Saturday, October 23, 2010

TEXAS RANGERS - World Series Here We Come....

I woke today to the wonderful news that our beloved Texas Rangers beat the NY Yankees 6-1 last night and are on their way to the World Series next week.  The Metroplex could not be happier for so many awesome men and Nolan Ryan. 


Now if our Dallas Cowboys could pull off a win this weekend against the NY Giants.  This game be tougher than the game last night but I am hopeful our Cowboys can pull off a win and will get back on track for what was supposed to be an awesome season for them.  I know Tony Romo can do it! 

So today I am going to be creating some layouts for some challenges going on over at all week as they celebrate their 4th birthday.  They are giving away some awesome prizes and have some great sketches which the DT pulled up from the past 4 years.  Go check it out, you will be amazed at the inspiration over there.

Hopefully I will be back to post some pictures from the past several weeks and some layouts that I create today.  It has been so long so it will feel wonderful to actually create something today.

I will leave you with a list of what I am thankful for on this rainy Saturday:
1.  The gift of life and another day to enjoy God's simple pleasures.
2.  My faith and the Bible
3.  Being a mom to the most awesome and loving 10 year old (Demi, I love you!)
4.  Starting over
5.  Family and friends who care and a surprise visit this week from my aunt in MD
6.  Compassion
7.  Work
8.  Sinus meds/headache - living in TX with ragweed and pollen can make life more challenging :-)
9.  Transportation
10.The will and desire to hold on and keep going even when I don't feel like and knowing the God has plans for my future. 

Make it a great day and remember to hug your children and let those you love know it.  Find time to make someone else's life better with a random act of kindness!


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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

OUCH!!!! I will say YAY for your team...but *sniff sniff* for mine...I'm a Yankee through and through! LOL :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)