Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Great news....

I am excited to say that I have my 2nd job order this week, 2 in one week is great and I am excited about getting busy..hopefully can turn this drought into a harvest in many ways. Stay tuned...

We are off to another swim party for the all star room at CPC tonight....I decided a long time ago that Demi is like the energizer bunny - she will go until the batteries run low...seriously....until she is horizontal and in bed does she turn off or shut down...God help me in the years to come...what will I do? haha

Anyway I hope everyone is have a great week full of God's blessings and that today has been just as wonderful. For me, there is a light at the end of the tunnel...HOPE...not too mention LOVE. (Thanks Bernie and Dana for the Mrs Bairds treats yesterday - you would not believe how many great breads, cinnamon buns, rolls, tortillas, raisin breads - thank you from the bottom of my heart, I am forever grateful. And to Donna today for inviting me to dinner tonight - it does feel good to know you are loved and thought about daily! Also thanks to my mom who has been trying to help me, I feel bad for her since she is living off of unemployment after being laid off after 31 years at the hospital. That is another story but I truly believe that it has been a blessing in many ways especially with my niece Brylee being born in the spring but the bottom line is once a mom, always a mom! love you so much!!) Thanks to my friends and family (church) that have been praying for me, it really does define unconditional love and one of the best ways to show kindness to those you love - thank you!!)

Take care and remember God loves you!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl, first time at your blog.. i love it!