Friday, September 11, 2009

Thankful for Fridays!!!

Boy this week has just flown by hasn't it? So nice to have a three day weekend last weekend for Labor Day (see picture of the kids are Kevin's and Cala's - thanks for having the family over on Monday!) but I know for me, it throws my whole week off. I thought Tuesday was Monday and Thursday was Friday? On Wednesday we celebrated Happy Neighbor Day by handing roses that we got free from Bices Florist here in Hurst, TX. They were absolutely beautiful as you can see from the picture and on each rose we attached a personalized note to each neighbor and friend. We are blessed with great neighbors!!! PS - Thanks Sheri and Cala for letting us know so we can have fun on this day with our friends and also with Mom/Grandma, Cami and Carley. We took a rose to them as well and put it by their beds to say we love you and thanks for all you do!

Today marks several things for us. It has been 8 years since 9.11.01 when America was attacked and 2977 American lives were lost. It is hard to believe it has been 8 years already.

Also today is Nadja's three week mark here in Texas with our family!! We are so blessed to have her as part of our family. So many NEW things for her and us in just three weeks of living here with us and in this country. I am learning everyday as is Demi about her country, her language, her ways and most of all that we are no longer 2 but 3. We love her and who she is and what she brings to our family and are really looking forward to the next 9 months. What an awesome opportunity to share God's love and to learn things we may never had an opportunity to without her being here. I just hope she feels the same way!!

Today was "Bring Your Dad to School Day" at her school Donna Park. Since that is not an option, her uncle Darrell offered to go with her. He is the best guy and is the best dad to his own daughter Brylee already 7 months today!! Thanks D for helping me/Demi out and for offering to help raise her. I always say this but today is a great example of how it takes a village to raise a child. Again we are so blessed by so many wonderful Christian loving family members and friends. Thanks to all of you for everything you do for us but mostly for loving us and blessing us with your friendship!!
Now don't forget about Grandparent's Day this weekend. We love taking grandma out for lunch and showering her with homemade cards of love and appreciation. We love you mom!! You are the best Grandma ever. I sure wish dad was here to enjoy his grandkids and to meet Brylee. Miss him and his loving ways...his whistling to name one.
Enjoy and remember to put on your love and praise this weekend when you get up!!!

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