Thursday, May 14, 2009

Give-Away Galore..... Texas Longhorn T-Shirt RAK

While visiting I ran across all these giveaways on her site - WOW! I will be adding a giveaway as well today, a Texas Longhorn T-Shirt so make sure you check back later today when I post a picture of the shirt. All you have to do is leave a comment on my blog today through Sunday and I will randomly pick a winner on Sunday.

So go and check out all these giveaways today -

Giveaways Galore
Are you giving something away on your blog this week or have you found a great giveaway elsewhere on the web? If so, post your link below and let all the readers here know so they can get in on the action!
Your giveaway must be family-friendly and no-strings-attached. In addition, to make it easy to navigate, your link must go directly to your giveaway post. Links going to the homepage of your blog or any other part of your blog besides the direct link to your giveaway post will be deleted.
1. Over $300 worth of COUPONS!2. Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox3. Frugal Girls! {UV Skinz Sun Protection Shirt!} ends 5/264. Frugal Freebies and Deals ($50 Barnes and Noble Card- 6/24)5. Frugal Girls! {$25 Ecostore Gift Card!}6. Frugal Girls! {4 Winners: Child Car Seat ID Tags} ends 5/197. Homemaker Barbi (Huge Prize Pack 4 Your School)8. $50 via Paypal (ends 5/26)9. A Bookish Mom (5 Autographed copies Dad, Dog, Fish by Charles Emery III10. A bookish mom (autographed Behold the Eye Triolgy by Veronice Tabares 5/1911. Darling Domestic (Poster Print)12. Coupon Geek (Fresh Home Mag Subscription TWO Winners ends 5/18)13. Coupon Geek (Food Storage Set Ends 5/18)14. Custom Blog Redesign worth $100 (5/ 15)15. ~ My Litter~ How to raise 10 kids on 25 words or less! Ends 5-2616. Free Coupons Giveaway20. STL Mommy (Scott Naturals Gift Pack)21. STL Mommy (Polliwalks)22. STL Mommy (Kleenex Anti Viral and $50.00 Visa Gift Card)23. STL Mommy (Arbonne)24. STL Mommy (Cheerios Spoonful of Stories)25. Thrifty NW Mom - Adorable Children's Beanie Hat (5/ 18)26. Saving Money for a Wedding -$25 Outback giftcard27. Joyful Money Saving (Coupon Pocket Book)28. Joyful Money Saving (Hand Painted Sign)29. Saving Money for a wedding- Monthly Surprise Giveaway30. Kiss My Face- Potent & Pure Facial Collection!31. Peace Love Mom Grateful Mom Tee Shirt!32. Joyful Money Saving (Tote bag & purse set)33. The Happy Housewife ~ Kids Travel Book35. Katie (free cookbooks - ends 5/15)36. Tuga sunwear for a boy OR girl 5/2537. Rita's Italian Ice 5/2538. THREE products from Pacific Cornetta 5/2539. 2 Year Subscription to All You Magazine 5/2040. KINe SYS sunscreen AND Spray 5/2041. The Mommy Measure 5/2042. Pair Of Earrings 5/2043. Photo Editing Software TEN WINNERS 5/2044. TWO Maternity Shirts 5/2045. Shannon (Garden of Eating Giveaway)46. Farmstead Organics Trio 5/1847. TWO Winners- Coffee Cozy AND Gadget Cozy 5/1848. Sterling Silver Mother's Bracelet 5/1849. Pendant Of Choice- TWO WINNERS 5/1850. $25 Build A Bear Gift Card 5/1551. Steam Floor Mop 5/1552. Apron 5/1353. Christian Frugal Mama (Poster Print)54. Diaper Bag 5/1355. Free Stuff4Free. com - CREATIVE portable speakers for your IPOD! (31 May)56. Crossin My Heart Creaions (FREE BOW)57. Thrifty Minnesota Mama- Munchie Mug Spill Resistant snack cup- ends 5/2758. Thrifty Minnesota Mama- snack TAXI sandwich & snack sack- ends 5/2659. Thrifty Minnesota Mama- Wee Squeak Shoes- ends 5/2660. Thrifty Minnesota Mama- Skinny Dip Candles Pamper Pack- ends 5/2561. Thrifty Minnesota Mama-So Easy Baby Food Kit & Mama Jewel ends 5/1362. Thrifty Minnesota Mama- Baby Dipper Bowl & Spoon Feeding Set ends 5/1663. Springs Bargains (Scentsy products!)64. Thrifty Minnesota Mama- Purely Products Pocket Purifier $30 value ends 5/2065. Thrifty Minnesota Mama- See Kai Run pair of shoes your choice ends 5/2066. Thrifty Minnesota Mama- Welcome, Little One book-5 winners! ends 5/21
