Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 13 ~ The Gift of _____________!

I hope you had a great Thursday!  Today may have been one of my easiest work days yet and guess what I was teaching today?  Well not really teaching but I was in ART today.  I love it when I am the ART Teacher and get to watch my students being creative.  I got to play too, woohoo.

So today I was able to find a couple of things to PIF.  One at the beginning of my day and one at the end and I was PIFfed too.  All in all it was a great day, very blessed and happy to be alive!!

The prompt for today is open for you to fill in with your PIF.  I know some of you like Julie are PIFfing with love on the blogs and get around every day to make so many women feel loved and special.  I am always amazed how how Julie does it every day.  I am always grateful to see her comments and smiley faces.  Thanks!!

TGIF, back in ARt tomorrow and looking forward to it.  I am hopeful it will be a great day with the younger students too and that I will get lots of packing done.  Praying my mom gets some rest because she left here feeling very sick.  So hope she feels better.  BTW, if you have any prayer requests plz let me know, I love being a prayer warrior and will gladly accept your requests with a gracious heart.

PS - So proud of my dd, she made an 86 on her MAPS test for science.  Now we are on to MATH which is another good subject.  I am hopeful that she will have another achieveable goal if that is a word and that she will be ready to go with her teacher out and her fill in gone today?  Where did all the fun go with our elementary subjects and grades?  Miss that so much <3  On a side note, how do you help your children mature in a way to be responsible for their learning and grades without adding to the pressure they already feel and get all day?  My social butterfly is my social angel and although she does very well there is the subject of reading that she dislikes because of how and what they teach at school  No interest in reading and it breaks my heart because she was the one who looked forward to reading every night since she was a toddler.  I have to keep trying and hope that she will work harder to bring her grade up to at least a B and somewhere along the way will find her interest again.  I am going to go and buy the book "The Book Whisperer" this weekend.    this is a book written by a teacher here in our area about getting children interested in reading and meeting each of them where they are...hoping I can learn something to help Demi.  Praying andpraying....thank goodness for prayers and answered prayers!!    


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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Yeah for her great test score!! Adam has always struggled in sorry, no tips from me! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)