Saturday, October 3, 2009

Life as you dreamed it.....

Good Saturday morning friends and family,

I am sitting here this morning thinking about how crazy life has been over the last 8 months. With business being so slow due to the economy it has made me take a look at myself and family, my goals and my dreams. I have to admit that I did not picture being here at this moment and time of my life. It is so much better than I could have ever dreamed and yet there are golas and dream of mine unmet. But are they God's plans for me? Interesting question!

What about you? Are you living YOUR dream? If so what was your dream or goals you thought you would accomplish and where do you want to be in the next 25 years? At our Beth Moore's Esther bible study this week, Julie mentioned her and her husband are so excited about sharing God's kingdom and love in the next 25 years or whatever time they have left. Isn't that beautiful? It made me think about where I have been, where I am now and where I will 25 years from today. I know it can be more but for me lately it has been treating my family, kids and friends with the kind of love that Jesus would have shown in both the challenging times and the good times. Personally I think it is easy to be loving and kind in good times but it is during the challenging times that I/we struggle with dealing frustrations and expectations on how we deal with them, talk to our family members and those we love. Why is it that we always hurt the ones we love? It is because they are the nearest to us or that we know they will be there for us always. I always want my children to say that I lived a God Centered life at all times. Easier said then done but I hope and pray daily for my children to do so well. I want my daughter(s) to know that I am not perfect and that only through the grace of God that I am able to get up everyday and parent, work, learn, love, forgive and be all that I am. I want to learn how to get up everyday not only knowing how blessed I am but letting others see that through me as well. What better testimony could we give right? I want to have a positive and loving attitude EVERYDAY and as much as possible. To let go of the not so good and to truly feel blessed everyday starting at home when we wake up and then when we go to bed and every minute in between. . Not just say it but LIVE IT! To leave a legacy that will help my children be better women everyday showing God's love and treating others as they would want to be treated. So today I am embarking on a new me with letting go of the past, living for today and planning for tomorrow. I hope that when family and friends remember me some day that they too will have thought that I loved the Lord with all my heart and in everything I do. Truly a new season one of which I know I can do and be better with God at my side and as my partner. So what about you, if you were to leave this world today, tomorrow, a week from today or 20 years from today would this life be all that you wanted and hoped for??

I will be back with some pictures this week with mom and I going to work together, talk about a full circle moment. Pictures of Cala's birthday and of Sheri's birthday.

And for those who are following my blog, I wake up daily even with our financial struggles not feeling defeated but determined to make the most of each day I am here. I am so blessed and am grateful to have 3 part time jobs of which 2 have started and that I enjoy. I definitely have some decisions to make soon about my future and my employment status. More to come today and over the weekend making up for the last few weeks with posts and pictures.

Have a blessed day full of JOY!!!

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*kim* said...

I needed to read this Diana!
I just returned from a memorial service of a guy that worked off and on with my husband and it was so awesome to hear the kind words people had to say about him. I was thinking on the way home about what people might say about me if it was my memorial service.

I continue to pray for you and Demi. It's comforting to know God will supply our needs.