Thursday, July 30, 2009

46 Things to do before I am called HOME.....

Okay so I haven't given this much thought since I am trying to survive each day as best I can. I love hearing about others who are doing their list of things that they want to do before they are called home. So do you have list of 100 things (or whatever number you want to put here) things you would like to do before you go home to be with our heavenly Father. I picked 46 because it is my young at heart age!! I am trying to get back to living each day as if it were my last with NO REGRETS!! I do try to make sure those in my life know how much they are loved by me and God but wanted to have some goals and fun things to accomplish. I am goal driven but seem to have gotten in a routine of day by day. I hope all this makes sense!So the 46 things I would like to do are:

1. Go to Africa to see the country I was born in...
2. Go to Portugal where we spent 6 plus years growing up
3. Buy a new Yukon with 3 seats
4. Finish Demi's baby book and her last 8 years
5. Give my testimony at church
6. Sky dive
7. Family reunion in NOV in VA
8. Earn enough money to get Demi into private school
9. Paint my house - outside and inside
10.Clean house - would love that show to come to my house
11. Start a new business
12. Start a new blog for women....
13. Dance class with my dd
14. Get married
15. Go to Australia
16. Win the lottery - I think I have to play before I can win huh?
17. Published in a magazine
18. New furniture in my lv
19. Meet Becca in person
20. Take a photography class
21. Meet Lisa Bearnson
22. Go to an Oprah show
23. Go on a cruise - never have been!
24. Take Demi to Seaworld
25. Take Demi to Disney World
26. Debt Free Again
27. Live in a log cabin built by me
28. Reality show would be fun?
30. go on a mission trip with dd
31. Go on a mission trip with adults
34. Meet Jody F in person too - she is an amazing Godly woman
37.Live by example for my dd/children/friends we are surrounded by
39. Broadcast a NFL game with Howey, Terry, Jimmy and those great guys
41. Play in a band...I am working on our youth band but so far notta?
42 Stay cancer free
43. Adopt a child
44. Win another bowling tournament
45. Be a great neighbor
46. Show as many people as I can God's love -

This is harder than I thought. I used to keep a book of the things I loved and wanted to buy. I may have to start another one and or update my old one. (I used to have things in there like Oakleys, Demirini bat, a pic of the perfect log cabin, a wedding ring I just loved.... what else did I have in that book?) I know one thing, I would like to know the world is better because I was here. What about you??

TFJ in the fun today,

Diana aka Bit

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