Thursday, June 4, 2009

The power of prayer.......

What a beautiful morning here in sunny Texas. It is a wonderful 66 degrees, so cool and refreshing and it is June, can you believe it? Today is going to be in the low 80s for a high. Just unheard of for this time of the year.

So today as me thinking of the power of prayer. I believe in prayer and find myself praying somedays all day. This week I asked some friends and family to pray with and for me and our financial situation. I know that God has heard those prayers and I am so thankful. Thankful that He loves me and continues to bless us with so much. Not materials things but with faith, love, peace, forgiveness, family, friends and the gift of life today. It really is the little things in life that make all the difference.

Okay so on to some more exciting news regarding our Wednesday night. Last night we were driving to the mall for our end of the school year outing and we saw an Indy car in Macy's parking lot. So my three girly girls wanted to stop by to sit in the car. These drivers, Tony and Ed are sponsored by Izod and Macy's was hosting an autograph session. I took the girls in because they wanted to do this, I am shocked but such a sports fanatic so I was all in. This was a first for them with the Indy and autographs. Anyway the line was a little long and we were running a bit behind for dinner so we decided that we would try to come back before they left. For some reason the Izod rep thought the girls were so cute and wanted to have them take a photo op of them with the drivers. If you are into Indy you will recognize one additional driver in the photo today that I will post. I want to see if anyone knows who he is, one hint he is a legend in the sport and is in the Hall of Fame? Any guesses? So they stopped the session and had the girls take some pictures with them, they had news stations and the race car series there as well filming and hotographers for our local papers here in the Dallas Fort Worth area. (That reminds me I need a paper today to see if they made the sports section, how cool would that be!) Anyway when we went back they were already gone but 2 very nice men and one nice young lady who travel all over the world with the race car and displays went and got them bags, hats, posters and misc things. Such a nice gesture and the girls were in heaven. Then to top it off Indian said he would try to get us tickets for the race on Sat. So we may be celebrating Dem's 9th bday watching the Indy race. I love racing but either way the girls had a blast last night!

As if that wasn't enough we stopped by Sonic for our free rootbeer float - that was something else. I think half the town was there and it was crowded to say the least. It was nice to see family and neighbors as well as school friends there!

So I am off to the bank this morning with hopes I can find some ways to manage my debt as well as get back on my feet again. Thanks to all those who have been praying for me/business and for us this week. It means the world to me and it warms my heart to know we are loved and thought about in way that is so touching.

I will be back at some point to post more pictures of our week and my Project 365.

Have a great Thursday and try to find something to be thankful for today!!


*kim* said...

What a great story! I cannot wait to see pictures!
I think they were probably flirting with Demi's hot momma. ;) LOL

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and I would love to meet you and Demi sometime. That would be cool. The closest I'll be your direction is Little Rock for some horseshows for Alex later in the summer, which is still quite a hike to Dallas!

*kim* said...

meant to are in my prayers daily! :)