Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finding the good in every day....

I hope you had a great Wednesday!  It has been a crazy couple of months since I started working full time outside the home.  Although I miss being at home for many reasons, I have found that I have and do enjoy coming home and cherish the time I have with the girls at night.  It is kind of like being on vacation, you go away for a couple of days and come home so ready to be a mom again with your cup filled up.  I guess after 10 years working for myself since becoming a mom, I have worn many hats and have found myself mentally worn out trying to do it all.  For me now, I can go to work and leave it there to come home and be all that I can be for me and my girls.  I don't have that constant feeling like I have or should always be doing something here either for work or in the home.  What I have found is that I actually have enjoyed doing those chores like laundry and vacuuming so much more.  Anyway just love finding the good in every day moments and trust me there are so many if we just look and change our outlook on life.  (Life can wear you down very easily so I prefer to look for the good in both life and people and must say that I have been challenged beyond belief this week in the every day moments like work/school.  So if you are like me, I prefer to be thankful for the gift of life regardless.  Somedays you have to just let it be and look forward to what God has in store for you tomorrow.)
Finding the good in today.....

*My faith, prayers, answered prayers
*My girls and being a mom, thankful God has given me the responsibilites today!
*My mom for her help every day with the girls
*My family, they mean the world to me/us!
*My friends, cherish them all
*My new position and that today was a much better day
*A working car
*Heat and the basic necessities
*Love and compassion
*Laughter and hugs
*A warm bed to lay down in tonight
*My bible, reading material
*Blogs and so much at our hands to enjoy and learn from, so amazing to me!
*Grateful for our public servants and their sacrifices daily
*Teachers that really care about our children and love what they about sacrifice and many hours put in for our children
**Kisses and prayers at the beginning and end of my day with my girls....powerful and heartfelt moments.

Have a great day tomorrow and remember to enjoy the simple things in your life. Tell those your love that you do <3.


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