67. Thrifty Minnesota Mama- Bath Luve Duck- ends 5/2268. Nicole's Nickels ($30 Edible Gifts Plus, ends 5/22)70. Nicole's Nickels (Joolwe matching necklace and earrings, ends 5/22)71. A Frugal Friend (Caillou 123 Train Board/ Puzzle Boo) 5/2872. A Frugal Friend (New Cookbook $3 Meals) 5/1973. Blissful Style -Five pairs of Lee Colorwash Khakis! ( 5/17)74. Sun Protection Shirt 5/2075. Tooth Fairy Pillow 5/1976. Coco Bonbons outfit 5/1877. Layers Clothing Bathing Suit 5/1778. Manhattan Toy Giveaway 5/17 79. Eenamaria Purse 5/1580. Layers Clothing Bathing Suit 5/1781. Swimperfect Dress 5/1482. A Thrifty Mom $576.00 in coupons83. Krazy Kashi Koupon Giveaway!! - $19 84. Rocky Mountain Cloth Diaper Giveaway85. Couponing 101 - The Couponizer! (5/ 20)87. Cary Hairbows (2 newborn flower hats!)88. Adventures of a Breastfeeding Mother (Evenflo Breast Pump)89. Living As Mom (do you have pets)90. Win The Good Home Cookbook (ends 5/13)91. Win a box of Florastor Kids (ends 5/13)92. Remind me Why I'm a Momshell Giveaway - 5 winners (ends 5/14)93. Win a copy of Luanne Rice's Last Kiss (ends 5/15)94. Win 1 of 25 coupons for Dove Ultimate anti- perspirant/ deodorant ends 5/1595. Moms by Heart (Joyce Meyer DVD set)96. Moms by Heart (Childrens Sunglasses)97. Win 1 of 3 What's For Dinner Gift Baskets ends 5/1598. Angie's Spot99. Mommies w/Cents- Baby related Idiot's guides100. Mommies w/Cents- Bolaball Lawn Game101. Mommies w/Cents- Crayola Giveaway- 2 winners102. Mommies w/Cents- Moisture to Go Gift Pack-3 Winners!103. Mommies w/Cents- Bendaroos Mega Set104. Mommies w/Cents- Dry Cleaner's Secret105. American Idol Party Pack106. Beautiful2God (Eco_ friendly Complete Laundry System)107. Coupon Teacher (Charlotte Coupon Inserts)108. Becca (Vision Forum Giveaway109. 8- Muddy Boots (Green Toys, Dump Truck Giveaway) Ends 5/27110. Robin Fulton111. Mommy Kennedy (Giftcard to support Stamp Out Hunger 5/15)112. Reflections from a Mother's Soul (Huggies Coupons)113. Prescription Glasses (up to $100 value)114. Madame Deals115. VERA BRADLEY 116. Nature's Source Giveaway - 4 Winners117. Dealicious Mom - Flipper Toothbrush Holder Giveaway (ends 5/13)118. Dealicious Mom - Scott Naturals Green Tote filled w/ Goodies Giveaway( ends 5/15)119. Dealicious Mom -Rockin' Baby Sling/ Pouch Giveaway (ends 5/18)120. Dealicious Mom -Fur Real Lil' Patter Pup (Pomeranian) (ends 5/20121. Mandy122. Tot Rags $15 in free baby gear! 5/20123. April (custom matte)124. My Moms View $50 GC to Alton Weekes125. My Moms View ipod and iphone onesie or shirt - 2 winners126. My Moms View- Baby Lulu outfit girl or boy127. My Moms View- $50 to Lauren Nicole Gifts128. My Moms View- onesie or tshirt from The Trendy Tadpole129. Thrifty Minnesota Mama- Nature's Baby Organics Products- ends 5/28130. My Moms View- $100 GC to The Littlest Golfer131. Freebies 4 Mom ($500 The Home Depot)132. Really, Are You Serious- 16x20 Poster Print (5/ 20)
