Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pictures of our week and weekend!!

So it has been a great week. We ended school on Wednesday and on our way to dinner and our annual end of the year celebration we saw the IZOD car and drivers. Demi may be the smallest Indy driver yet. We also celebrated her 9th birthday a little early yesterday with friends and family and she is sporting her new swimsuit from Target and her new peace necklace from Groovy's in Forney. It is really hard to believe that she will be 9 on the 15th of this month. And finally there is Brylee, my niece of almost 4 months. Isn't she just the cutest and so stylish. By the way my lil sister Sheri makes all of her bows to match each outfit. I hope everyone has had a great weekend and enjoyed their time with family and friends and like us got to hear a great message about HD moments at church with Demi being blessed with a series of games about how to deal with life experiences, forgiveness and zooplosion. My good friend Shari delivered teh message today for our youth and was fabulous. Hugs and love!!!

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