have you been so frustrated you are ready to pack your bags and go..where...I dont know to a local hotel for a day of nothing and some rest? I HAVENT THOUGHT ABOUT THIS AND DONT RECOMMEND THIS BUT I HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT PACKING MY DD'S BAGS WITH A NOTE AND DROPPING HER OFF AT A LOVED ONE .So what about you...where are you today? Been to any of these places? Do you take on too much? Do you let others know when you have had to much? Do you take a nap just because? Stay in bed all day on Sat because you feel like and make your families fend for themselves? I wanna hear what you do, how you handle your life - maybe your way would help me...maybe you take some supplements prescribed by the RX and can share with us? Just sayin....I hope I dont offend anyone with this post...just wanna know if anyone feels this way evah!Love and hugs,BiT**I am blessed but HUMAN and like you (or maybe this is never you...YET) have days when I have to take on second at a time so I can manage through a day...I will tell you that I have been in bed since 11am yesterday and would still be sleeping if dd hadnt come home from a sleepover..I may go back to bed today too - you know TO FILL UP MY CUP, GETS MUCH NEEDED BEAUTY REST SO MY CELLULITE WILL DISAPPEAR TOO, WRITE MY THANKFUL LIST AND JUST TAKE CARE OF ME!!!

Diana aka BiT


Katy said...

Hey im loving your new blog hun so keep up the good work.
Well im 27, no kids, im married and have 2 pets and a 10 month old nephew who i see everyday, and you know what im the one my family run to, the one who sorts the problems, but i have a few illnesses and i sleep in the afternoon as im so tired i love a nice nap. I would love a better life in my 30's as the 20's have not be all that lol.

Sorry im rambling but wicked blog hun

Much Love Katy xx

MandieGirl said...

Yay! You started your blog!!!! :)