Thursday, August 12, 2010


Happy Thursday to you!!!  Hope you are having a great week.

Do u know someone who inspires others in their daily walk? Someone whose story would lift up hearts and give someone HOPE who may be struggling...or is just a great person to know? Maybe their testimony would have God saying "job well done" at the end of his or her race. You can PM here or email me (I am looking for more stories for an upcoming project) ♥

Maybe it is your mom or grandma who has inspired you to be kinder or maybe it is your dad who is your HERO because of where he came from to become the man or dad he was?  Do you know a child who has worked to help other children?  Maybe it is someone you work with that is always doing little things to make someone elses day better.  Maybe it is someone from your church who is giving of her time to work with youth or the divorced or maybe someone who is a foster mom to many kids.  Maybe you know someone who volunteers at the local school or shelter for battered women just because...maybe it is the worker at starbucks who is just happy because she is alive...just someone who inspires you to be a better person or someone who has a story to share that might help someone else out in a time where there are so many challenges everyday.

It seems those who inspire are those who turn the ordinary into extraordinary.   I often think about all the wonderful friends. family and complete strangers who have crossed who have crossed our paths and made our lives better.  My hope is that we make the world a better place everyday and that we let others know they are special and is not rocket science but a choice that you make or can make everyday.  With me?

For example, our children's pastor and his wife have made it a point to send every child that they have taught a birthday card.  Every year in the 12 years we have known Mr Fred he has always sent a birthday card, maybe 4 months later than the day but I can tell you that my daughter, niece and others smile and know they are loved by him.  How special is he?  Maybe you are a baker like my sister Donna who uses her gift and love for cooking to make a sick friend's life easier for that day knowing this family will eat and eat something they like.    Maybe this person is you and if you are performing RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS that would help others do more than please share your story. 
So let's Think...think....share..share....if you know of someone and would like to write about this person please do so and or put me in contact with that person so that I can see if they would be interested in sharing their story. Maybe you visit their blogs daily for inspiration.  I think everyone has a story to share that could make someones day better or has made choices to live their best life today despite their backgrounds or pasts.

My goal is to have this project completed by Oct 1st....will you help me?  They can be 50 words or up to 2000 words.  So you in?  I hope so because I am so excited and passionate about sharing stories of those who have not been heard or thought their stories were not worth sharing because I care and love people.
Remember to hug your kids today and if you can find time to make someone else's day just DO IT!!



*kim* said...

this is such a neat idea for a project Diana! I know so many people who fit into this category and will try to type something up and send you. much love my friend. xo

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This is a fab idea Diana!! LOVE IT! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

wendi said...

Hey lady! Miss you too! The summer has flown by so quickly. The boys return to school Sept 6 and I go back next week. We have had blast together. Hope you and your DS have enjoyed your summer -- and created some wonderful memories. Haven't had time to make any tutorials but I have gotten in lots of scrappin. Maybe I'll post some of the pages soon. My blog is so neglected it is very shameful.

Anywhooooo....big hugs to ya!

OH...and love your project idea as well!

Anonymous said...

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