Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thankful Tuesday Today - 3 T's!

Happy Tuesday to you and to me today.

I am thanful for/that...

1. Today and the gift of life
2. My faith, family and friends
3. Our health
4. Demi was asked to go to NRH2O today - ths is the one place she has wanted to go and we would have never been able to afford it this summer
5. A day to work and hopefully figure out how to do it all from my laptop without all my necessary items
6. Rest
7. Carbonated drinks
8. Patience today while dealing with companies I owe money too - seriously why do they think they need to call 100 times a week only for you to tell them when you get some money or make some money you or in this case ME, I will pay you like I have done for the last 20 years? ugh
9. Love and compassion - there are good people in this world!
10. Shannon and her friend were not hurt badly yesterday when her car was totalled...thank you Lord!
11. Church camps for Demi this summer -
12.Adults who volunteer their time for and with kids
13. God's Plan - Plan to WIN, Expect to WIN - 2must reads especially for boys and men and anyone really wanting to get motivated with a christian heart
14.Jesus being the leader of my life (when I let him, occassionally I forget this with my TypeA personality and I can do it - it has been nice to have friends and family help without me having to ask.)
15. Being human, showing emotions and JUST BEING REAL
16. A great day today - determined to get some great things done today and that it is going to be a FANTABULOUS Day!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, I will be back with some fun deals for today and this week as well.


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Anonymous said...

Great list!