133. Really, Are You Serious- Eye Glasses ($100)134. Really, Are You Serious- Quantum Finish and Jet Dry135. Making Work at Home Work book (ends 5/18)136. Frugal RI Mama - Eebee's Adventures DVD (5/ 14)138. Sage and Savvy- Prissy Designs Diaper Clutch 5/18139. Sage and Savvy- Half the Sky Designs Bag 5/14140. Sage and Savvy- You Can Make This. com eBook 5/15141. Sage and Savvy- Dirty Bow Wow 5/16142. Sage and Savvy- Douglas Cuddle Toys 5/17143. Sage and Savvy- Debi Derryberry's Baby Banana CD 5/20144. Faryl Smith CD (Ends 5/22)145. Sinupret for kids 5 Winners! (Ends 5/13)146. I See Me! Personalized book kit (Ends 5/15)147. Carry You Stroller Accessory (Ends 5/19)148. Dapper Snappers (Ends 5/20)149. Fresh Snack Packs Set (Ends 5/21)150. My Tot Clock (Ends 5/25)151. Frugal RI Mama - $50 Visa Gift Card152. Frugal RI Mama - Hannah Montana Soundtrack DVD - 2 winners153. Real Simple Saving Methods {The Busy Family Cookbook :: ends 5/24}155. Chief Family Officer (subscription to All You)156. Passionate Homemaker (Coupon Giveaway)157. Kid sunglasses from Baby Banz{up to$ 19. 99}- Ends 5/20 (The Giveaway)158. NWA Deals (Free Nature's Source Product)159. Lisa Sadie160. Lisa Sadie Get a Free Dinner Coupon at Zaxby' s161. My Tot Clock: 3-in-1 Kids Sleep Aid, Timer, Alarm Clock! Stories & Songs (5/ 14)162. Hannah Montana Personal Care Products Gift Set: Value $97 (5/ 19)163. Florastor Kids Probiotics (5/ 20)164. Ear Check Middle Ear Monitor (5/ 20)165. Disney Umbrella Stroller: Winner Chooses (5/ 22)166. $30 to Andrea's Beau Hair Accessories for Women/ Girls (5/ 25)167. Wee Squeak Baby and Toddler Shoes (5/ 26)168. $ 100 GC for Eyeglasses at Eye Buy Direct: com (6/3) 169. Pierce My Heart ($25 CLOTHING Gift Card!!!)170. Beautiful2God (Mineral Basics Mineral Make- up) Ends 5/28171. Frugal in Virginia- $30 Gift Card to 1-800- FLOWERS172. More Than Cents - Recaro High Back Booster Seat (5/ 22)173. Netflix Month Giveaway174. Month of The Mother Hammock Giveaway ends 5/31175. This Side of Eternity (Kajeet Cell Phone)176. Carson Optical Bug Viewers for Kids!177. Thomas Trackmaster Railway Play Set (2 winners)178. $25 Gift Certificate to Cute Clips and More (personalized items)179. Dirty Bow Wow Book180. Dr. Hippo Book Set for Kids!181. Edible Gifts Plus Giveaway!182. Fill in the Blankie ($150 Value)183. Caillou Book Set Giveaway!184. Macy Mae Clippies185. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Spring Cleaning Kit186. Polliwalks Shoes for Kids187. My Good Cents (Coupon Organizer)188. Frugal Living and Having Fun~ $5.00 Target Gift Card189. Lizzie Book for work at home moms190. Be Cents Able (Funky Monkey Snacks)191. Handmade Kids Skirt, Pants, or Blanket !192. Mommies w/Cents- Book/ Plush toy set- 5 Winners!193. Saving Our Cents (Coupon Giveaway)194. 150 Photo Birth Announcements or Holiday Cards (5/ 28)195. You're next!

That is a lot of give-aways this month. Enjoy -



Marit said...

I have no idea what a "Texas longhorn T-shirt" looks like...
I have to come back later to see if it is somehing my son would wear...(he turns 17 soon and I want to give him some nice-not-expecting-extra's - serching for "weird" extra's on the net. Your blog certainly helped!!!)

Marit said...

Came back to check the T-shirt... but no pic :( Over in the Netherlands, my man and I thought that a "longhorn" must be some sort of cow/bull/buffallo.... am I right?

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Not sure where to post this but I wanted to ask if anyone has heard of National Clicks?

Can someone help me find it?

Overheard some co-workers talking about it all week but didn't have time to ask so I thought I would post it here to see if someone could help me out.

Seems to be getting alot of buzz right now.